Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a jammy sort of day

I'm a bit tired and this is the first chance to sit down nearly all day. I have not made any cards yet. I will do that tonight. The poppy ones look really pretty.

I made a double batch of curd, rhubarb and vanilla jam and still to come is lamb and mint sausage rolls. Sheesssshies. Im just taking a half hour rest. Ive chopped all the onion etc for them just a matter of mixing up the spices and adding to the meat. Im not baking it in filo im using extra butter puff pastry instead. See how they will turn out. I have a bit more mince than is required.. I grabbed it in a mad dash around the supermarket, so as I could catch the bus home. Mum is buying salad to go with them.

I better get cracking with the mixture..



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