Sunday, June 27, 2010

a team

I went and yes saw the movie a-team (voluntarily) it was just a lot of action/fun mindless film. So unrealistic that is was a little bit silly beyond belief pure ridiculous escapism really. There was no great speeches, some subtle funny things, a bang bang shootem film. Well its a few hours i'll never get back!

So i'm waiting for eat pray love to come out in august. I have read the book, its good, i enjoyed it.. now have to see how they have adapted it to film. Julia Roberts is the main star. That comes out mid august.

I enjoyed boiled potatoes with a lil butter.. instead of roasted ones. Its bloody cold here now... only a top of about 13 for the rest of the week. I have a lot of iris bulbs to put in, plus tulips too. I am wearing my hoodie slippers and still my feet are frozen through. Brrrr. I guess it is winter.

Anyhow it was good to catch up with besty at the weekend, went to warragul had something that was supposed to be a banana caramel cake... bleah more like dried banana, with a gelatine cheese cake bit and chocolate stuff on top... to put it politely it was crap. I only had a bit and left the rest. Dad had some and thought the same. I wish i had what besty had... which was a caramel slice... hers was home made like mums.

Speaking of home made.. i am making cookies for a few people on wednesday.. i have a cointreau/almond meal recipe i want to try and see if will work. I am also making a chocolate mint cheesecake for louises birthday this coming weekend. Im cooking dinner for the next few nights. Got tofu, beans and a few other things in mind. Mainly using what we have in the pantry.

I best be off now... ciao

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

down and out

So ive been a bit down for the past few days. I think its the weather. So i have been watching a few things. It was dads birthday on saturday, mum and i got him a top along with some chocolate. I made a choc mint cheesecake adapting it from another recipe. So that went down a treat.

I have not done so much drawing nor painting, aside from some artist trading cards 20 in total which took the weekend. Crash, bang. Reality. Think I should go read now.

night night

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today is going painfully slow. Its cold and Im feeling a lil blue. Im not sure what i should do. I bought a magazine though i cannot be bothered reading that. Nor my books... perhaps I should return to novels. Anyhow... i feel like Im a lil trapped here.. oh well. Such is life.

Anyhow... mum is cooking dinner. Im making some artist trading cards, you send 20 in and you get 20 different ones back. I have started measuring them out and cutting them up. All colours this time.

will get going.. need another coffee... get me though this cold winters day...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

winters sun

It is such a beautiful day, a lil cold but the sun is out. It is lovely. Went and did a lil weeding of my herb garden, cleared some space for some more herbs. I planted some iris bulbs.

I guess I keep mulling things over in my head, that reel of movie playing inside my head. I can see everything clearly.

So will go now.. need to just be.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

the magic of a blender

Generally I only use the blender to crush cookies for the base of thecheese cake.. slicing and dicing food and lil more than that. So today i looked in the cookbook.. and discovered that I could put the cream cheese in there and eggs lime etc. So instead of slaving over with beaters I used the blender... the magic of a blender. I am thankful...usually I try not to cheat. It felt like cheating or cutting a corner.. insted of 3 hours it only took 2.. though the only thing is the amount of dishes at the end...! Besty helped too... ! I turned the page in the cookbook to see the next recipe and BANG and BINGO i found a recipe for red velvet cake ... YAY! Perfect... all the ones I have found so far have not worked.Or misreading of the four cups of cocoa.. lol I am making it for my aunties birthday on tuesday.

So i had a cointreau lime soda this afternoon, a nice relaxing drink. Its made me a lil sleepy.. and ready for a nap. Well Im waiting for the cheesecake to be cold... and im not sure what is for dinner. Might go fix myself something maybe last nights risotto.

Friday, June 11, 2010

suede shoes and rain

So this lil birdy decided to pop on suede shoes..winter, figuring that yes they keep the feet warm. Not thinking that it would pour down with rain, I had a small umbrella and my groceries and handbag was getting soaked so there I was clutching them all in my hands... walking pretty quickly to get to the shops for shelter.

I went to a store that i like here, they are having a sale and being a month where there are loads of birthdays (its insane)I just browsed only coming away with a card. The other store I went to i bought a few things. I know what I am after I didnt find what that though...

It was uncanny today, I texted besty and then a few minutes later she was hopping off the bus and was going on the same bus as me. Sometimes these things happen, it's good that they do. I managed to make a baked risotto for dinner... without messing it up.

Louise and Allen are on their way here now. I haven't seen her since late April. Which is a while. I've been watching master chef almost religiously, I love it. Its a great show. Its so positive and leaves you wanting to cook more and learn more about food and its origins etc.well it makes me want to learn. I would love to be a pastry chef.

Well I guess i'll keep reading for now..


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On the cold side...

Its absolutely freezing in this house. I have one heater going the other small one has kind of broken down. Makes too much noise.. and doesn't sound healthy. Aftera few hot teas, and thawing out from being outside painting, (i started the owls on one good canvas and the other a mock up) there is soup bubbling away on the stove.. potato and leek. So now I am here. I have a few house things to do tomorrow.

The soup i've bungled. When I have mine i'm going to add some curry powder or something. Tis a lil n the bland side. In my gem of a cookbook found a proper recipe for red velvet cake... so I am going to try again for my aunties birthday next week. I discovered thats its 4 tablespoons of red food colouring not 4 teaspoons... and certainly not 4 CUPS of bloody cocoa either! Although is it wise to give kids red food dye at night?

I think the pinky red owl painting is coming along nicely.. have to wait for it to dry, plus pick up a few nice new small incy bitty brushes for the finer bits. I will work for about half an hour at a time. Its all my frozen toesies and fingies can take. I so wish for even a tiny studio of my own. I loved painting when I was living in richmond.. had a studio to work in. Although looking at renting in the city now would be a nightmare, too expensive and could probably just get by on lentils and rice... not such a bad plan if i wanted to be slimmer. Id probably be going out alot more too. However, running to the city is not going to solve all my problems.

I have to work on myself. I know that. All the lectures from mum, perhaps there is a glimmer there somewhere in my life. Im not old but im not young anymore... not far off being middle aged...."Stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it" (u2 song) Oh im taking up a pro account on flickr... means I'll be able to post more photos up, and besides its only $25 a year which is nearly next to nothing.

I gots to go now...

scatty like a catty

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's very cold today. The heater has revived itself thank goodnesS. Im certain it is snowing. I have been using hot water bottles nearly all day to keep myself warm. Mind you I went to bed at 9pm and I woke up at 11am... bloody long sleep. So we now have a fridge that works.

I have been drawing heaps again. Just got the bug. Will write more later.

Friday, June 4, 2010

out of the 50s and into a fridge!

Our fridge has gone completely.... so we have been living out of an esky for a whole week... ice chest..just buying a bag of ice every second day.. anyhow..they gave mum a $45 discount off. Not bad. Not bad at all. Though i texted lou and she laughed and said we could have gotten heaps more off. Anyhow. Score of the day. As of monday no more esky til some sunny picnic day...So we are moving out of the 50s and now were back into a fridge!

Instead of going out... i made sweet potato gnocchi with a herb cream cheese, rocket and spinach and ricotta for besty, mum dad and I. I tell yer it was delicious. All eaten, none left

I drew this beautiful picture today.. only to stuff up the picture next to it... so i wrote a letter to my new pen pal on the back of it. I have about 7 around the world. Its really great, as i love snail mail. Im going to enter a few mail art calls too. I found this great t-shirt place today it has some wicked designs:

Im going to sign myself up to the community. Submit and see what happens.

Oh it was so funny to see mum in action telling off the manager at mcdonalds here.. for not stocking the coke glasses they advertised to come free... they had no more in stock.. so i said we have to get them mid week and not saturday. Gosh I had a good ol cackle.. mum was far from impressed and is going to write a an email to maccas later on.

Sheeshies. So many alphabet books out there.. for lil kids.. im thinking of illustrating one myself. I have all these ideas buzzing around my head at the moment.

so back to the drawing board..


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

short note

slowly slowly it only the first few days of winter and its making want to not paint and stay in doors and bake and bake and bake. So instead I made dhal.. yum yum. Ive been listening to moby and poawderfingers golden rule album on high rotation..

Im tred. Very tired. My hand is sore and I am quite tired. So on that note ill go listen to some other album and look through a few other things..


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

busy bee!

Ive been quite busy drawing.. its like a bug... so these are a few of the ones over the past two days. Mum had a great birthday, it extended to today where we went out with a few of mums friends for lunch. I had a not so great risotto. Oh well I chose wrong yet again. We then went to bridgettes and uncle henrys house for afternoon tea.. which was lovely. I like the pecan pie the best. So for dinner it was quite a healthy serving of um cheese on toast. Cant beat it.

I'll sign off here for the evening...

take care out there