Friday, June 11, 2010

suede shoes and rain

So this lil birdy decided to pop on suede shoes..winter, figuring that yes they keep the feet warm. Not thinking that it would pour down with rain, I had a small umbrella and my groceries and handbag was getting soaked so there I was clutching them all in my hands... walking pretty quickly to get to the shops for shelter.

I went to a store that i like here, they are having a sale and being a month where there are loads of birthdays (its insane)I just browsed only coming away with a card. The other store I went to i bought a few things. I know what I am after I didnt find what that though...

It was uncanny today, I texted besty and then a few minutes later she was hopping off the bus and was going on the same bus as me. Sometimes these things happen, it's good that they do. I managed to make a baked risotto for dinner... without messing it up.

Louise and Allen are on their way here now. I haven't seen her since late April. Which is a while. I've been watching master chef almost religiously, I love it. Its a great show. Its so positive and leaves you wanting to cook more and learn more about food and its origins etc.well it makes me want to learn. I would love to be a pastry chef.

Well I guess i'll keep reading for now..


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