Wednesday, December 21, 2011

here and there

here and there again... i worked hard today managed to finish off this mpainting i started two years ago. I have sold it... all i need to do now is put the wire on it and then wrap it up. ... i know it was almost a give away but im not too worried.

I have been drawing a hell of a lot.. i have a few ideas floating around for paintings now... i just have to bring them to life.. with colour and the magic of imagination.
Since joining this group I am so very happy.. im taking some baked goods there..f or everyone to share.

So lets see... I got some catering to do for a do on saturday.. cupcakes ahoy! Fruit platter and little finger food things im happy I get to bake once again.well im tired its late


Monday, December 19, 2011


I took some photos of the garden as it is ever changing, thanks to dad. I sold one of my paintings, i was going to give it away but i'm not complaining..i've almost finished peeling off the tape now I see I have to go round the white bits.

Ive been out a handful time.. here and there.. had amazing lunch at hardware society the other day. Utterly delicious. I hope to get back to Cumulus one day too. Id like to try threefold as well.

Ive been making this great thai cucumber salad, which we're having tonight for dinner, well mum and I are anyhow.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I found this on a site I use...

"Is the world actually waking up from its slumber, or am I just watching drowsy eyes ready to fall back to sleep? Are people finally feeling the restlessness, and realie the emptiness cannot be quelled by the appreciation of little things? Have they started to appreciate that truth is not relative, that good fortune won't happen just because you imagine it will, and that the small intrigues they use to get them through the day, will eventually loose their spark?"

Something I am wondering about.


Lots of joy comes from baking.I love baked goods. So I guess I will be keeping myself quite busy this week. I have been drawing a lot too... filling up my art journals. I found a book i took to the states last year... some of the drawings are great others are not so.

So let me see now.. when is it i gave up on myself? A while ago i guess. I ask myself a lot of questions each day i guess I mull and dine upon things from my past a hell of a lot. Anyhow I bought this terrific book... called the language of flowers... i thought id read it... very very good... i thought it was going to be a bit of chic lit... ill admit there are touches of it but otherwise... its good... and I just want to read and read and read it!

Well tomorrow... im heading out for a bit.. then I have serious amounts of painting to get done... its quite late here now... think im going to go read!

nighty night see you in the morning light