Wednesday, December 21, 2011

here and there

here and there again... i worked hard today managed to finish off this mpainting i started two years ago. I have sold it... all i need to do now is put the wire on it and then wrap it up. ... i know it was almost a give away but im not too worried.

I have been drawing a hell of a lot.. i have a few ideas floating around for paintings now... i just have to bring them to life.. with colour and the magic of imagination.
Since joining this group I am so very happy.. im taking some baked goods there..f or everyone to share.

So lets see... I got some catering to do for a do on saturday.. cupcakes ahoy! Fruit platter and little finger food things im happy I get to bake once again.well im tired its late


Monday, December 19, 2011


I took some photos of the garden as it is ever changing, thanks to dad. I sold one of my paintings, i was going to give it away but i'm not complaining..i've almost finished peeling off the tape now I see I have to go round the white bits.

Ive been out a handful time.. here and there.. had amazing lunch at hardware society the other day. Utterly delicious. I hope to get back to Cumulus one day too. Id like to try threefold as well.

Ive been making this great thai cucumber salad, which we're having tonight for dinner, well mum and I are anyhow.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I found this on a site I use...

"Is the world actually waking up from its slumber, or am I just watching drowsy eyes ready to fall back to sleep? Are people finally feeling the restlessness, and realie the emptiness cannot be quelled by the appreciation of little things? Have they started to appreciate that truth is not relative, that good fortune won't happen just because you imagine it will, and that the small intrigues they use to get them through the day, will eventually loose their spark?"

Something I am wondering about.


Lots of joy comes from baking.I love baked goods. So I guess I will be keeping myself quite busy this week. I have been drawing a lot too... filling up my art journals. I found a book i took to the states last year... some of the drawings are great others are not so.

So let me see now.. when is it i gave up on myself? A while ago i guess. I ask myself a lot of questions each day i guess I mull and dine upon things from my past a hell of a lot. Anyhow I bought this terrific book... called the language of flowers... i thought id read it... very very good... i thought it was going to be a bit of chic lit... ill admit there are touches of it but otherwise... its good... and I just want to read and read and read it!

Well tomorrow... im heading out for a bit.. then I have serious amounts of painting to get done... its quite late here now... think im going to go read!

nighty night see you in the morning light

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

rainy days

It has rained the past few days... a lot.. somethings up with my lime tree, think its too much water but i'm going to take a few leaves off it. I have been here and there to the city a few times, shopping a lot and working on some drawings. Met up with a few friends there too.

Today ... geepers there was a space cadet and a half on the bus he was as high as a bloody kite... and a father with his daughter on there as well.. cept he had a can of alcohol in his little girls bag that was visible to me and it was only 11 in the flipping morning. Oh well.

So I guess i'll get a move on here I have a few things to do...


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

another new dress

Lately I have been buying dresses.. I no have about 2 winter ones and 3 summer ones. I love my blue dress the best though.. its currently at the dry cleaners... it looks the nicest on me. Though I did find this ace black one which looks ok too so I bought it. Got lots of pockets and is just lovely. I think I need an injection of colour into my wardrobe its quite erm black.

Things are ok here at home, just made a double batch of peanut butter and white chocolate cookies... they are seriously evil cookies.. a whole massive jar of peanut butter, choc chips, eggs and sugar and that's it. They are so nice... ive had a few now ergh.. they are for dads friend, aunty anna, mums friends and thats the end of them then they get given away.. the more left here the more weight i will put on. Not that I have any trouble doing that.

So I have started to paint again. Drawing a bit. Anyhow i'll write more later.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

here and there

Im here and there today. I feel down so I stayed home... so far i've watched a movie... listening to music and will probably draw a little bit. The dog is snuggled up next to me... she's good company.. i talk to her a lot. Not that she answers though I started to cry and she jumped on my lap...

Where to from here? What lies ahead?

Im not so sure right now... iv'e got to turn my 30s around.

write more later alligator

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home Again.

So woke up this morning from mum shouting oliver is home oliver is scratch on him or anything. I wonder what adventures he had, where he went. When we thought the worst... the best happened and he came back. So I went and bought his favorite prawns and he is sleeping in mums wardrobe.. all curled up.

Im making a chocolate jaffacake for mums friend... i so hop it turns out.. its a recipe ive never tried before... it was a quick throw together one.. cointreau and dark chocolate... i did a few cupcakes just to test it... if it does not work out i'll turn it into cake balls using condensed milk a bit more cointreau and coconut...easy peasy. It says to cool the cake in the tin... hmm i guess so.. won't argue there!

I downloaded Florence and The Machines new album but had to make room and wipe a few cds off my ipod. Its a brilliant album and I love it so. Especially Shake it Out and What the water gave me. She has an amazing voice. I also going to buy coldplays newie as well. There are a few other albums Id love to get too but will have to wait.

Ive been drawing a little bit, writing in my journal late at night when all these thoughts are bouncing around. Ive stopped writing so many letters... ive got to start again. Though admittedly im a bit down atm. and only coping a little bit.

I best be off for lunch now.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

come home

Saturday night... window left puts his weight on the fly wire and away Oliver ran. SO sad its been two days now.. I do not think he is coming home. I phoned up the pound and put a description of him just maybe he will turn up. The house seems a bit empty without him here. Scooter is a bit lost too... she keeps waiting at the back door or on the end o the arm chair like she does when she's waiting for mum to come home from work. Mum said that she hopes someone either is looking after him (though he could last a week with how big he is) or he has died.. hopefully a quick death and not a prolonged one. I hope he is ok and is just gone to play somewhere for a while and will come home perhaps it'll be a week... perhaps a month... but I semi doubt it after a month. Hope he doesn't use up all is 9 lives.. I mean where else (other than a fishing trawler) going to get fed prawns nearly every day.

Anyhow I have not done much this week gone by at all. Ive got a lot of drawing and painting ahead of me. Well I guess better go put dinner on.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Went to cafe in mooboo north this morning. Delicious chocolates and some interesting choice of flavors for ice cream things like rhubard, sticky date etc. I had a latte and three small chocolates. It is such a beautiful day it is 30 odd for spring but im not complaining, went early ad got home by noon. Its only about a 40minute drive from here.

Anyhow.. time for a nap now.. i'm super duper tired...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

odd dreams

So the past few nights i have some very odd dreams... lets see started with one where i was with a friends sister and they put me on a train where I only had stitches for eyes (bit like neil gaimans coraline) and i could only see out of one of them.. for the whole train trip... i couldnt open the other eye no matter how i tried. In the end someone from high school was on there too...and thats all I remember.

So the other night I had a dream I was with dope smugglers... on the rivers possibly in florida as I was watching some of them being eaten by crocs. Thats all I can remember from that one.. last night I dreamt about these purple birds that's it.

A few changes happening in my life atm. Im doing a lil more than usual. I almost fainted when I went to post a parcel today it was dead on 3kgs... just under !$100 later and it has been sent. I have cut down on letter writing... i used to go through a book of stamps a week now its more like a book every two weeks. Which is not so bad I guess.

I have to do a bit of digging with my art work and find some darker pieces.. should not be too difficult... there is one whole sketch pad that is virtually that. Well I guess thats it for the moment.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

the big smoke

Got up relatively early to catch the train with mum to the city. We got there on time.. we had morning coffee at the cupcake place in degraves street... as I like that cupcake store better than the big chain that is all around the city. Had a mini mocha cupcake and a cup of coffee for $4.50 (good value) then went and checked in to the hotel....went and had roll with ham cheese and tomato on it...i had a headache so I had a lie down til about 3 then went and had afternoon tea. I had just a coffee this time... and starved myself for the other few hours (saving myself for dinner)

Did my face up and popped make up on plus my fun and funky earrings...changed dresses etc and left.. walked to fed square .. which was packed with footy goers..I guess it was the semi finals between the hawks and collingwood two big teams... and it was a sell out.. so of course nearly all the eateries and bars were packed out.. I opted out for standing outside acmi. Ang was her usual self.. late.. but not too bad this time. Cat was there too.

We walked to china quite a posh place.. but the food was totally worth it.. with some nice wine.. i ordered prawn toast...and then for mains I ordered ginger fish and rice... it was cooked beautiful. even if we did take about an hour deliberating what we wanted to order and ang tested the knowledge of the waiter..with wine and food.. he seemed to be able to answer all her questions.. which is a great thing... considering how fussy we all are...

We then went on to the berlin bar where we had a cocktail each... whopping sizes too.. i will go back there though one day.. the one i ordered sounded nice but tasted like raspberry cough medicine it was not so great.. the place was decked out nicely... the waiters were quite beautiful too..after that we wanted to go out out.. but my tummy was terrible...far out something upset it.. so I had to skip the rest and head home..alas I was a little annoyed but there was nothing I could do as I got the trots...

Alas went back to the hotel room and made myself a cup of tea.. which helped sooth my tummy.. i went to sleep about 3am.. and am still trying to catch up now... went to bed at 10 sat and 10 last might.. quite early for this night owl. Id love to go to the beach house with them but I know in myself I am not well enough.

The next day mum and I went shopping.. i bought two dresses and one top thing to go over it. Had morning coffee at brunetties in myer. A little bit of retail therapy then we went and had lunch at this place in crown.. i ordered ricotta raviloi with burnt butter sage and spinach and mushrooms.. the chef was a tad heavy handed with the salt... added a bit too much..i could only eat half.

Well the train home was not kind of glad that we caught the earlier one home.. as its the first weekend of the school holidays... and the melbourne show is on.. id love to go but i know id spend wwaaaaaayyyy tooooo much money on crap that I do not need. Especially on show-bags.

Yesterday... we still have a lot of lemons so i made lemon slice for everyone.. we only kept a little bit of it. The rest is to give away. Its a sunny 22 today i think i will for a walk.

ciao for now

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I was not brave enough to get my hair cut so i opted for a trim and straighten.An hour and a half later and my hair is super shinny and soft.. it lifted my spirit a little bit. I then managed to head to the supermarket to grab some bits and pieces.. then home... Im here now. It is a stunning day though.. such beautiful weather. I do so hope its like this tomorrow as i'm heading into the city and staying over night.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So started out the day a lil better than yesterday. I cannot for the life of me remember my dream. Which is not a bad thing I guess. I have been a bit flat all day though... I did go out for a bit... I made that donation to the opshop.. goodbye books.. i hope the find great homes.. i know they'll only make a few dollars but it's better than clogging up the shelves... I then went and got the groceries. just a few bits and pieces.. I have cut down and am trying to use what we have here at home.

Tomorrow I am getting my hair trimmed perhaps shaped and straightened.. no colour as my hair is quite black as it is... little grey through. I will write more later.

Monday, September 19, 2011

book out

So i went through the main bookcase today.. i will be making a healthy donation of books to the opshop tomorrow. I decided its time for some of them to go. I kept the ones I like plus got some out of the garage that id like to re read and popped them in their place and left a few empty spaces...

I made the pasta sauce a bit too onionish last night, i enjoyed the pasta mum however said i overpowered the dish. Anyhow I have not cooked that much, i made quiche last week and thats about it. Im going to make rhubarb and vanilla jam tomorrow.. harvesting the rhubarb from the garden.

I played three games of scrabble, I lost two and won one. My level is at a low atm though I am not playing 8 games a day anymore trying to limit myself a bit. Our jewelery arrived over the past few days... earrings.. off etsy. They are quite pretty and some are quirky and colourful.

So i'm getting my hair cut and straightened on thursday.. hoping that will life my spirits a bit. Im also going to get a leaflet from the gym tomorrow.. i've been meaning to for a while just a bit low... but if i put effort in going to the gym i can lose the kilos ive crept on over the past 10 years. I was talking to a friend the other day.. she gave me a kick in the pants that i needed really. Yes I can paint/draw but Im simply not doing anything with it.. so my cv needs fixing up and Im not sure how to approach working on it. Ive got to get into my art again.. im not sure what to draw.

Well along those lines... i've only been writing about one to two letters a week instead of the considerable amount I used to write. I used to go through stamps like water.. now it's once a fortnight per book. Ive got to find some new pen pals i think as the others have stopped writing all bar 2. Where has the lost art of letter writing gone? I guess its been replaced with email/text messages.

Well I best go now and start cooking dinner..


Friday, September 16, 2011


Went out today... went to go to a place in morwell but it was closed... so went to the one just over the road the cafe attached to the art gallery. I ordered the vegetarian breakfast.. arrived on the table very well presented bakebeans in its own bowl, spinach on the plate, mushrooms, homemade relish, two eggs, hash brown and sour dough bread. It was absolutely delish. I ate the whole lot which is why i havent eaten anything since and im now just snacking on some crackers. I got that and a vanilla latte (coffee is beautiful) we all enjoyed the food. The cafe is called So Swish... i thought it was going to be expensive but it was $12 for that price i was a happy camper.

Will write more later.. gonna go watch psych now.

Monday, September 12, 2011

here and there

Here and there my mind is so scattered with thoughts its racing and I can't stop. I made chocolate caramel and peanut slice.. its so evily good. I had mum take it to work or else i would have eaten a tonne of it. So i she has taken it to work.

I am still down. I do not like change that much, i generally resist. I think its on the cards for me. I spoke to a good friend at the weekend, lovely to hear from her. Also put it some more herbs. The mint has come back up.. thyme oragano look amazing.

I have been watching dvds lately of my fav tv shows. We are having pasta for dinner tonight.. though dad is having roast tomato soup that I made late last week. So i best be off now.


Thursday, September 8, 2011


Though I have been out and about a little bit. Though I have not walked very much or done very much this week. I guess Im just putting everything on hold until I make it til I make it to the end of next week. I have not drawn anything, i've just stopped. Downed tools so to speak.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

spring has sprung

Spring has certainly sprung..lovely lovely weather we are having. It is a sunny 20 today... and its the 2nd of september. I bought some azaleas to go where the borrage has run riot. I bought a few herbs too. The goji berry plant is looking well again, the blueberry plant loves its spot and the lime tree is just amazing, since we moved it under the eves for winter.

So i'll do a spot of gardening later on this afternoon. No drawing. No cooking. I made a quiche yesterday for dinner. Mum is cooking today. Must go now.. make a coffee.

spring has sprung

Monday, August 29, 2011

long week

Ive been about and out at the same time. Not sure what to do with my time atm. I should focus on my art but I find myself a little bit down. I got given two big bags of lemons so i made lemonade, lemon slice x 2 and lemon curd and still I have a full bag of citrus sitting there. Im thinking of preserving some too. Its quite cold today.. no walking i took the bus into town.. got a parcel from Nicola Trond and Roman can't wait to open it when mum gets home from work.

Last week you could have forgotten that it was winter. A sunny average of 17- 21. Today is the perfect day for hot pasta that im going to make.. pumpkin gnocchi..found a recipe off here going to try it out.

I spent a lot on etsy last night... gone a little overboard... a little something for myself.... so lets see now I better go pop the pumpkin in the oven.

Monday, August 22, 2011


have a whopping headache atm not sure why. Woke up with it this morning and it has not eased whatsoever. Ive rested and had a nap still there. Ive done little today no painting.. zip. Ive put my hair up into a bun wearing my fav blue shirt and had some not so great news today so that has bought me down too.

Better go start dinner

Friday, August 19, 2011


The dog slept next to me on the bed last night I woke up early this morning and she was still there curled up uncovered. I watched the end of Upstairs Downstairs the last episode, then got up and took a walk down the street and back. I went down to to get flowers, this flower man has been there since I was kid and he is still going now.. as i always rock up to get them at 10 and find the scraps not today! I got three bunches of flowers 2 lots of irises and one lot of pink carnations for $17 you can't do that at the florist. Walked home managed to do do that in record time which was 45 minutes no too bad.

I then went out for breakfast with mum aunt anna and uncle victor... had my one latte for the day. Im trying to cut back coffee wise.. I generally drink tea and well lately ALOT of coke... eeepp. I bought these cute lil glass tea cups too. Im setting up my watercolours and will start soon, though its almost midday now.

I am addicted to this album of dance music at the moment. Its really great. Don't have much techno on my ipod but this is good stuff. A little dated but good to walk to... I think I will go back to curves, though id prefer to swim in all honesty perhaps I shall next week.

Ive been replaying those images in my head again...of way back in the day they race around my brain. So for the moment I will leave it at that....

ciao for now


Had quite a productive day.. went out to the op shops... browsed around... watching up stairs down stairs atm also which is very very good. I love it. Witty with serious issues of the time. I love that era and wish i was had the sylphish body i used to have when I was 19ee *Sighs* so i could carry that 1940s look. I am fat very fat indeed something ive got to start turning around. bla bla my fault bla bla lose weight bla bla... i think its a big cycle to break, i am prepared to do that though im even heading to the gym in the next few weeks i am not sure which one is better but I shall see.

I have noticed that I am loving colour, not so timid i like bold colours striking colours i have all these bloody ideas floating about and im trying to nut them out in my journal. Lalala Ive been using watercolour with ink on good quality paper... the squares im trying to accetuate with silver so as i give them depth. trying the beautiful watercolours im going to make cards out of so i can hop down to the moe market in sept. well that is the plan. Id ultimately love yarragon again. but ill start out here and see where it leads. I am a bit more preparedish.

So lets see now.. gonna go to morwell and check out the gallery spaces at two of the spots there. Id love to go away for a few days... i think I shall arrange it soon.

its fairly late now on friday my fav show on 60 minute makeover gonna go watch that and then bed...

nighty night sleepy tight.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Its early morning, im up. Im about to start work on my watercolour pictures. I have not a clue but i love experimenting with it all... might go to the library and borrow some books so I can learn a lil bit. Im painting out my pattern and squares again.. which I so love doing in different shades of blue.

I have written to just about everyone, I just have to post them. Got a new pen pal from ireland now.. which is great see if I get a second letter! SOmetimes people stop writing after one which is a shame. *sighs* I know things have slowed down that way but I have a stack of stamps and I may as well use them.

I love watching cartoons.. so much inspiration. I love colour now. I guess the days of using a lot of black have gone. It was my lil nephews first day of school today.. i wonder what he will take to. Big day! My other lil nephew is as cute as can be with beautiful blue eyes.

I guess I should go start my day now Ive had breakfast and a coffee I have to make the most of it as Lou and Allen are coming home and I'll have to pack up tomorrow.
grrr and then Ill only be drawing for 4 days unless the weather miraculously heats up and I can work outside.

Welpers take care out there


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Im listening to Rachel Yamagata man I love her voice. Elephants (teeth sinking in)is probably my fav song off the album. I can't wait for her new one to be released. Im still cutting out stencils gonna get water colours out and paint this afternoon have a few things racing around in my head. Im just a lil bit down today.. feeling very emotional.

I made lemon sour cream cupcakes yesterday, they are so delicious. Ive made a few new styles of cards i bought some transparent paper too. Im waiting patiently for a nice day it has rained nearly every day.Given its still winter though im not suprised.

Well its lunch time now.

later alligator

Saturday, August 6, 2011

high to low

I was on a bloody high for the past two days. Now i'm crashing i think its from lack of sleep. Ive been tired and feels like things in my life have come crashing down around me. So how to stand on a floor that's almost breaking? How to clutch those straws and emptiness? Trying to create things trying to map out things in my head. Sometimes that seems gone and im left with nothing the taxing toll of living in the valley has made me quite sad. Once again id love to head to the city for a weekend or something. Id love to just catch up with friends.

I keep hearing the anthony bird when I watch taggert. Some comfort of a past life that i did not lead, to quote a great musician clare bowdich sings "buying crap that you don't need to feed a world that will not feed". I know im being quite creative as of late/// making cards til 2am this morning.. go to make a ribbon box too. I have too many to keep up with.

Well lets see.. im thinking and I need to seriously do this go back to the gym... i prefer swimming though i never get to the pool the way im going atm. So these are things i would like to do. Well thats my rant for today...

im off to bed... the alternate world is awaiting

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

new found

I have stayed home the past few days... working again on new pieces... ive been looking on the net at art and have been inspired to create again. Im using card stock a huge back log of it sitting in my wardrobe that had to be used as im not buying anymore until mos tof my supplies are used.

I went to the opshops found a few bags that im going to attempt to alter and then to the two dollar shop where i bought this patterned junky looking coaster a fly swatter and some spare sauce bottles for paint. So i have some textual elemtents that i can add. I found some wood in the garage too and a few bits and bobs about in supply draws

I did do a bit of potato stamping.. not very well though! So when I got home I had lunch and started painting. I grabbed the spray paint that dad uses on the car and got the coaster and some paper and sprayed aorund it.. it will make a lovely looking piece i have to buy black spray paint tomorrow.

Welpers back to work for me now..


Friday, July 29, 2011

a week in passing

Another week has slipped by. I cant remember much of what i have dreamed as of late. I have been down all week getting over tonsilitus, my tablets that i usually take didnt mix with the ones the dr prescribed so I was sleeping up to 16 hrs a day. I spent most of the week zonked out in bed. Though I managed in that time create two cakes... black forest and beautiful cup cakes for louises 30th. They turned out rather beautifully.

I am feeling a bit better today, I managed to go out for breakfast, i had a crossiant with jam and a vanilla latte which was farrrrr toooo milky for me. ergh. Left me feeling a little ill and having sick burps for most of the afternoon. Im whinging a lot here, i know, i know. I have not really cooked any meals this week.. mum has been when she gets home from work.. i will turn over a new leaf and cook and cook next week. I was given a whole bag of lemons so im out to make curd perhaps tomorrow when my headache goes.

I introduced mum to holumi cheese the other day.. delish. i would say i served it with some lemon wedges yummy yummy yummy. Im going to fry up the rest of it in the coming days, i served it with a plain salad. I was a little bored this afternoon so I went shopping on etsy.. that cheered me up no end... i'm still half there. Im looking at birthday presents and things for myself... i found THE perfect gonna soooooo buy for ME ME ME.. Bloody am so annoyed with myself... my phone credit got taken away from me. So im starting again.... grrrrr

Welpers I think i'm going to go back to etsy now


Friday, July 22, 2011


had a dream i was working in a jewish bakery.l. pretty darned amazing. I walked along this long driveway to this house that had so much lavender around it and it was a beautiful house.. wooden.. just lovely. Had water or a spring or something pouring out from under it... it was a lovely sunny day.. and I was absolutely happy there. The next part of my dream was of elizabeth eating fish and chips in a gutter or something..then i woke up at about 7:30 to dad opening my bedroom windows and blinds. ergh.

anyhow i had a fab dream. I also managed well mum did more to the point of bungling up the black forrest cake for allens birthday.. we managed to make it look a complete mess and very dodgy looking cake! LOL its hilarious ill post a photo up tomorrow.. oh so funny.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have neglected writing here for quite some time now.. almost over a month. I guess i just have not bothered at all. I have a journal so i have been writing things down I guess.. ive been recording my dreams there too. I love dreaming. Possibly cause I like that world better than this one at times.. its sad i think I live more there than I do here at the moment. *sigh*

Lets see casting my memory back... I hope to head to the city some day and stay a weekend at a friends house. Something like that. I bought clare bowditch new album its really bloody good and i recommend it, highly. I also purchased the sound track to winner and losers. I like the show, there are some good songs on the album.

So I ave found myself reading a bit and watching dvds a lot. I have done no art work for a while... it all came to a grinding halt. Im hosting a pity party right now.. crying and crying over some little things. I have to pull myself together and go and cook dinner in minute. I also found out i have tonsilitus atm and my throat hurts like crazy, dry and sore, the dr i saw was just horrible and very uncaring. So ive been sleeping a lot these past few days, getting in a lot of zzzzzzzs waking up at 9amish. At times going to bed at 9pm.

Anyhow I better get going write more later alligator.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sat round this morning waiting for a person to show... however once again they never did and I got annoyed so I left. I left a message for them on their answering service to say that Id only wait til 11.. that rocked around and still no show... so I left. I walked down the road bought some paper so i can make my lil sisters birthday card, checked the mail box, walked to kmart got a few pairs of stockings a bit of lipstick and a few other things. I decided to walk home. I was absolutely starving by the time I got home all I was on was porridge coffee and water had a vegemite on bread for lunch. Thats what I felt like.

Well Im a bit of a happy camper today, must be partly the weather too so sunny and nice. Ive got a few things I have to do today some of which ive done. I feel like getting out the sun lounge and plonking myself down in the sun and reading a book or something. Ive got about 4 books on the go, not such a great thing to do but oh well. Anyhow Im re reading a book that i forgot the plot to, set in india about one guy who takes off and climbs up a tree and everyone thinks he is a crackpot until he starts addressing peoples problems etc and then they start believing in him. Its funny and clever and Im enjoying reading it.

Anyhow I guess I better get a move on.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Out and About

Once again had an odd dream. I went out today, to warragul, i love that town. I went looking for shoes alas i found some but they were a greyish black just not what I am after.. so I did not buy them. I also need some long leggings too alas I shall look around tomorrow. I then got back home and spent a fortune on new makeup.. I needed to.

well write more a bit later

Monday, June 27, 2011


Nothing beats home grown garlic.. one came to the surface the other day.. there is still one there which i shall leave for another month or so. I made potato and leek soup for dinner. I made cookies for everyone so I'm sharing those around with every one. Today is such a glorious day, the sun is out and ive done two loads of washing, and a few other bits and pieces. I may go for a walk later this afternoon.

I sat out in the sun with scootie drinking my cup of tea. I love it out there. I feel like painting now so i might just grab a canvas and go nuts. Anyhow better go put the other wash out.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Its an absolutely stunning day out side. I could not resist heading out the door for a walk. I went and looked at some shops got some flowers from the flower dude for cheap $6 for a 10 irises and I also bought these white daisy type ones aswell but their pettles fall off so they are delicate, i put them together in a vase.. needless to say they done look that great together, however it will do as a suprise for mum.

I got some tags for the garden too. I must repot two of my plants the aloe and the other succulent (That i have forgotten the name of)well it is lunch time now.. so im going to fix me a sandwhich cheerio'


Thursday, June 23, 2011


Im out a bit atm. Something in my dreams has been deeply disturbing me all day, the only way of escaping is to wake up stay awake for as long as possible.. and that is what im going to do today. Stay up and up. Im thinking of coffee at midight type thing. Oh well, i know they are dreams but well think sometimes these are visions and glimpses of a darker world.

So i have been going for walks here and there am just looking up things on here on urbanspoon a lot. Reading up on various places. Atm i am trying everywhere to find over the knee stockings and do you think i've had much luck? Hell no (as scott would say) Im also thinking about getting a facial and perhaps a make up session. Im also investing in miricle perfume again, i miss it so! I have no perfume at the moment alas I like miricle it smells delightful.

These are thoughts. I made baked beans for dinner tonight.. tomorrow im experimenting going to make mushroom pate tomorrow and might go see a movie. Anyhow I will write more later. Lalala

Saturday, June 18, 2011

a week

So its been just over a week since i last wrote here. I guess I have not been in the mood for drawing as of late, though with whats going on it should inspire me more.. alas i don't know. I have been a bit down myself.

However I found that baking dads birthday cakes today cheered me up a little.. u must try the recipe it makes very rich chocolate mud cakes.. to die for.. served with cream, yum yum. We all bought dad clothes.. scott got dad the best gift photos of little Noah in a book and fridge magnets for us all to enjoy. He is a cute baby.

I had a bit of a nightmare last night, just certain things in my dream that are rather disturbing, im sure it will pass. Or at least I tell myself it shall. I have written to most of my friends this week, snail mail of course.

Mum is making dads fav. for dinner tonight, shepards pie.. an englishman through and through. Well I guess I better get a wriggle on. Take care out there.


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yay saved all my pennies for the shopping trip in the city. I finally found a coat after a long search. I also found two dresses aswell.. one is a a beautiful black and grey number the other is black with coloured pattern. Plus tea cards even some earrings to match my ring that I have. Its uncanny they look like a set. I bought sencha peach from t2 also.. i normally don't buy t2 teas but it smelled nice and ive had it a long time ago.For morning tea we had brunetties lunch a french baguette place and afternoon tea max brenna yummy yummy then dinner at a pub at docklands. I was so totally shopped out by the end of the day i took a break from going out to them today and stayed home other than heading to maccas for lunch. I sat outside for two hours on the fold out banana lounge... writing letters and reading a book. A charmed life this morning! YAY!

Ive been writing letters before I sleep. Been going to bed at about 11 and staying up til about 1 just writing things from my head especially copying out blueberry girl out to a few it is a brilliant little story and beautifully illustrated book. Louise is cooking dinner tonight some sort of lime chilli chicken. I am making key lime pie tomorrow morning. Yummy yummy.

Anyhow its quite cold now so Im gonna put the heater on and mayb have a glass of wine or something.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Things that i ordered off the internet have started arriving. Half of mums present.. am waiting for the other half to arrive i want to tell her bu she doesn't want to know. Well it's off amazon so i guess one can take a stab in the dark. not hard to work that one out. So the earrings arrived for her.. one pair is beautiful but the other pair that i bought her must of been photographed close to them as they were half the size i thought they'd be which is a little on the down side of things. Oh well.

I had suprise in the mail, my friend sent me a lovely print which i shall get framed asap. Im trying not to spend too much money this week so i can buy some nice clothes and coat when I head to the city.I have to fix mums ipod up by then too.. alas its not working for some reason all the cds i tried to put on there wont work. So its a matter of clearing it off the computer and putting it back on.

Any how.. went out for mums bday dinner i chose wrong.. fish and chips.. he fish was rather bland.. not much flavour to it at all. Oh well. I made mum vanilla cupcakes with some pink sugar and some lovely edible pink dragonflies on top with buttercream icing. The were yummy I had 2 of them ergh.

I have watched a good movie called the kids are all right... about one lesbian family.and the kids hunting down their sperm donor biological father. It is a really good film very interesting. I have a lot of movies/tv series to watch so that should keep me amused over the coming months.

Well I have not done much today. No writing, no drawing no painting. Miss my dear friend in nz wish i could go there for a lil holiday and see her. That would be lovely. Anyhow. As it is. am so bloody tired right now , think I need a nap.. i know its 4pm and if i nap now I wont be going to sleep much before midnight.

Well Im off having jacket potatoes for dinner need to grab the stuff out of the fridge for it. Anyhow take care out there


Friday, May 27, 2011

time ago

many moons ago. I dont know. Anyhow i went out for breakfast today.. got a great dvd to watch called spirited. cant wait to start watching that.Well i guess im gonna head to bed now its quite late

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

warragul and home

Went to warragul today feelin ok. Went to my appointment.. a little early had a look in my fav shoestore... dreming of what I would like to buy of course. I got mums coffee ground up.. wanted one from their but the cue was huge and i thought oh well.. went and looked in the dvd/music store there walked away with 3 interesting movies.. i am yet to watch. 2 are chic flicks, one is where the wild things are.. ive not heard much about it but ill be able to judge it tomorrow. I ended up at the cafe called mango wood.. they do great fresh food there... beautifully baked goods and delicious salads mostly gluten free.

Anyhow I got home and Ive been reading a great novel... i watched magnum the dodgy helicopter one and then magyver. Then i moved about surfed the net and have just decided to re read some chirldrens books. Today I got home had a nice suprise in the mail box.,.. the edible butterflies... for a special 30th im going to do some test running with vanilla cupcakes this weekend with the sugar sprinkles and mini dragonflies. with perhaps some butter cream icing.

We shall see. Mum had a tooth ache and has gone to bed.. im too wired for sound... all i remember from last nights dream is that there wasa marriage on the cards for someone.. agh sighs... oh welpers. So Im going to start walking again after such a long patch of just taking the bus... gonna check out the opshops too. Anyhow..

I think I shall finish off a few letters to friends. I listened to nick cave music today... bopping away... i live in a bubble... and perhaps the wind of change wil waft through the doors and turn my world around.. perhaps its just the silence in me that i crave to be one with that silence. I have nothing left to ramble on about just the usual cirle and breaking the cycle type thing.. and how to burn those words could have shoulda woulda and turn them into possibilities, not maybes but definite yeses... sweeping away cobwebs and letting them out the door of memory.

ciao for now

Sunday, May 22, 2011


The days have slipped passed even the beautiful saturday we had the weekend.. twent for a drive with mum to warragul to a cafe that I quite like only to discover its not open saturdays. Argh alas we walked into about 4 cafes not happy with the menu so we walked back out again. This one place that i do beautiful bread must of changed hands looking at the food we ended up at yarragon bakery. Sat outside eating.. we bought a passionfruit slice for afternoon tea too..where the hell was the passion fruit thats what i would like to know. Oh well.

Going back to friday... my books arrived.. childrens books but i wanted them cause of the illustrations that are in them i bought a klimt colouring book too that I can photo copy and draw on. Also some of the edible butterflies, icing tube and edible pink sugar also arrived on the same day. So now im waiting for mums present earrings and a few other bits andpieces ive bought off etsy to arrive though i bought them on thursday so maybe (fingers crossed ) they get here at the end of the week.

I heard from scott and jess they are painting Noahs little nursery... not sure what colour.. him being a boy i dont imagine it being pink! You never know I though! Ive been feeling rather low lately and have been inside more so than out i was going to walk down the street today it was raining so i took the bus.

I went shopping.. bought myself a few things, gonna make rhubarb crumble tomorrow maybe not sure.. otherwise ill have to throw it out and I don't want to waste. I got this movie its called 500 Days of Summer. It was really really good, bought me to tears here and there but I enjoyed it a lot. Im glad i picked that up in a hurry and not the other ones i was looking at. I won't mind watching it again. Id love to write like the person who wrote that just a beautifully pieced script. Seamlessly takes you through the days.

I always thought I could be a writer or something along those lines but I look back over some of my bits and pieces and I can't string sentences together properly either.. Ive got to get my blue suitcase out again and have a look through it. I have been dreaming dreams but I canst remember half of them in the morning though. Possibly not a bad thing at times.

Ive got some things on my mind that keep replaying over and over. Some moments I cherish other moments I wish i guess I coulda shoulda woulda didnt do. Man. I hold so much regret and it's getting me no where just around in circles. Those cirles have become like he figure 8 eternal.

Well I best be off now got vegetables to put on.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

wonder wonder

I wonder wonder wonder where on earth my books are? I guess 10 working days so I give them til thursday to arrive... knowing my luck the things i ordered off amazon will turn up before my books.. or mayb the items off etsy will hmm. I wonder wonder.

Anyhow I have been feelin a bit blue today.. reflecting once again..back..once again. Things I cannot change its all out of my hands and left to the gods I guess. I used to dream big and now Im haunted in my dreams by a lot of past things.. and some new scary things.. i dreamt i was on master chef.. and then the judges judged my dish they all started to sing accunamattata from the lion king.. then one of my other dreams I saw these cards on the mantle piece of a burning buddah .. I cant remember anything else as I woke up. When i was a teen I had this incred. dream about me standing on the roof top of a buliding and all these people were jumping off the roof plunging to their death. I remember it well for some odd reason.

Its uncanny i was talking to a evonne about an old friend at uni of ours.. he lived across the hall from us and a few days ago I got an email from him. Agh well his ears must of been burning or something. I used to have those moments and dreams more frequent now they are all in the past and less and less of them. When i was connected in about 3 degrees of seperation.

Welpers I best be off

Saturday, May 14, 2011

dark day

Its quite a dark day and its 9:30am... its almost like its turning to night time.. with these cold temperatures the cold sinks into bones no matter how many layers i'm wearing. I think the heater is best bet to stay warm with. It is supposed to be 17.. umm me no sthink so.

Im inside doing a few drawings and being on here.. its early and the day has started so I best make the most of it. write more later

Friday, May 13, 2011

waiting waiting

Its been over 10 days now and my books are on the shipped status.. but still have not arrived. I'm leaving it til monday now and if they are not here by then I am going to call them up and ask where the hell they are... after all it is a melbourne based online books store.. alas Im a little peeved about it. Ive got a book to finish i suppose or else i may have re-read perhaps water for elephants (or id like to see the movie and just need my memory refreshed with the plot and premise) or the epic novel Musashi that I so love.

I have been drawing and drawing yesterday I put some colours together that dont really go somehow they work. Im shocked. like peach purple brown green and yellow in shapes.
Ive used fluid lines etc. Its bloody cold again.. s ive got a hot water bottle. Just waiting til mum gets up so we can all go out for well brunch it will be now.

I went on a jacket spree i walked away empty handed from the shopping centre.. i guess im going to wait for a few weeks til i head to the city again as they had a lot of them in myers i had no time to try one on though. I did not meet up with Andrea to nut out exhibition ideas.. I will do that soon.. she's hard lady to get hold of busy busy busy.

Welpers.. isa best be off gonna potter about


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It is absolutely freezing here. So cold. This cold snap is going to last til sunday or so i heard. Must be snowing somewhere. Im like a granny here with my hotwater bottle and blanket... tryin not to turn the heater on. Ive got my drawing stuff out...ive done a few colourful pictures so far. Easy patterns really nothing too out there.

I went out mainly to check the post box.. books.. so i wonder where on earth they are atm. If they are not here by monday I think I will be phoning them up. Last night I odered some things off amazon looks like that will be a few weeks too.. so ill have to get mum a token present for her birthday. Something smallish. I also ordered a few other things aswell off etsy though.

write more after lunch

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I made red velvet cup cakes again, they are as light as a cloud and lovely in flavour though i think they need a bit more vanilla..mum took them to work for her work mate that is leaving.. I slept very well last night rugged up in my doona, jacket and thermals..had solid sleep from midnight through til eight.

I have ordered a fair few items off etsy now!Yay.. i am waiting patiently for them to arrive. Especially some cake toppers. My books should arrive today.. i want to go out but it rainy and bloody cold. eeep.. i am sitting here with a hot water bottle blanket and lap top.. my feet are freezing and I dont want to put the heater on as i don't want to run up the electricity bill.. so ill wait til its around 4pm ish and pop it on then. I feel like an old granny.

My books should have arrived today! YAY! Cant wait. Im going to experiment with the fondant i bought a bit later. If im going into the city I will get better fondant and more cake glitter in reds pinks and some pearl edible paints too. Good thing too. I must re-pot some of my plants.

By golly I think some things are best left unsaid in this house. I cant say much here though. Oh well *SIghs* I wonder how eccentric i must come across.. i take after my dad in that category (i think) welpers... almost lunch time now.. best go make me that vegemite sandwhich or soemthing like that.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

big smoke

So its early sunday morning here.... i took t `he cat outside for a walk.. looks like its gonna be a beautiful mothers day. Yesterday woke up at 5:30am..... went back to sleep for an hourish, got ready so we could catch the 8:25 train.. thinking that it wont be busy...and very busy it was...lucky to get a the reserved cart.. we plonked ourselves down..just mum and I.. i could not read i was sitting next to some old dude who had a briefcase on his lap. alas I could not move...i just listened to music all the way to the city.

Once there... we went down the side street to go to the crepe place.. but skipped that in favor of heading to brunetties in myers for a coffee. After that.. we were heading down stairs and I spotted some clothes for bigger women.. much like myself.. i needed a coat.. but ended up finiding a beautiful black cardigan i thought was on sale.. not so i almost fainted at the price.. but paid it anyway... its really warm and looksgood on me. So i ditched my srcuffy clothes.. a coat that had paint on it... which i was content in wearing but mum being mum of course.. Anyhow.. beautiful dresses and beautiful pieces to wear there.. i only had 20minutes so I tried on one dress.. i needed a few sizes down as the one i tried on looked like a purple potato sack on me!

After that went shopping for a little bit.. i love anon. posh in the royal arcade.. I also visited my fav stationary store.. yay! I cant afford anything other than the envelopes and note paper in there.. so Im happy with just my envelopes. Met besty at noon.. must of been a comic book convention on somewhere around the place.. loads of kids dressed up some rather interesting characters. We then walked to hardware lane... well it was hardware st.. it was pretty hard to find.. we kept walking and walking.. til we found it.. called The Hardware Society... a melbourne institution really the dont take bookings and so we had to wait about 15minutes for a table. I ordered a latte absolutely great not burnt or anything.. just nice..and i ordered a toastie with cheese ham and egg... delciously yum... besty ordered fruit toast and a hot chocolate which is pretty amazing.. comes in a jug.. pour it into the cup.. catherine kevin and evonnne all ordered too.. the food is great there and I will most certainly be back there. Needless to say I had 2 coffees there plus one at myers so I was wired for sound.

After lunch some departed.. we walked to spencer st and just talked.. sat down at another cafe and just chatted.. all I wanted was a glass of water that was it. For about an hour then it was time to head for the train.. heading home from the big smoke i focused on reading my book.. whilst mum slept.. the novel is far.
Im so saving to head back shopping for shoes and clothes and perhaps seeing Andrea and organizing another exhibition. I need to save! I so love to spend!

So home it was.. and I wound down with a few cups of tea.. and a good dose of morse on seven two.. this morning jumped out of bed and motored on to make mum a mothers day card.. made her a coffee picked some flowers to make a posy for her with cornflowers.. carnations.. and daisies.. it looks rather pretty.. i bought mum these beautiful blue earrings.. and am taking her out to lunch too...

so i better get a wriggle on now..


Thursday, May 5, 2011


not so great today feeling a bit down. I made the cup cakes.. i think they turned out ok.. the colouring is correct its just the taste not so. I can however make another batch as I have all the ingredients to. The cream cheese icing is rather delicious.. I found my coat its in the ironing basket.. im of the opinion that i just rug up underneath it and leave buying a new one until I see the perfect one that will suit me.

I feel like not going tomorrow.. i really do. I feel like just staying home and maybe just get cracking with the bulb planting and painting. All that i have not done thus far this week. Im in two frames of mind atm. I guess i'll go. I was up at the crack of dawn 6amish.. cant remember what I dreamed about..which is good cause ive been having some very out there ones... some id rather forget that's for sure. Im a bit lost right now..agh *Sigh* I'll work it out.

Anyway. I got to put dinner on shortly.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


went out today.. in search of a coat u think I could find one? NOPERS argh so damn annoying. I searched some stores and nothing.. i need on as my other one has no warmth to it whatsoever. I think i want to go and try the red one on tomorrow perhaps. I did see a few nice bits and pieces of clothing though. But i thought i better not. Had pancake parlor for lunch needless to say did not taste crash hot. oh well. We did not have the sweet ones.. just savory.

My parcels still have not arrived which is unusual for them to take so if they are not there by monday I shall contact the online stores and see what the delay is.On another note.. i got a letter from my canadian penfriend today. All is good and shall write back tomorrow.. not sure what to get her for her birthday...hmm I will find something, i'm sure. A little trinket or something like that.

I wore my newish shoes in today... i got a blister possibly the size of texas on my toe. Welpers i managed to finish one book... that ive been meaning to finish reading for a while. So ive got the book that a friend sent me.. i shall start tonight as there is nothing on I want to watch. I am waiting for the books i bought.

I best be off for now.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I figured out a system of marking the bulbs im gonna put in the ground tomorrow.... i bought bamboo skewers and am going to dye them with some oil paint/food dye so then I can keep a book as to what is what which will make dad happy.

I went out this morning checked the mail, still no parcels.. grr im sure they'll arrive towards the end of the week. I found a jacket id like to buy too.. its a beautiful red that would suit me and Im tempted to go get buy it cause that colour will suit me.. but as mum thinks it will probably make me look bigger. *Sigh*

Oh well. Its quite cold today.. and I have once again let the day slip by., Though I felt like veggie burgers today so that's what I bought for lunch sweet chili and lime.. gourmet ones. I had a craving for them..i had one on bread and the other just by itself. Well must be off dinner to pop on


Stayed up til midnight.... woke up around 8:30am and had to move move move... had an appointment at 10. That went ok. Then went to book a time and date for family to see the king tut. exhibition at melb. museum its all sold out til june. Then went to the shopping centre and bought lunch.. went to see the movie Rio.. not bad light hearted entertaining animation had a few laughs here and there.

Got home and nothing on the telly so we watched a romantic comedy called Letters to juliet. I found it good.. and got mum and I crying in places here and there.The scenery was breathtaking. I enjoyed the chic flick. Though poor in parts and a lot predicable. I guess that is what is missing from my life. *sighs*

So i just had smoked salmon.. scrambled eggs for dinner.. with a glass of orange juice... ive got one slice left which will have to be eaten by tomorrow. Ive got to get one with a spot of painting. Might even go for a walk just to get out of the house a bit. Im in for the evening.. going to watch grand designs now.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

down and out

started the day early again. Have not done very much today, once again. I have been a lil down and out. Mum made scones for morning tea, delicious. The day passed and now mum is cooking sticky chicken for tea.. the sauce is made of tomato sauce, soy sauce, garlic, red wine and brown sugar.. that is it. You just marinade it for a while and pop it in the oven for an hour.. we having it with rice and veg.

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Its fairly easy to say that now I am able to use my bankcard.. for buying online and that is a very dangerous im a little behind the times...a tad old fashioned. I ordered some hard to get books, earrings and more earrings. Its good to know... its easy peasy... however...not such a good thing in a way.. as long as I control my spending.. as I am going out for lunch twice next weekend.. the pantry is stocked so is the fridge... i think im going to have smoked salmon with scrambled egg and mushrooms for lunch today. Nothing like a little luxury.

Its only just gone 9am ive been up since 6 think its going to be a relatively cool day. Last night we watched ghost writer by roman polanski... a thriller.. not much of a thriller.. rather long drawn out and not on the edge of your seat type movie. I thought it was going to be snappy and keep you on your toes for a while. When i told her the director mum said "no wonder it was as boring" I guess shes not a fan of his work. Oh well. Oh dear. I have this other movie to watch it was only thirteen smackers called Away We Go which has good reviews on the cover and on the back... but then most movies boasts on the cover with a blurb and its hardly going to dizz the film they are trying to sell.. right?

Im gonna have a whinge here... i nicked myself ever so slightly with as i was chopping up the chives.. and it hurts like hell.. its right where i have the bend and if under water it stings.. so i let it dry out.. but i'm going to garden today and so will have to cover it up with a couple of non trusty bandaids... ergh.. okies so it'll heal and not soon enough.

Im quite tired for some odd reason and I had a very very awful dream it was a little creepy and irksome. Not gonna say but eewwww is all I will say. Anyhow Im a thinking i should move.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Last night we watched the royal wedding...a lovely affair...the hats some looked like they were sattelites calling aliens. Others as my cousin said "looks like a pretzel" some got it right others totally wrong. Mostly stylish outfits were worn, some not so great. However kate looked amazing in her wedding dress, stunning. So it was a good night in front of the telly.

It is a glorious day today... sunny 22..beautiful. Went out for breakfast had a ham cheese and tomato toasty and some of mums baby pancake stack. Yummy. I have not done any painting at all...the day has slipped by.

So im planning to meet a few friends in the big smoke next weekend...alas the places id like to go for lunch on sat. is closed during the day alas sending me to urbanspoon to do some research and look at tapas bars or something like that. Argh oh well. Im sure I will find a place. I would love to take them to cumulus but am not sure how cashed up everyone is! Though their breakfasts are reasonable.

I bought mum the ghost writer for mothers day present and am taking her out to a place called the dog house at wild dog winery next sunday. I booked for 4. Right now.. mum is having a nan nap its 4pmish now. We are trying out the new coles inidan range of curry for dinner tonight, should be interesting to say the least.

ciao for now

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well yesterday was a bit drab, i made a soup that was also bland.. i think thats th theme of yesterday.. i couldnt life the soup with bacon or chives.. argh oh well. Today was a lil better,.. went down the road got mum a coffee from goovies... had a change of hands and a fresher look... they painted the walls a brown and silver., artwork...quite a warm feeling. Coffee is still the same.. will check out the menu tomorrow when we have breakfast there.

I got home this morning and there is dad painting away in his undies scarf union jack shirt..and thats it. Quite the showman even with only an audience of two or so. I guess its a big day for the royal wedding today.William and Kate.. dad being british is a ver proud well pom! Even if he does get a lot of flack and humor from next door he gives as good as he gets.

I missed the delivery of parcel, the only one i was expecting was from ang. So i caught the bus back down the road and went and picked up the parcel. I got two books one on learning crochet the other of fiction plus a small bar of chocolate.. which is so chunky and rich so ive left half for mum.

I cut myself chopping some herbs up its nasty little nick and no bandaid wants to stick so i got out the silver healing ones and popped that on.... i only rarely use them. I know they work you have to leave them on for a while as it healed my burn beautifully.

I spoke to besty as she sent me these cute lil kitten ornaments which i have put with the other ones on the mantle piece. We are meeting up next saturday in the big smokes.. going to see if I can round up a few more friends and go for lunch in china town.

Welpers I better feed the pets.. oliver hobbits is bugging me... just ten minutes off regular feeding time and he is mewing at me. Scoot is just asleep curled up next to me on the couch. I bought a new blanket for the lounge.. it was irking me that there was none and it looked a bit shabby with just my emily strange one there.

bye bye for now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

still today

got home from warragul... bought a new pair of shoes with my birthday money.. they are really nice.. well I think.. the lady looked down at my old ones and asked if i was gonna wear the new ones out of the shop! Damn sight cheeky of her! I admit my suede shoes are not all that black any more from all the wear and tear but they have gotten me through a few seasons. I would love some boots and will invest in some later.

I had time to get mums coffee grounded and wondered into the gluten free store and I bought a frittata it was still warm from being fresh out of the oven.. so I bought one as I was quite hungry.. it was so delicious.. I ate it whilst sitting at the train station think I will be going back there again. Its a shop i generally walk past without going into but with what looks like good food, i shall.

I was super tired this afternoon... fell asleep at about 2ish til 3ish. Im a lil sleepy now.. but took my stuff again now.. the weightloss drink. It was honestly pointless over the easter break.. as i ate copious amount of chocolate, cheesecake, cupcakes, junk in general.

I got zippo painting done today, looked around the opshop but did not buy anything. So im just resting here.. it was a glorious day and I enjoyed being out. Anyhow.. I will be painting again tomorrow.. no plans.. maybe just grabbing the ingredients to make falaffle as that is what I fancy right now.

Anyhow... ill be of..she'll be right mate.


Yesterday said godbye to my lil sis and borther in law they left around noon back to the big smoke. I miss them.its never long enough! *sighs* well i spen some time reading a book in the sun on the banana lounge... the dog on my lap of course. Came in did not go anywhere.. all the cakes are gone out of the house..shared around between family. Back to square one (once all the easter eggs are eaten) I have been a bit lazy with my letter writing lately.. i have not written anything in almost a fortnight.

I need to get stamps and sit down today sometimes armed with a pen and note pad. Im heading to warragul very shortly. Im not uying my kitchenaid anymore think im going to invest in either an apple lap top or ipad2 i dont need to get bigger and having one of those macines would just make me want to bake more! I dont need that.

So I am quite tired this morning not sure why. I went to bed at 10:30 but had one nightmare where i was dying from two pin pricks in my fingers and blood was streaming out and bradley was there watching me die. The next dream was about cookies.. yesterday i had dream and punkyt bruster was in it.. agh well im best off not knowing what they mean either.

I will have a coffee out today me thinks.I feel super tired right now. Its gonna be a stunning day. bye for now
\take care out there

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Woke up this morning.. its my birthday! YAY! Gave mum and dad a hug. Mum gave me a lovely card and i opened my present it is the most stunning ring and fits perfectly on my middle finger.. its anceint israilie glass that was found in digs over there and they made it into jewellery. Its silver with a rounded beautiful piece of glass in it. It had been ages since I clapped eyes on the jewelery in a shop in yarragon absolute ages ago and fell in love with their designs. its all so unique. Now I have a piece to treasure.

I had breakfast, just toast with homemade black berry jam and a coffee... scooter has to have some of course. A shared brecky.I got a phonecall from scott and jess. Such a beautiful day i could not resist sitting in the sun with scoot on my lap reading a book for about an hour, agh the morning sun was stunning.

Came in and then got changed to go to the pub for lunch...i ordered fish... the fish was beautiful i removed the store bought yucky tomato/spicy pesto and just put lemon on there. The bowl of salad was yum too. Came back and now had birthday cake and tea all round. Got a beautiful pair off earring and two journals off louise. Journaling is something I have not done in a very long time. I used to write in one every day since i can remember up until about 8 years ago when I just stopped. I think I will use one as a dream journal and save the other one for cook book as im ruinning out of room in my other one I have.

So im 33 now. Getting there in age. *sighs* Im not sure this is where i should be in myl life at this age or if i should have more behind me. Plenty of stories of course but almost middle aged. Ready for my mid life crisis? Well mum is in the kitchen making sausage rolls for dinner, they will be ready in about half an hour or so.. just parsley, mince, carrot, onion. Anyhow I had a lot of friends wish me happy birthday on fb. All in all I had a great day! Thank you everyone!

cheers big ears

easter day

Yesterday went to look at a kit home that lou and allen both really like its light airy and beautiful.. now they just need some land!Loads of windows heaps of room etc.. then went to midvalley i got patti pans for cupcakes of course.. had a coffee there and came home. Im still reading no1 ladies detective book am about 3/4 of the way through.

Got home. Had dinner. Went to bed at about 10:30pmish. So woke up at about 6am to the alarm going off for mum to get up and go place easter eggs around my cousins house for their children.. the even made bunny prints! out of talc powder.

I went back to sleep woke up at 8amish a more decent time. I had toast with some homemade blackberry jam.. and a coffee. I didnt have to make anything today.. mum did all the cooking today... though she did wake up at 11:30am after a bit of a snooze when she returned from easter bunny duties we had hot cross buns, lamb roast with potatoes peas and carrots. I have eaten enough chocolate to sink a battle ship.. and I feel a lil ill what pushed me over the edge a bit was the huge latte just before dinner.. ergh.

We all almost fell asleep after in the house in the lounge. Quite amusing really. Then a few hours after my tummy had recovered i had hot cup of hurro purro (raspberry leaf green tea) (absolutely divine) i cu a lil piece of the lime new york cheesecake and had that with it... so right now im full again.. a fair effort.

Anyhow I conned lou into making my birthday cake! Either that or I was going to make red velvet cupcakes. As I have all the ingredients.. but it hink Ill make them another day... plus i got all the goods to make these chocolate brownies with fantails. I shall make them another day. As long as I don't open the packet!

Welpers my guess is that I shall sleep well tonight. I hope! Tomorrow Im going out for lunch to the pub just 11 of us. Im wearing an old ring today that i found in a shop that I sooooooloved called old hat.. i think it shut down years ago now or moved.. but i used to buy a lot from them. Ive been inspired to do some crazy things on canvas too... I will start that tuesday.

Take care out there

Thursday, April 21, 2011


It was a productive day got a lot done.. got groceries early morning home on the first bus... I over spent of course. I finished doing just about everything other than repotting some plants and painting.

What is unusual about today is that i decided to try out jamie olivers 30 minute meals. I managed to make two complete dishes not the four in half an hour. It tasted ok.. i must of gone wrong somewhere i lost the flavor of the oragano..*Sighs*

So its good friday now, i woke up at 6 and could not go back to sleep... im wide eyed and bushy tailed atm.. I have not painted got into my house clothes and am ready to do more housework agrh oh well.

Welpers Ill write more later gator

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

rainy days

Rainy day alas I feel a lil under the weather. Im not sure what to do.. I baked some vanilla cupcakes however put too mixture into the tin and the went everywhere. Oh dear. So they taste delicious but had throw half of them out... i made butter cream icing. I am trying top decide what to do. Perhaps just go back to bed and read/sleep.
I bought some music off itunes a few new bands bought their albums and am listening to them.. they are quite good. Think I have to get more credits!

So im quite tired for some reason or another. I wish I had of realized a few things earlier in my life. Write more when Im more awake..............................


Monday, April 18, 2011


I finally finished the first layer on the blue pattern. YAY! Im happy but there is one bit that stands out like sore thumb so Im going to have to have topiant over it and see if i can fix its leaping off the canvas.

My aunt and uncle visited, made them a cuppa and oh damn had to open a bag of easter eggs so it looked like we had some sweet treat to offer. I was gonna bake cupcakes this morning but though I ought not to. Dad got given some blackberry jam .. mum is going to make scones at the weekend.

I will most likely make the cupcakes tomorrow so dad has some to take to his friends I got given some seeds to plant in pots.. so I will sow them tomorrow. Nothing much else going on really. The pets are at the back door waiting for mum, I just popped the potatoes on. best get going.]


Sunday, April 17, 2011


Started painting early this morning didn't get very far today though. Mum woke up and we went down the street for a small amount of groceries.. I needed some potting mix to go along the back fence for my lilish garden. What did i do when i got to the store?

Hmm well. Got the potting mix... no worries... spotted a blueberry and goji berry tree for sale.. so I bought them.. both. Potted them up for now until they start growing nicely... moved the lavender out of their homes and popped them in the ground. Hopefully they will like it near the herb garden. I have put iris bulbs in too so come late winter/early spring it will look good.

Stopped for lunch mum cooked up rice and some premarinated garlic prawns... oh man they were ok.. but wwaaayyyyyyyy tooo much garrrrrlliic. That even though ive had chewing gum, fruit and all that jazz..and I can still smell and taste it. Not so great. We are having mums stew for dinner.

Thats about it for today so far... Im a lil tired.

see ya later aligator.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I started the river on this now... looks ok bare bones at the moment first coat of paint. IM not sure if i should fill in some of the spots with a light shide of off white or not ill decide that in the coming days. I shall finish the blue one off tomorrow.. well the first layer anyhow.

Now I have 3 paintings on the go.. tomorrow im going to start 2 more... one of them structured the other one just gonna run with it..see what i can come up with. So Ive got to get a few books from the library perhaps..though I can probably read up on it here.

All I smell is turpentine.. though I have odorless solvent too. Well nothing much else happening today.

ciao for now

Friday, April 15, 2011

some sort of day

Some sort of day it is lovely sunny but cold at the same time. Went out for a bit grocery shopping etc.. I thought about a few things today especially some old days how I used to be able to go out around the city just to wonder the streets and laneways not buy , just walk. I used to walk absolute hours and love and enjoy it... i guess I should put on my shoes and start shifting those kgs again.. we all have our demons to face.. my biggest hurdle is food... I love it and am passionate about it, i possibly consume too much of it and bake the wrong things. Choices and excuses hold me back.

So this veil I had behind must be removed and I must face my fears. I miss swimming... im not afraid of the water.. i can swim i know that.. maybe not as good as I used to but still its something. So i feel as if im in prison at times... u know I never knew how much of a plan that the other side had for me and I never turned and listened to them.. all those things I could have learned... all the beautiful dreams i used to have.. all faded... I re read my dream book a bit back.. I hade some great ones.. I didnt listen to that higher voice that shone through them.. I went my own way..and didnt follow them.. I missed out I guess. I should have written from them and extended their plots and turned them into short stories or something. Well Ive misplaced that book atm must find it again.

I will write more later gonna do some painting now alligator.


Thursday, April 14, 2011


Went out early this morning.. walked straight outside and the bus was coming down the road.. perfect timing...bought myself chai... so not good chai either, tracksuit pants and masterchef winner adam liaw s cook book. Most of his recipes require a lot of ingredients and time. Though I have not attempted any yet.. first off will be jamie olivers thirty minute meals, however tonight... we are having indian... cant wait for the vegetable samosas.. and curry of sorts. Its a local place... and its very good food too and it will kill the craving I have for it.'

Well I got home and and discovered the cards i bough that i thought were big they are small.. argh oh well not much I can do I will still use them still paint and draw on them. I thought nice sunny weather... hung washing on the line... um no ..rain came about an hour later.. The blue back groun up the top is what I am working on.. it s just the first cote. looks a bit shabby atm i will work on it.

Ive been a bit reflective as Ive been painting.. things jumping into my head here and there. I rang a good friend of mine last night had a bit of a chat about things going on. Pretty quiet on my front.. though I miss company.. I guess I have scoot and oliver to talk to.. agh thank goodness for pets.. the house would be so empty without them. In the past we have had a bird called Oscar, two gold fish called pebbles and first a dog named hero after he was put down we got a dog called jedda..she lived for a very very long time. Then scooter.. a complete diva of a dog at times.

I never had a cat before, for my birthday off the family i went to choose a kitten from rspca I got sebastion... he was the cutest cat ever. So beautiful. I loved him dearly..he died somewhere under the house. I miss him a lot. Then mum searched high and low for another ginger tom.. thus we got oliver... from drouin pet store... I guess I dont love him as much as I did sebastion. Oliver is more mums cat than mine.. he lives a good life and gives garfield a run for his money.. prawns atleast once a chicken and he even loves butter!!

Anyhow I best be off do some house work...



Gotup nice and early took the cat out on his leash, he didnt like the rain. Who would have guessed! Up so early, 6am. I needed to create some nice wrapping paper, so got the brown paper out that i like to use and painted the pattern onto the paper... it looked good and went with the card but i wasnt happy so i painted some little daisy type flowers on there.. shimmer paint powder on it, looked ok. So i wrapped the gift in that, looked good with as plain purple ribbon around it.

So it was the perfect day to make the raspberry and white chocolate cupcake, so I did, ive eaten three ergh im over them now...they are for mums friends birthday, they turned out a bit muffin like to be honest *Sighs* the rest will go to good homes tomorrow. Aside from that I have mainly just been playing scrabble or a word game on fb tomorrow, its house work time.

Its getting late here now.. im a bit tired..

nighty night

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So Im about today. Went to warragul, had coffee and a bit of brunch.. sourdough bread with ham and cheese, big thick slices.. glad mum and I shared. Had a cup of coffee out too, then lunch was just bakery food really. Argh. Not healthy, mum made a smoothie for breakfast.. berry one.

Looked in some of the shops and bought the dvd cake boss, which we watched a few episodes of that too.. going to watch the rest later. I got the heater on in the back room... im all rugged up again. Thinking of drawing a little more later though.

Im a little tired guess its just the weather and me being a bit cozy.

Monday, April 11, 2011


It is an absolutely cold day.. I am all rugged up, got blankets on me a mewing cat that wants to go outside.. scooter all snuggled up on the couch next to me. I have been drawing, gonna do a bit more later. I have played a few games of scrabble, not cooking today though. I did want to bake this coconut milk and raspberry cake but Im resisting. Perhaps Ill make it later today.

I woke up at 5 to see dad going out the door.. he's visiting a friend for the week. It is sometimes eerie in this house without his presence here. I got more canvas today and was ready to paint.. since its so cold and Ive even got my fingerless gloves, a spencer, tshirt jumper trouses etc on trying not to put the heater on a much as possible.

Its a nice day to curl up in bed and just read/sleep/read/sleep. I had this sandwhich stuff which was not so great a tad salty just like the soup was yestesterday.. i put half stock and half water..and it was salty as hell. So mum and I are going to make some stock this weekend. Maybe go to brandy creek winery and have tapas for lunch on saturday.

Im a little tired now. Its nearly two pm. Welpers Im gonna get going now...

cheers big ears

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yesterday came and went... stayed home.. made dinner but over salted the chicken oooppppsss. I got the outline on the canvas done.. im buying a few cheap canvasses today so I can practice the colour on there, the different tones and shades of blues.

Im also buying more potting mix today.. little lemon verbvena trees have started sprouting up so I have 3 of them to pot up. Im gonna put some more bulbs in the little garden i've created along the back fence.

So its quite cold now.. i guess its middle of autumn now, so I need some jumpers or something but Im thinking of getting my hair done just before easter.. perhaps blue/ browns...not sure. Will be making leek and potato soup for dinner.

Anyway... i pulled out some old jewelery and im wearing that now.. i have not worn it in ages.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Friday came went into town grabbed some ingredients for quiche..i cheated and used store bought short crust pastry. Oh well. The quiche turned out really well... beautiful and light just bacon and onion really, should have added some chives or something. Also got a card off my penpal for easter. Watched lifestyle program on fridays.. that i love. Sometimes i wonder how they can get it so wrong... especially last weeks.. the designer layered red upon red upon red.. in shades... to me it was waaayyyy tooo mucccchh i thought the owner would flip but they like it very much so. Each to their own I guess.

Oh i bought Jamie Olivers cook book of 30 minute meals, the idea is you can make about 3 dihes in 30minutes.. im going to give it a go this week coming.. see if i can make the 3/4 dishes in that time. Though I know Im quite a slow cook and do not do well under pressure...

So we went out for our usual saturday breakfast this morning, groovies menu has changed and they have added pancakes.. so I had three stack with berries and ice cream .. i ate just over half and gave the rest to dad. For $8 you cant go wrong. They were light and fluffy... I had it with a latte but really i should have had it with a pot of black english breakfast tea so then it would not have been sweet upon sweet like it was.

Mum pulled the leaks out of the garden.. and we have lots and lots of potatoes... so Im going to make soup tonight for tea. Still hav a whole bag of lemons to make curd with.. must get cracking with that and cracking on with my painting today too.. argh.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Planning out what youu see here in the top bit. Its a challenge, ive done one bit.. must get some more done, letting it dry a lil bit. Im using oil paints this time round, see if I can go over the lines Ive painted. Fun been out there again.

Ive done the drawing for the birthday card I just need a nice blank card to put it on to now. I read the masterchef magazine.. im going to attempt a cake from there when its easter. Ive written a few letters, got the ironing to do.. leaning tower of pisa sitting in the basket *Argh*

Im really loving noah and the whale album great to listen to. I have been trying to listen to the songs I hardly listen to on my ipod.. im getting there. Its a glorious day, 26 sunny got washing drying on the line, nothing like the smell of clean sheets.

ciao for now


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

in a week

So lou and allen came and went breezed in and out over the weekend. I chose to stay home mostly, went to a local mind body spirit festival, not much there really. I would have loved a reading though, I have not had one in years *sigh* I cant recall only a few bits and pieces from readings in the past, perhaps I should try again. I remember a warning I got from some dude that read my palm, that I was going to die young. So far I have not, im middle aged, well almost. That was when I was 18. *Sighs* I remember those days looking and reflecting gets me no where they are long gone.

I feel all my parents wanted for me most in life was that i was happy and healthy for half my life I guess this is as happy as I get now. To bring about change I start with myself.. image well thats shot to pieces. Though Ive lost another kg, so my weight is down a lil more. Considering ive only been pottering around the home mostly and drawing a hell of a lot.

I faced a feat today: going out on the bus again. I cant walk atm due to me once again being scared. I want to and yet the word prevails once again: I CANT. I bought some paper so i can make a few birthday cards.. got some coming up. I have a few letters to write too.Plus food for tonight: making that chicken dish by ganell bloom... I added a touch more lemon than i should have hopefully it wil.l still work
Mum called me as Id started walking to the bus stop, so i had lunch with her.. it was masive lucky we were sharing. though I was not loyal to groovies today opting out for Zest cafe instead.

Anyhow, got home... bought a i tunes voucher for myself, went hunting and listening to new music. I bought an album by the jezabells and an album by Noah and The WHale... im listening to jezabells at the moment, quite good. Noah is excellent too. Id like to get a few more beatles albums too.

Well I have to go make salad now to go with the meat..



Thursday, March 31, 2011


Finally house work is done. I faced the dreaded ironing pile... which was rather daunting. Then made apple, caramel muffins again... rather delicious. They are best served hot from the oven.

I have been drawing a little bit too. Not so much though.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

down and out

Im officially down and out today. I have done nothing other than scrabble and drawing. Im trying to concentrate on things but not going so well. I have been drawing hot air balloons.. sketching from flickr photos. I found a magnet in that shape and have traced round them and filled them in black witha beautiful sunset sky behind.

In other news im going to start reading alexander macalsmiths next book in Ladies No1 Detective Agency. I spent a LOT of money yesterday, by golly, a bit too much actually. So it was art store, books store, target... picked mum a matching lamp for the lounge room, it looks quite good.

Well guess i'll be off to bed shortly


Monday, March 28, 2011


Went out for a bit today, had an appointment that went ok. Have been drawing a lot today using loads of colour, my blues and purples are almost spent. Ive been using the opera house pattern for inspiration and the shape of the arch ways. Ive done one in blues, purples and im currently taking a break from the pinky/red one im in the middle of.

Well back to the drawing board...


Sunday, March 27, 2011


Attempted to make the black forest cake with mum today. Needless to say the sponge was a bit rubbery, the cherries were beautiful soaked in chambord and then arrawroot to bind the juices. The chocolate chards were not that great. So next week what we are going to do is grate the chocolate using a potato peeler and use a better sponge recipe. Other than that its a little bit on the weird side of forest cakes that ive eaten.

What now? I have been drawing too, will take some photos tomorrow. Might be going out shopping then too. I best be off now.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


So saturday rocks around, I had two very vivid dreams but I think ill let them pass. Then woke to mum patting me on the head before she went to the hair dressers, I was ready to roll at 10.. went out for breakfast I fixed my sweet craving with their delcious fruit bread for only $5 then coffee and a pot of english breakfast tea.

Called into the scrapbooking shop to pick up a marker and some more coloured paper for cheap, all different shades this time. Came back home played a few games of scrabble, did some drawing. Then went and got the ingredients to test run making a black forest cake for one of mums friends birthday which is next week. So we are going to experiment making that tomorrow, a joint effort. Also bought some delcous chambord too.. i have not had that in years but gosh its a bloody nice drink.

I would have liked to have gone to the city today but opted out mainly cause the grandprix is on that and I dont think Im well enough to travel far atm. I ate waayyy too much today too much milk which has upset my stomach a little... two lattes plus an icecream. Anyway at the moment I am watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua , oh dear, oh well better than funniest home videos that's for sure. Having my usual quiet night in.

Welpers im still feeling a little down. Had frittata for tea mum cooked.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

rainy days

Is rained for most of the afternoon, good for the garden. Ive only done one drawing tat im happy with. A little on the messy side of things though. Im making roast tomato soup for tea. Last nights dinner worked out well, was rather delicious.

Spent a fair bit of time looking at photos on flickr. I better do a few things about the house I guess. The ironing pile has crept up once again im not feeling that well though have been munching on crackers and flat bread.

So i better be off now I guess.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


photographed some more of my work. Ive been motoring along with. Some pieces I am happy with, others ive tried to well I cant rip any out of my art journal. So ive been covering the ones I dont like over with other drawings ive been doing.

I made some chocolate cookies today. They are not crunchy like normal ones, they are a little soft but rich. Im trying to cook chicken today too, for dinner. Think I over zested it, in the oven now.. must put the potatoes on soon too, they are supposed to cook and be coated with flour etc I ran out of spray oil so i used a brush instead. Im not very good at cooking meat though, about the only time I cook with it is to make the lemongrass and chicken dumplings. I mostly cook vegetarian food. I just checked on them they look delicious, i'm wondering how they shall taste. Hmm.

I got a card from a friend yesterday, lovely to hear from her. Live in the same town but never meet up, such is life. We used to meet up when we both lived in the city.. I think a lot of my friends are there it's a matter of me getting out of hermit mode and meeting up with them. *Sighs*

Welpers I best be off now.. bet check on the potatoes and hope they have not boiled over the stove and make a grand mess to clean up.


Monday, March 21, 2011

on pause

ON pause on pause on pause on pause. So far today I was about to go out then i decided to stay at home and work a little bit more. Now im tired a lil down and on pause. I got no new news atm. I do know I need to get out a bit more though. Cabin fever? A lot.

I have all these great images in my head when i go to draw them, not so great. I wanted to go to the opshop and look at materials textures and old magazines or something. So thats it for this moment in time

on pause on pause on pause.


Mum and I in a joint effort made the muffins today, i tell you that caramel apple and cinnamon in them is a delish combination. They are moist and a very easy throw together at the last minute type of muffin to make, def. making them again sometime soon.

I have drawn a few pictures today. wellim watching something kind of miss marpleish on tv... so i must be off.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Still a lot down. I have not made the cupcakes today.. will try tomorrow. Im sure they will be delicious. I photographed my work and even (my first internet pucrchase) up graded my flickr account to pro. It takes super long to load onto fb so I use that account insteadas its quick, easy and simple.

I had half a doughnut, coffee watermelon and tried this mushroom burger thing from maccas and its totally disgusting so its put me off them for a while. I have done a little drawing today, not much as I woke up at 10am.

Will write more later alligator.

Friday, March 18, 2011


I have just about spent the week at home, drawing every day for hours on end. Ive been using the oil pastels as im fresh out of card stock. Ive done some lovely pieces. Beautiful colours beaming out at u. So Ive got to take photos of all my work. Its fun to work with colour. Im feeling a bit down still, perhaps going outside a bit more might help.

I watched a cooking show today, (no suprises there) where they made Apple & toffee muffins. I figured the only thing missing is the caramels so Im off to get them tomorrow, we have apples that are not being eaten. Im happy I lost almost a kilo and have hardly done anything other than eating less. Imagine if i threw some walking into the mix?!

I am hopefully heading out tomorrow... not sure where to but somewhere would be good. I am tired of fighting at times. However I have to. Oh lime tree is looking terrific they will be ready in a weekish in which i shall make the lime new york cheesecake with.

Anyhow gots to go.. back later alligator

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Im obsessed with drawing these trees. Ive been drawing them over and over and over all colours. I bought some more markers, an art journal and some oil pastles to experiment with. I spent a fair bit today. Oooops. Its not like I have spent too much anyhow within budget. I got my artist discount too. Think I may go to the library and grab some books off the shelves and look at some art work. I dont have too many books here and I need to be inspired some more. That being said, I am feeling quite down and I think it's just cause of whats happening in the world at the moment. At times my dreams seem better than waking up.

So i'm drawing it out. I feel like I heal through my art. Im going to get a few bits framed over the next few weeks. So what now for this little bee? Well I drew a lovely picture for the front page of journal. If I work like the clappers over the next few weeks I can make the market for april at yarragon. I want to go check out this art therapy group that runs at the old convent in abbotsford, see if I can link in with them or be inspired to actually do a course.

So right now Im a bit on a sugar high, had too much coffee today and I have not fallen into a slumber yet...IM sure I shall sleep bed time as of late has been midnightish just over. At the moment dads using my computer at night as his is kaput, so its gotten me being creative. I will get to painting tomorrow.. even if its just with ink on paper. What else? Had breakfast out. Had a great day. Tomorrow I must post a few things to a few friends.



Thursday, March 10, 2011


I went for a walk today, changed handbags over to the blue olga berg bag I found at an opshop. I bought the ingredients for the risotto, went into the scrapbooking shop found some beautiful stamps so I bought them. They have inspired me to draw bigger versions of them in colour with pencil and some in letraset markers. So Ive been drawing obsessively since I got home. Wrote a few letters on the back of the ones I dont like. So I would like to paint using these as my base. On the weekend I want to call into the art store get the entry forms for the art contest plus see about the beginners water colour classes. Also buy a goo art journal so I can piece together where im heading with some of my pieces.

I really would like to have an another exhibtion by the end of the year and find a new mentor. I guess its back to the market perhaps next month, if i go like the clappers for the next few weeks and have even more stock that will be great. I guess I will go make a nice cup of apricot... earl grey or perhaps green tea.

So take care out there.

cheers big ears.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I grabbed some songs off itunes of rems new album. I chose only 5 songs off there. Im listening to the lyrics and music... i have been crying and crying from it. Especially Oh My Heart and wALK iT bACK my two favs I have on repeat at the moment.

In my head with one of the songs all these memories of the past come flooding through the gate and into the home of my heart. Its making me cry but It what I need is to cry it out. Im sad cause i have been remembering these beautiful lil snippets of my past, one in particular where I went to visit my friend in bendigo and they had two dogs.. i got on my knees when I went there and they greeted me. I also remember in my stay during that time I went outside with a cup of tea and sat in the morning light thinking about things and just being at peace. Then my beautiful friend came out and just sat there chatting. I never drank coffee til after 2001 i dont know why. I do like a lattee here and there now.

I was once told that I was a temple and to look after myself. What other things are flying about from these dusty shelves of time? I recall this photo I have hidden of me hugging one of the cats at katies farm in benders... and in the poto the cat is smiling the smae smile as me... and the sun beams on my head,,, creating a halo.

So where has that crown gone? I have fallen and fallen.All everyone wanted for me was happiness and all I gave myself and letmyself feel was sadness. No wonder my very first date with a giy wasnt so great, hestood me up the next time after id waited 3hrs at the train station in hope he might arrive.

Speaking of past.. how many men did i like? Was it a few? I guess these are the days these are the ways of myself. The sun has really shined and I ignored all that grace and parents words of encouragement to lead my own life.

this book tonight is closed for me.. to many tear are falling

drifting away to the deep night and losing dreams.

night night.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


The world held its breath, the pin dropped, the moment she went east her heart pulled her west. Still the world held its breath, before that pregnant pause, in that moment of silence she walked away from it all.

Now inside (where the heart has stopped beating)the bird that used to tweet to remind her of all that beauty has become but dead. She used to sit outside and try to understand them, when locked up she could hear them now one step near and they fly away. An evil lurking.

The world let go, the pin dropped, the darkest fears emerged from being a dancer in the dark, her heart no longer pulled by the winds but by a laden emptiness, a ship that had sunk long ago, grave fears fill her waking moments and sorrow hath become her.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

broken up

Its 11pm and scooter has finally settled for the evening, I cant move from here. Well I can but oh well. Ive been dreaming a bit lately, some nightmares about bush fires. I had one great dream this beautiful purple sheet with a tiger on it was been held by two people and I was watching pictures move on the wall.. content in there. I have been crying myself to sleep too. I guess everyone does that from time to time.

well im breaking up inside out.

night night