Sunday, May 22, 2011


The days have slipped passed even the beautiful saturday we had the weekend.. twent for a drive with mum to warragul to a cafe that I quite like only to discover its not open saturdays. Argh alas we walked into about 4 cafes not happy with the menu so we walked back out again. This one place that i do beautiful bread must of changed hands looking at the food we ended up at yarragon bakery. Sat outside eating.. we bought a passionfruit slice for afternoon tea too..where the hell was the passion fruit thats what i would like to know. Oh well.

Going back to friday... my books arrived.. childrens books but i wanted them cause of the illustrations that are in them i bought a klimt colouring book too that I can photo copy and draw on. Also some of the edible butterflies, icing tube and edible pink sugar also arrived on the same day. So now im waiting for mums present earrings and a few other bits andpieces ive bought off etsy to arrive though i bought them on thursday so maybe (fingers crossed ) they get here at the end of the week.

I heard from scott and jess they are painting Noahs little nursery... not sure what colour.. him being a boy i dont imagine it being pink! You never know I though! Ive been feeling rather low lately and have been inside more so than out i was going to walk down the street today it was raining so i took the bus.

I went shopping.. bought myself a few things, gonna make rhubarb crumble tomorrow maybe not sure.. otherwise ill have to throw it out and I don't want to waste. I got this movie its called 500 Days of Summer. It was really really good, bought me to tears here and there but I enjoyed it a lot. Im glad i picked that up in a hurry and not the other ones i was looking at. I won't mind watching it again. Id love to write like the person who wrote that just a beautifully pieced script. Seamlessly takes you through the days.

I always thought I could be a writer or something along those lines but I look back over some of my bits and pieces and I can't string sentences together properly either.. Ive got to get my blue suitcase out again and have a look through it. I have been dreaming dreams but I canst remember half of them in the morning though. Possibly not a bad thing at times.

Ive got some things on my mind that keep replaying over and over. Some moments I cherish other moments I wish i guess I coulda shoulda woulda didnt do. Man. I hold so much regret and it's getting me no where just around in circles. Those cirles have become like he figure 8 eternal.

Well I best be off now got vegetables to put on.


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