Wednesday, September 29, 2010

few days

In the past few days I have drawn a few city streets, made some delicious rhubarb and vanilla jam... made power packed lemon sour cream cup cakes... Today however I was not too impressed with the hour and a half wait for my appointment, the good side made a start on a book that i've been meaning to read for a while, the down side is I hadn't had a coffee yet so I was struggling to stay awake, i almost dozed off.

After buying the groceries I went to the opshop and found a really floaty top that just fits me so i shall wear it painting. I got some glasses so I can make lemon curd, vanilla scented apple butter and i'm making some chocolate macaroons too for lou and allen.

Im still tired... i have not had any extra sleep. argh. Oh well. Am having jacket potatoes for dinner as we have not had them in a long long long time and they are tasty simple and delicious and besides I did not fancy making a quiche, i couldn't be bothered making pastry today.

I tried some of the pear chutney I made. Its quite nice. So we are keeping the small jar it goes well with cheese too, mum is making scones this weekend so we can have the jams and curd,, i gots the cream in the fridge and it doesn't cost much to make them.

So i best be off..

Monday, September 27, 2010


. Been asked to make more rhubarb and vanilla jam and lemon curd. So Im going to do that over the next few days. I will make more chutney too.

So today went to an art store in morwell. On thursdays they hold a contemporary art day from 10-5pm. One can go for as long or as short as you like. I wish I could drive. Its just one of those things really.

So ive still got a few paintings to do. I turned my hand to drawing today. Doing little street scenes etc.

Friday, September 24, 2010

feast fit for a king

It's the football grand final here, that means plenty of get togethers, catch up loads of drinking all gathered around the tv to watch the game... we are heading to my cousins house. On the menu so far.. sausage rolls, jelly lollies, chips, drinks,twiggy sticks, cheese. My cousin has some doughnuts and is making a butter cake.. a feast fit for a king not just the four of us! I don't watch footy that much but I am going for stkilda today. I do so hope they win as they haven't won a grand final since 1966.

We are just about to leave now... so I best be off...


Welpers the game was a nail biter and in the end, a draw. So they have to come back and play it next week. I was miffed, like most people, can't believe it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

pear shaped

So the fog has lifted from over me, i'm still a little down. I should be happy.. swimming along..... I have downed my paint brushes for the day and donned my cooks hat. I have a distinct feeling that the lot beautiful ingredients I have on the stove is going literally pear shaped. Its a chutney, pear chutney at that. I used the right amount and its been on the stove for just over an hour, I have this irksome feeling that it needs two hours, as I checked some other recipes that have that amount needs not 1 but yes 2. So ive got the timer on for every 15 minutes so I can check and taste it. So far.. it needs some more lemon zest perhaps. I cannot be bothered making the quiche for dinner so think it will be blt's.

falling down

Im in a very emotional state this morning, my heart feels heavy, my tears are streaming down my cheek, i just put one of the most beautiful songs on and cant help but be sad. I was once told by a friend that I am the queen of hearts...I was once told that this guy would grow a blue rose for me, I was once told that I was beautiful.

I don't see any of that anymore. I changed into a selfish cold hearted woman. Who always wanted to be alone, no I am, I'm not so sure loneliness is a friend, for a time being it about 8 years going on now.. I have not made any new friends, Im socially awkward, i stutter a lot... so I got my wish then didn't I? (so now i am mantled to the cold of life)

I have no inner compass, i feel like i'm down a well... so that is what i am beating myself up over this morning. I have to go grocery shopping, Im going to fill my day. Ive got to stop.

fare thee well for now

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So i slept last night... i woke up just past midnight. Went back to sleep I had this dream, i was walking through a park with a friend, allt hese beautiful coloured birds were chirping around us, losing their feathers and we were catching them in our hands all I can remember is that she said "ur art is mundane" and i said " I lost my beauty about 7 years ago now" birds chirped all around us some more and I woke up. It was a message from afar. So i woke up at 7amish to a flooded kitchen floor, the taps leek had intensified over night from a drip to streaming puddle.The plumber came, fixed it all.. im sure a relatively large bill will be mailed to us soonish.

I have been a lil down today.. though I have many things I should be doing. Upon reading this book where there are a few passages about love that remind me of my own brief brushes with it, yes i'll admit I did know love but now it is a stranger to me. I know it not. I know not a lot perhaps it's time to learn and challenge myself.

Well I will write more later mush dash alligator
"nobody sees how our hearts break"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Monday rocked around and I headed to the city to meet up with a few friends that I have not seen well one in over a year and now they have a lil tacker... the other in over two years. The train was packed on the way there it being school holidays and the melbourne show and all that jazz.

Sat at Max Brennas qv centre, having morning coffee, i made lil goody bags for them both. The cupcakes I made are a tad dry nothing I could do.. at least the icing was delicious. It was a lovely day the sun came out... made walking around in suede shoes a lil warm for me. Ergh oh well.

Then went to go for lunch, ended up having the lunch place closed on mondays... grrrrr... oh well... next time I guess. So ended up at the shaghai noodle and dumpling house.. unfort. the food was not that great there this time round. *sighs* After that walked around looking at stores and slowly walking up to southern cross, chatting as we went.

Came home on the 3:20pm train... teenagers across from me have so many piercings, i don't know how they can have that many. It's insane. I just read my book and listened to my music, whilst mum slept.

I have stated painting again over the past few days, its great. Ive been painting the owls, trees and some abstract pieces, in well I have this beautiful magenta colour so i've used shades of that. I have not really cooked this week been a bit lazy, meat and three veg. Might make a quiche tomorrow though.. have all the ingredients.

Well mum is cooking dinner tonight.. im a lucky ducky..



Saturday, September 18, 2010


I made creme de menth cup cakes today... i think they are just chocolate mud.. not that sweet, made some crem de menthe icing to go with them and half a little after dinner mint to go on top. I am waiting for them to cool down.

Ive been up since 8 ish but have not done much.. a few puzzles here and there, a bit of washing. Im a little steady today. Ive been listening to tea party. Im looking at cafes to have lunch at with angiebear and rony.

Welpers. I will get back to puzzles now

moulin rouge

Was watching the abc and the titles came at me.. the original moulin rouge. I had only ever seen baz lurmans version......but with this one , I started I was swept away with the script, words, music and its beauty. A really well scripted film an absolute classic. The film was heart breaking and I felt some of the quotes are relevant to me. Especially the heart breaking loneliness that was brilliantly displayed. The beautiful subject of love and dark days finding beauty.

So it took up the afternoon. This morning I wrote a few letters, had some toast and went and bought 3 tops one is for home and painting in the other is white and the other is a throwover. So I guess the day went fairly fast. Im going to make some curd later too.

So i have the choice of 3 varying meals for dinner risotto, goulash or bake beans. Think im leaning towards risotto somehow. Welpers, write more later alligator

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have been absolutely super tired these past few days, I gave no clue as to why. It was bed at 9 then woke up at 9ish... went back to bed with massive headache at 6pm woke up at 8pmish.... then last night bed at about 10.. slept in til about 8ish. I don't know why im so super tired. I have been drawing, I went shopping for groceries... i baked some melting moments for dad to take to his appointment. I got a cup cake carried.. im going to make chocolate mint cupcakes later today. I found a great recipe for them.

I sat with my calligraphy pen today and wrote a few letters. Sometimes I fancy using it... its a dip pen and i have found that the cheaper ones work the best. Though there is a great pen shop in elizabeth st that louise showed me... they sell some stunning pens and great notepaper... I think I shall call in there next week.

I bagged up my cards the other day... it works out that I have made around 200 gift tags... shhhheeeesshiiieess... i really have been as mum would say (going like the clappers)...its lunch time now ..

best be off then


Saturday, September 11, 2010

packed up

I packed up and cleared the work space for a few days. Last night I bagged up all my gift tags, all up i have made around 200. I have many more to make though. I only managed to make 14 bags worth of ten but I've sent away a fair few.

I made it through one of the lowest days I usually have. I put plans on pause til tomorrow. I woke up at 10am, slept soundly, no 4am wake up. So i'm going to ring a few people tomorrow see if I can get a spot at the markets around here. Also shall get business cards made.. ive drawn the back drop for them (little black and white umbrellas)

Its getting warmer now so I can paint again. Mum is cooking goulash for dinner... delish. Must go now...


Friday, September 10, 2010

bumper crop

the photo above is of the bumper crop of umbrella cards I made today. I have been going non stop since this morning. Though mum cooked a carbonara at my request for lunch. Thats about it for right now.


a very un eventful day. I stayed home. Got a LOT of drawing done as it was raining outside. I drew around about 4 pages of various coloured umbrellas done. And a quarter of a page of cat shadows done too, they will look great when I have made them into cards.

I had blt for dinner as U did not feel like cooking, now I have a pasta craving so im gonna look up a cream base one, That's what I fancy. Im a wee bit tired right now and its early morning. Perhaps I need another coffee? Or Mint tea.? hmm a pick me up of sorts is the order of the day.

See what else happens, write you later aligator


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a jammy sort of day

I'm a bit tired and this is the first chance to sit down nearly all day. I have not made any cards yet. I will do that tonight. The poppy ones look really pretty.

I made a double batch of curd, rhubarb and vanilla jam and still to come is lamb and mint sausage rolls. Sheesssshies. Im just taking a half hour rest. Ive chopped all the onion etc for them just a matter of mixing up the spices and adding to the meat. Im not baking it in filo im using extra butter puff pastry instead. See how they will turn out. I have a bit more mince than is required.. I grabbed it in a mad dash around the supermarket, so as I could catch the bus home. Mum is buying salad to go with them.

I better get cracking with the mixture..



Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I know its wednesday now, four or so days have passed since I last blogged here. So sunday, mum cooked a roast as it was fathers day. I got dad a mini greenhouse seedling raising tray. So cute. Louise also got him something practical.. a self heating heat pack, great for him as he tends to lie on the bleeding paths all over the garden and then says his back is playing up too. I wonder why?!!

Monday seemingly slipped past un eventful, bar washing and having a coffee out.Yesterday I challenged myself, I went to a painting class at yarragon town hall. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. There were about 20 of us there. At the moment she is teaching watercolours. To which I no nothing at all about. It was of another persons painting that we copied off. Mine isn't too bad.

So I managed that. I woke up today and Id like to go to spotlight. I waited and waited for the train... never came so I started to walk to the scrap booking shop... and heard the toot toot just after i got over the tracks. GRRRR oh well. I spent enough anyway. I used my loyalty card.... and only had to pay 80cents!

I bought more rhubarb , vanilla and am ready to make lemon curd again. I bought some small jars and i just got put them in the oven for a bit. My mood is lifted and I am a little sad still. A little frightened. I hope it will pass soon..

on that note'


Friday, September 3, 2010


Am cooking for my cousins birthday. I was not happy with the raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake so I made some lemon sourcream cup cakes. Im in the process of making some rhubarb and vanilla jam for lou and alan too. I have enough ingredients to make lemon curd so I shall also do that later as well.

Ive been drawing. I bought some lovely plain cards that im going to draw on later. Im hungry and it looks like lunch will be a vegemite and cheese on bread. I have not had that in a while.

My cheesecake turned out um edible but not that great. Well I will write more as the day slowly unfolds..