Friday, June 4, 2010

out of the 50s and into a fridge!

Our fridge has gone completely.... so we have been living out of an esky for a whole week... ice chest..just buying a bag of ice every second day.. anyhow..they gave mum a $45 discount off. Not bad. Not bad at all. Though i texted lou and she laughed and said we could have gotten heaps more off. Anyhow. Score of the day. As of monday no more esky til some sunny picnic day...So we are moving out of the 50s and now were back into a fridge!

Instead of going out... i made sweet potato gnocchi with a herb cream cheese, rocket and spinach and ricotta for besty, mum dad and I. I tell yer it was delicious. All eaten, none left

I drew this beautiful picture today.. only to stuff up the picture next to it... so i wrote a letter to my new pen pal on the back of it. I have about 7 around the world. Its really great, as i love snail mail. Im going to enter a few mail art calls too. I found this great t-shirt place today it has some wicked designs:

Im going to sign myself up to the community. Submit and see what happens.

Oh it was so funny to see mum in action telling off the manager at mcdonalds here.. for not stocking the coke glasses they advertised to come free... they had no more in stock.. so i said we have to get them mid week and not saturday. Gosh I had a good ol cackle.. mum was far from impressed and is going to write a an email to maccas later on.

Sheeshies. So many alphabet books out there.. for lil kids.. im thinking of illustrating one myself. I have all these ideas buzzing around my head at the moment.

so back to the drawing board..


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