Friday, February 25, 2011


So late summer, nicola trond and roman were here. They left just two days ago and already i feel a bit forlorn. It was great to have them here, I guess it was quite a busy time. They went to melbs for a few days with one of their good friends Andre, after roman had gotten over a fever. I can put the holiday into point form at the moment:

*spending time with family
*the road trip (Running out of petrol) (thank heavens for lou and allen)

*seeing some beautiful beaches especially the kangaroo one.
*;reminissing about our childhood holidays
*stopping at a beautiful town tilda
eating fish and chips by the beach
*stopping in woolongong and having an interesting thai lychee curry
*sydney, seeing the terracotta soldiers exhibtiion
*having lunch near the opera house
*opera house
*going to a photopraphy exhibition
*eating lunch at Zumbo cafe and the AMAZING macarons there especially the hubba bubba ones.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Been having an ok time. Just hanging out at home with nic and trond. Possibly do some day trips. Not sure just yet as roman was not feeling so good. Hmmm Im heading out down the street with mum for a lil bit.

Well I will write more later.

Monday, February 7, 2011

spur of the moment

they are here, safe and sound. Though it took 4hrs to get from the airport home. Alas tropical storm the tail end of the cyclone and loads of lightening and thunderous rains. So far, they are still getting over jet lag, we have spoilet roman rotten. This time instead of thomas its starwars lego.

write more later alligator

Thursday, February 3, 2011

down and out

I have hit a low. I have a lot of psychosis and i can't seem to shake it at all. I should be very happy but Im not. I baked two lime pies have done most of the domestic stuff. Im not sure what to do right now. Anyhow.

Had a phone call from Scott, he sounds great, he will be a great dad as jess will be a wonderful mum. We will skype this weekend, closest the whole family will be together for a long time.

So I guess Im just a bit tired right now. I am enjoying a good book at the moment. I have quite a high reading pile.

well nicola lands at 7:15pm, lou and allen are picking them from the airport and bring them home. I guess Im going out soonish.

take care out there