Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sad day

I found a few things today that have had me in tears. I have been not just crying but weeping. I guess its for things that I cannot change or have any control over.

This morning I went and had breakfast at groovies, just sourdough toast with jam and a skinny latte. I noticed that skinny milk does not froth as good as full cream milk. *Sighs* oh well.. I have to cut back somewhere don't I. I went and got bubble wrap and a few other bits and pieces from the shops. Got home on the 9 o'clock bus home. I am going for a walk later, clear my head and stop if from filling up with all that mental clutter. Its a full house in there I tell you.

Last night went over to my cousins house to see him, took pizza with us, sat and chatted about things that are happening and going on. I was able to have some of these beautiful fabargae eggs that my auntie used to make with great love and care. I think they are stunning myself, they were a lot of work and I am happy to continue to enjoy looking and admiring them. I actually got to pat precious too (his beautiful lil timid cat) she let me pat her which is unusual as she generally hides from everyone. I got a big tin of buttons.. so Im going to create some pictures out them.

unreal banana peel

All right vegemite

for the moment


Sunday, November 28, 2010


Had family around for dinner it was really lovely, mum cooked a roast. Mum is feeling low today.. she is still sleeping which is unusual. So i'm up but tired again. We have chosen the purple white and silver for our chirstmas colours this year, last year lil Roman chose. Also wrapping up gifts in those colours as well...

I did not get out into the garden as it is toooo winnndddyyy and I don't like it. Today passed.. watched a lil cricket, looked up things on here, did a lil shopping and got the final things for a parcel which I MUST send tomorrow, i dare not think of the heart stopping amount its going to cost to send. Argh. Oh well. I guess it's only about twice a year. I sent a few bits and pieces off to my pen friends too. I hope they will like the small gift.

I need another good book to read, its sad to see another book shop close here...its unfortunate that they never last. They are having 35% off.

Well that's it for now


Friday, November 26, 2010


So I finally finished Luka and The Fire of Life... a brilliant novel that really sends you deep in the hills of imagination. I want to sketch some of the creatures he created.. such as bear the dog and dof the bear, nobodaddy,the elephants ducks, the landscapes, respecto rats the gods, mists of time etc... I was so lost in this enchanting world. Just a briliant book. I have to buy the first one.. i've read them in the wrong order but oh well.. I wish the adventure was lord of the rings thick! Perhaps I will go back and mark pages so I can draw from that.

Im wearing gold earrings and my gold rings... I felt like a change, i don't wear gold that often as I feel it does not suit me. White gold, yeppers, indeedy. It has been raining on and off good for my plants the I put along the fence line have settled and are growing nicely so I'll move at least 10 of them from my herb garden along there... will even put more herbs there.. i re-potted my aloe veras making one pot into 4 pots.. I have a few I have to jolly well swap over. Think dad and I combined have a green thumb.

So I voted, in and out of there in 5 minutes, quick, no long queue then went to a cafe for brunch. At the moment I am having bird psychosis, the only thing I can do is close the windows.. I have one i call the weeping bird another I call anthony bird, one that is the loud bird and the other is the angry bird. Scooter talks to me with her eyes at times and oliver not so much. I cant take it at times it un nerves me a lot and really shakes me to the core.

I based a story once when I was a teenager on a lyric from a song by tanya donnely "she walked everywhere on her hands cause she doesn't trust where her feet want to take her" I created other characters to go with it. Id like to find that story, i think I could edit it better now.. back then I tried to use the dictionary to find the biggest words possible and fit them into my story I thought I would come off as being more intelligent, now I see it as ill fitting. My teacher once told me that my writing was like "a purple patch of prose" and looking back.. he was right. I also wrote a story about a boy who went in search of his soul.. he traveled through the sky etc pretty much got the same comments back. Id like to write a short story but my imagination isnt as vivid as it once was.

So speaking of which in the alternate universe I dreams about mish and leanne and her mum... i was visiting somewhere and leanne had all these ribbons on her back i could reach them, tangible. They gave me ribbons but the only other thing I remember from this dream is that I wanted something that her mum had bought back from africa instad and it was a small image on some sort of thing hanging up.. of an african woman.. a shadow. it was red. All i can remember is them saying "you are too greedy" argh thats it thats all i remember.

So I let mum and Lou go shopping together they offered me to go with them but they need time together, Lou and Al are only down once a month roughly. Next time will be christmas.. anyhow.. that is for the moment



Thursday, November 25, 2010


Posted two parcels today.. cost and extra $9 for some reason or other to send any parcel to the us now grrrrr...the other one to nz see if it arrives there in one piece and not smashed which i fear it just may. *Sighs* Oh well my fault for not packing it well enough. So I had a coffee out this morning, got mum some cherries and have baked the lime tart, i have other house stuff to do but will once Ive had lunch. I am also making mint pesto as I have heaps of mint in the garden.

I read some more of luka and the fire of life... its really good and I am enjoying it thoroughly. Scooter is curled up next to me here.. she is good company and I always end up talking to her..same with Oliver... It will be good to have lou and alan here for the weekend.I have to vote tomorrow, labor or liberal? Hmm which one?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Angry today. Perhaps now I have an insight into what a family feud is all about and I do not think I like it so much. Enough said.

On another note today went to a few places, had two coffees made finished 3/4 of a novel and sat in the car for a while. I had a good day. Went to my cousins house..we took some rolls some fruit and a boston bun, have not seen in a long time so it was good to catch up. They have a pet lizard called Buddy! Not the usual type of pet. Her and Andrews kids are so beautiful. Only jessica was at home.

Well think thats all for today...

feel I need to sleep on it all.

nighty night.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Im just at home today. It is quite hot outside again. 30 something. I was going to go for a walk but it is way too hot already... so now im just indoors watching tv and perhaps a movie later.. i have had letters to juliet for quite some time now and it's just sitting there.. and sitting there.

I have a few new penpals to write to. Im listening to rachael yamagota, chillin. I am tired so I may have a nap later as I can sit outside in the sun.

write more later alligator

Sunday, November 21, 2010

hot days

We are in for some rather summery weather over the next few days... some days over thirty... so I got up relatively early and painted... i decided to work light to dark.. cept i went too dark in th middle... so im going to try and fix that up. I think the darer shades need to be on the edges. Oh well.

Other than that I have done little, attempted to have a nap woke up to the dog choking on gosh only knows what.. she was sick. Has stopped now though. I watched oprahs interview with jk rowling.. rather interesting. Though I have never read harry potter books at all. I have seen two of the movies though they were good. I have about 3 books in my reading pile now getting through them one at a time..

I just didn't feel like going for a walk today either, maybe after the filling dinner of bakebeans i shall. I could not bothered cooking either. As good as dumplings or meatballs are. So dad is already outside in his beloved garden, spraying the flowers with seasol i think.

I must admit i think we went a lil overboard on the word "small" parcel.. oh well its only once a year (well add an ish to that) I hope mum and auntie anna enjoyed themselves in the city. So back to cooking tomorrow no matter how hot it is going to be...

write more later alligator

spring clean

Spring cleaned the house today with mum... woke up at 6 went back to sleep woke up at 10 got up and started shortly after breakfast and began the day. So top to bottom... done and dusted literally. Forgot to have a coffee, stuck to water and lil glass of coke.

I know i strayed somewhat a lot from my diet this week.. possibly the junkiest week I have ever had for a long time. Back on the wagon this week though.... soup all day tomorrow.. mondays are cleansing days.

It completely slipped my mind that my auntie was making a pineapple pie for my lil sis and alan were supposed to come home this w/d. So we now have a few lil tarts to eat she made them as they are lous fav and it slipped my mind to tell her that they would not be here. OOppss a daisy.

Well we have done all the christmas shopping for o/s gifts will be frequenting the post office this week argh oh well. Just means more money flying out of my wallet, though i guess it isn't really the season to save.

I am one tired out chickadee

cheers and goodnight

Thursday, November 18, 2010

here, there

Here and there today, this morning I thought man i've missed the bus... so I decided to crank up the music and leg it... half way down service rd the bus passed me. I thought oh well, damn. I think it ignited my passion for walking again. I have not done that in quite some time as I have always been afraid of the bridge.

I have done a few house things, a lil gardening in my herb patch moved some borrage plants from there to the fence line.. I am going to see how they grow there, if they work they will look spectacular and i can get some smaller flowers to accompany them at the base. I put seasol on them and if they last a week I shall transfer more. I have to get the basil plus lemon grass in now the frosts have gone. I have nursed my lime tree back to full health it looks beautiful blossoms and mini fruits on it. I have been feeding it coffee grounds and a lil extra plant food as it is heavy feeder (i read somewhere) I am going to wash the pots and put mints together. Happy am I that my lemon verbina has come back from what I thought was dead so did dad but in this case mum new best! The garden is hard work, dad does nearly all of it I only have my lil patch but that is enough and am wrapped that dad is listening to me and leaving the plants clumped together and not have one flower here and the other a meter away, as we just had a beautiful stunning display of iris in amongst a lush green and pink plant with geraniums.

Scooter is missing dad, she sits on his lap nearly every afternoon after he has had his lunch and they generally nap together it is very cute. So right now she is on his chair sleeping with her blanket over her of course. I spent a few hours surfing i tunes trying to find some new music to buy.. i did in the end bought some oldies but goodies and some newies. I am loving Fleet Foxes the remind me of moody blues.
I got clare de lune now.. how I love that piece of music. When I listen to Rachael Yamagata she makes me want to cry, especially the song Elephant. It is beautiful.

We are heading out for chinese tonight. YAY. I have not had that in quite some time.
So I guess I will get going now...

have a few things I must do.

in a while crocadile


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I had this dream last night the only bit I can remember from it was this guy pulling out a pair of fangs from some extinct animal and was about to dig them into some other dudes shoulder and that is where it ended, I woke up. I have a feeling its because there has been a lot of media hype around them trying to bring back the tasmanian tiger and i watched footage of it on the news. It is pretty scary stuff, the kind of stuff that jerassic park is made of. Can you imagine that they start doing what they did on the matrix and that being they had humans being born in artificial wombs. I wonder when that will happen in this world today.

I am listening to Rachael Yamagata.. she has such a beautiful voice. Reminds me a lil of cat power. There is an old one for you! I have done my good deed for the day, I dropped in two whopping bags of books to the op shop. I let go of my chick-lit books nearly all of them bar 2, it felt good. They we just sitting in the garage getting dusty... i was going to sell them at the market but well they may as well make some money off them for charity. So i spoke to Kylie yesterday and she said a very good thing...borrow chick lit from the library! That way i won't waste my money. I can spend it on proper books.

I have started reading Rushdies newy i must say it is very good thus far. I am going to paint later. Though i have a bit of the birds tweeting at me today. Grrrrr. When I close my eyes sometimes i see the other universe,not in spots but in whole colours. I guess dreams are the alternate to this life and at times it feel like im living in my head more then in reality.

Well must motor


Monday, November 15, 2010

big smoke

A rather un eventful weekend really. So yesterday went to the big smoke, took some photos of some street art. I could walk around all day and take snap shots. Its fun, For a tiny camera its pretty sharp. Mum and I went to a cafe called cumulus, now baring in mind its a monday at 10amish and it was packed. Full with a different array of people, we ordered a ham and cheese toastie the bread was really lovely and we also ordered a wicked morning treat a french style gingerbread topped with candied nuts, cream/butter over the top. I had a cup of tea to cut through the sweetness mum had her usual.. long black. I really like the atmosphere/vibe in the joint. I will be going back there for sure perhaps make it a new haunt.

Once breakfast was over we went for a healthy dose of retail therapy, first stop, book store to get the tinga tinga book for my lil nephew, so bright soooo clourful i worry that he is too old for that now but Im going to send it anyway. I also bought Salman Rushdies newie.Luka and The Fire of Life. i have not read any of his work in quite some time, I loved midnights children (i should read that again) (its sitting in one of my book boxes in the garage)(like half of my stuff) Sometimes I feel like grabbing one of my boxes and bringing it in and sifting through it. Especially hunting for these beautiful asian bowls I have got somewhere.

Anyway after book shopping, went to the tea store, my fav shop, greeted by the gentleman who owns it bought my fav huro puro puro (raspberry leaf green tea , apple berry green tea and two new ones lemon myrtle and ginger plus an orange/ marigold. Walked a few places here and there came home on the earlier train as I was not feeling so great.

So today is a new day of course. Went out for a bit, at the post office I spent a lot of time working out how to place some stuff in a bloody box.. i ended up using the bigger one and just padding it with some extra sheets of bubble wrap. needless to say it took about 15 minutes to figure that out.. after trying the small box it was just a fraction too big for.. grrrrr. So i had no time for a coffee at all. Just hurried up for the bus and then home.

I woke up at 5am the alarm sounding as dad caught the 6am train to the city to go to his record friends house/shop. I am tired now and its only 2pm... mum must be exhausted as she is working. I need a nap. The cat jumped on my bed this morning and curled up near and of course promptly went to sleep which is a rare thing. Now he just woken up and wants to go outside.. hmm.. well anyhow..

I best be off...

ciao for now

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Last few days I have been feeling a little lost. I was looking forward to catching up with friends, stuck down by depression. I have been on you tube looking at video clips of some songs i heard on rage and its like a whole rabbit hole of bands there, you go to one that leads to another and you just keep on clicking away. So I have written them down into my phone and will get their albums either tomorrow in the big smoke or from itunes store. I am going to go to the cheap book store and to dymocks as I love it there.

I turned the cake into something more edible, adding alcohol and a few other bits and pieces, mushing it all up, to give away as I do not need it on the lips then onto the hips. So I found some old stuff i wrote back in 96 its all dribble really. Only a few nice lines are worth saving from it, think i'll write them out and pop the rest of the book into the recycling bin.

I must get some christmas shopping done for my penpals it will be small gifts and cards.. for on of my pen pals she is into scrap booking so i got there beautiful velvet butterflies that will look cute on the pages. I received a lovely lil present from my Italian pen pal she made me a hand beaded frog its just delightful. I will figure out what to make/buy for everyone.

So I have to work out what to send for my business cards to be made, ive got to designs and a few ideas floatin around so today i'll come up with some mock ups.
I am listening to cyndi lauper at the moment trying to cheer myself up a bit. Anyhow that will do for now...

on with the show...

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Whilst i baked, and made pumpkin and coriander fritters... i was surfing the internet and came across a real gem of a singer Camille O'Sullivan Im so going to buy her cds on Monday, her voice is incredible I was and am impressed. So I guess I should get itunes working on this puter then I could just go download them.

Im either breaking the cake up to turn it into rumballs or im making the syrup and buying some icecream to serve it with. Argh alas I don't know i will let mum be my taste tester.... since dad has to get his tooth out and can't have any sweet stuff.

Oh well. Write more later.. dinner now

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I stayed home yesterday and did well little. I had an unproductive day, I did not paint, read or write, i watched nikita online instead. Not all episodes but some of them. This morning I turned it to abc kids, there just so happened to be an ainmation on called Tinga Tinga Tales, using animals to tell tales about african animals. Its terrific, the dvd doesn't come out til next feb so means i'll have to tune in to the abc at 9:25am each morning! Well if Im not out already. The vivid colours add to it too. I think I may invest in some of the books too its aimed at 3-6 year olds but well i love it!

So now it is quite warm outside and I quite fancy painting for a little bit. I want to get a bit of work done. It looks like another day at home. Welpers I better be off. Went down the road and got the ingredients for the cranberry/strawberry sauce I am going to make to go with the flourless chocolate that i'll do on friday. I found some big beautiful jars for my jams at a cheap rate of $2 each it sure beats paying $20 for five, i can get twice as many now.

I managed even though I'm feeling down, to go out. Tomorrow I better go see what herbs are available, get stuck into my herb garden. I need to plant some basil. I am craving pasta at the moment, might have some out as a treat. Tonight mum cooked some steak and served with Asian greens and potatoes. Other than the local news paper, I have not read anything today.

I'll get by


Sunday, November 7, 2010

poor oliver

Woke up to lil oliver sitting with weeping eyes and saliva dribbled everywhere,poor thing. So we took him to the vets, the diagnosis is that he has the flu. U can feel his hot temperature on his lil ears still, they gave us some medication that he has to have every day. He is no well at all, more cuddly doesn't mind being petted and sat on mums lap even though there were two big dogs there in front of him. So it is just rest for him, mum is out at the shops getting some fish for the pets plus a few other things. We are to back in a week.

Mondays are soup days for mum and I. Soup for lunch soup for dinner. Went shopping today got two new tops ( i said i wouldn't) one is tight but I think that by the time next winter comes I should be down to that size. The other is a beautiful, yes i know, purple top, all I was after was some black trouses/jeans. I am still in grey cords, my fav $2 buy. I bought some lovely material to cover up my jams with, pink spottted, not the gingham i was after.

I am going to attempt to make cranberry, strawberry and vanilla syrup to go with a cake that i'm taking to a friends house next weekend. I want to trial run it.. as it will go with ice creams, desserts, cakes , vodka and soda water. I want to test out a mango butter as well... only when the mangoes cost $1 though. I found these beautiful jars to buy too, im on the hunt for some nice bottles. Perhaps warehouse there will b some.


in short that is today.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I have doubts about next sunday. I don't think I want to go to the prezo girls lunch. Right now I just want to curl up with a book and have a nap. I woke up at 630amish went back to bed at 8 and woke at 10am. I needed the sleep. I don't feel as miserable as I did yesterday, my headache is gone and i don't have heaps of the sniffles. I admit that I have incredible dreams but not a really great reality at the moment, i need to find a balance somewhere in this waking world.

Mum made the lentil and meat burgers for lunch, they were delish. we were given some beautiful free range eggs by one of mums friends from work.. the yolks are super yellow possibly some double yolkers amongst them. Mum went to an aromaherapy/body shop party, i would be hopeless there.. sniffing and smelling all that would make me sneeze more.

It's a perfectly still day, I want to paint but i;m feeling like a lazy bones right now. Tis time for another sleep.

for now cheers.

Friday, November 5, 2010


It is a lovely day, the sun is out, scooter is running around the back yard, dad is going to mow the lawns and mum is out grocery shopping. I did not go today as I am feeling like crap and it wouldn't be fair to give a cold to my friend either. So there is a whole lime tart to eat! If I had my way. Mum is going to cut it up and share it with family, I can't wait to have a piece. One of mums work friends had some of the vanilla and rhubarb jam, she ended up getting a teaspoon out and eating it straight from the jar. So its good to know.

Which will be after we have had lunch, heading to this lovely cafe in yarragon for the caramelized onion pizza, its delicious. Even though I have had some off the wagon days I have managed to lose a bit more weight which is great. I know its only been about 1kg a week but that's not so bad.

I am still tired and no doubt will have an afternoon nap. Well i'm off to sit in the sun to read one little short story. Went outside sat in the sun and chatted to dad instead, there is a slightly cold breeze.

Thursday, November 4, 2010



Sore throat, a little bit of sniffles... yes indeedy mums cold has been passed on, Dad has caught it too. Its the first day and It has has made me super tired. I felt like napping but couldn't as I had an appointment to keep in the middle of the afternoon.

I made another key lime pie to take with me tomorrow. I sorted through some art work, did some washing think i'm heading to bed early too. On that note im off to cook tea.


Agh Oh I woke up this morning sire throat and runny nose... I have got what mum and dad have got. No no no no no damn! It's early so i have a manuka honey, lemon and ginger tea. Hope that will help a bit, my nose is going.p Grrr and I thought I had escaped it.

Im still making the key lime pie today that will cheer me up.. I have to go through my drawings and see which ones are possibilities for my business cards.

more later gator

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I made some more jam today, i almost burnt it. SO its a very jammy jam. I made double and so there are four jars here awaiting to be gifted. I was super tired so I had a nap at noon til about 1:30pm ish. A wave of tiredness swept over me.

I have marinated the chicken following the recipe, peanut butter, sweet chili sauce, soy and coriander. Its called sticky chicken and you have with brown rice and asian greens. Repcipe from weigh it up australia. So far its one of my favorites. This is the second time i've made cooked it.

I was "off the wagon" of the diet and today jumped back on. I am listening to moby at the moment. Thinking about some good times I had listening to some of these songs, especially at St Georges Road. I miss that house. It was a lot of fun living there I loved it. Now I am living at a very different pace, here in the countryside and i'm much older but i miss living in the city.

My life feels at a stand still. I spend so much time at home and not enough out. Well dinner is a cooking and I better go check on it.

odds on

Yestderday was a public holiday, well for victoria anyhow, melbourne cup, horse race. I bet on some of them, lost it all and then put $10 on for american and came out with $20 more than I put on. A good little flutter. I tend to break even, funny that.

I bought some rhubarb to make jam with. I'm sorting through my drawings working out what to take with me. Im going to make the lime pie again. I did some drawings today, really pretty trees.

I wrote a letter, went outside and down the street for a little bit. Only had two instant coffees today... but once again i strayed from the diet and had a small bit of chocolate... so I will start again tomorrow.


I best be off now...

got a bit of work to do.