Monday, August 29, 2011

long week

Ive been about and out at the same time. Not sure what to do with my time atm. I should focus on my art but I find myself a little bit down. I got given two big bags of lemons so i made lemonade, lemon slice x 2 and lemon curd and still I have a full bag of citrus sitting there. Im thinking of preserving some too. Its quite cold today.. no walking i took the bus into town.. got a parcel from Nicola Trond and Roman can't wait to open it when mum gets home from work.

Last week you could have forgotten that it was winter. A sunny average of 17- 21. Today is the perfect day for hot pasta that im going to make.. pumpkin gnocchi..found a recipe off here going to try it out.

I spent a lot on etsy last night... gone a little overboard... a little something for myself.... so lets see now I better go pop the pumpkin in the oven.

Monday, August 22, 2011


have a whopping headache atm not sure why. Woke up with it this morning and it has not eased whatsoever. Ive rested and had a nap still there. Ive done little today no painting.. zip. Ive put my hair up into a bun wearing my fav blue shirt and had some not so great news today so that has bought me down too.

Better go start dinner

Friday, August 19, 2011


The dog slept next to me on the bed last night I woke up early this morning and she was still there curled up uncovered. I watched the end of Upstairs Downstairs the last episode, then got up and took a walk down the street and back. I went down to to get flowers, this flower man has been there since I was kid and he is still going now.. as i always rock up to get them at 10 and find the scraps not today! I got three bunches of flowers 2 lots of irises and one lot of pink carnations for $17 you can't do that at the florist. Walked home managed to do do that in record time which was 45 minutes no too bad.

I then went out for breakfast with mum aunt anna and uncle victor... had my one latte for the day. Im trying to cut back coffee wise.. I generally drink tea and well lately ALOT of coke... eeepp. I bought these cute lil glass tea cups too. Im setting up my watercolours and will start soon, though its almost midday now.

I am addicted to this album of dance music at the moment. Its really great. Don't have much techno on my ipod but this is good stuff. A little dated but good to walk to... I think I will go back to curves, though id prefer to swim in all honesty perhaps I shall next week.

Ive been replaying those images in my head again...of way back in the day they race around my brain. So for the moment I will leave it at that....

ciao for now


Had quite a productive day.. went out to the op shops... browsed around... watching up stairs down stairs atm also which is very very good. I love it. Witty with serious issues of the time. I love that era and wish i was had the sylphish body i used to have when I was 19ee *Sighs* so i could carry that 1940s look. I am fat very fat indeed something ive got to start turning around. bla bla my fault bla bla lose weight bla bla... i think its a big cycle to break, i am prepared to do that though im even heading to the gym in the next few weeks i am not sure which one is better but I shall see.

I have noticed that I am loving colour, not so timid i like bold colours striking colours i have all these bloody ideas floating about and im trying to nut them out in my journal. Lalala Ive been using watercolour with ink on good quality paper... the squares im trying to accetuate with silver so as i give them depth. trying the beautiful watercolours im going to make cards out of so i can hop down to the moe market in sept. well that is the plan. Id ultimately love yarragon again. but ill start out here and see where it leads. I am a bit more preparedish.

So lets see now.. gonna go to morwell and check out the gallery spaces at two of the spots there. Id love to go away for a few days... i think I shall arrange it soon.

its fairly late now on friday my fav show on 60 minute makeover gonna go watch that and then bed...

nighty night sleepy tight.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Its early morning, im up. Im about to start work on my watercolour pictures. I have not a clue but i love experimenting with it all... might go to the library and borrow some books so I can learn a lil bit. Im painting out my pattern and squares again.. which I so love doing in different shades of blue.

I have written to just about everyone, I just have to post them. Got a new pen pal from ireland now.. which is great see if I get a second letter! SOmetimes people stop writing after one which is a shame. *sighs* I know things have slowed down that way but I have a stack of stamps and I may as well use them.

I love watching cartoons.. so much inspiration. I love colour now. I guess the days of using a lot of black have gone. It was my lil nephews first day of school today.. i wonder what he will take to. Big day! My other lil nephew is as cute as can be with beautiful blue eyes.

I guess I should go start my day now Ive had breakfast and a coffee I have to make the most of it as Lou and Allen are coming home and I'll have to pack up tomorrow.
grrr and then Ill only be drawing for 4 days unless the weather miraculously heats up and I can work outside.

Welpers take care out there


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Im listening to Rachel Yamagata man I love her voice. Elephants (teeth sinking in)is probably my fav song off the album. I can't wait for her new one to be released. Im still cutting out stencils gonna get water colours out and paint this afternoon have a few things racing around in my head. Im just a lil bit down today.. feeling very emotional.

I made lemon sour cream cupcakes yesterday, they are so delicious. Ive made a few new styles of cards i bought some transparent paper too. Im waiting patiently for a nice day it has rained nearly every day.Given its still winter though im not suprised.

Well its lunch time now.

later alligator

Saturday, August 6, 2011

high to low

I was on a bloody high for the past two days. Now i'm crashing i think its from lack of sleep. Ive been tired and feels like things in my life have come crashing down around me. So how to stand on a floor that's almost breaking? How to clutch those straws and emptiness? Trying to create things trying to map out things in my head. Sometimes that seems gone and im left with nothing the taxing toll of living in the valley has made me quite sad. Once again id love to head to the city for a weekend or something. Id love to just catch up with friends.

I keep hearing the anthony bird when I watch taggert. Some comfort of a past life that i did not lead, to quote a great musician clare bowdich sings "buying crap that you don't need to feed a world that will not feed". I know im being quite creative as of late/// making cards til 2am this morning.. go to make a ribbon box too. I have too many to keep up with.

Well lets see.. im thinking and I need to seriously do this go back to the gym... i prefer swimming though i never get to the pool the way im going atm. So these are things i would like to do. Well thats my rant for today...

im off to bed... the alternate world is awaiting

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

new found

I have stayed home the past few days... working again on new pieces... ive been looking on the net at art and have been inspired to create again. Im using card stock a huge back log of it sitting in my wardrobe that had to be used as im not buying anymore until mos tof my supplies are used.

I went to the opshops found a few bags that im going to attempt to alter and then to the two dollar shop where i bought this patterned junky looking coaster a fly swatter and some spare sauce bottles for paint. So i have some textual elemtents that i can add. I found some wood in the garage too and a few bits and bobs about in supply draws

I did do a bit of potato stamping.. not very well though! So when I got home I had lunch and started painting. I grabbed the spray paint that dad uses on the car and got the coaster and some paper and sprayed aorund it.. it will make a lovely looking piece i have to buy black spray paint tomorrow.

Welpers back to work for me now..