Wednesday, September 29, 2010

few days

In the past few days I have drawn a few city streets, made some delicious rhubarb and vanilla jam... made power packed lemon sour cream cup cakes... Today however I was not too impressed with the hour and a half wait for my appointment, the good side made a start on a book that i've been meaning to read for a while, the down side is I hadn't had a coffee yet so I was struggling to stay awake, i almost dozed off.

After buying the groceries I went to the opshop and found a really floaty top that just fits me so i shall wear it painting. I got some glasses so I can make lemon curd, vanilla scented apple butter and i'm making some chocolate macaroons too for lou and allen.

Im still tired... i have not had any extra sleep. argh. Oh well. Am having jacket potatoes for dinner as we have not had them in a long long long time and they are tasty simple and delicious and besides I did not fancy making a quiche, i couldn't be bothered making pastry today.

I tried some of the pear chutney I made. Its quite nice. So we are keeping the small jar it goes well with cheese too, mum is making scones this weekend so we can have the jams and curd,, i gots the cream in the fridge and it doesn't cost much to make them.

So i best be off..

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