Saturday, November 13, 2010


Last few days I have been feeling a little lost. I was looking forward to catching up with friends, stuck down by depression. I have been on you tube looking at video clips of some songs i heard on rage and its like a whole rabbit hole of bands there, you go to one that leads to another and you just keep on clicking away. So I have written them down into my phone and will get their albums either tomorrow in the big smoke or from itunes store. I am going to go to the cheap book store and to dymocks as I love it there.

I turned the cake into something more edible, adding alcohol and a few other bits and pieces, mushing it all up, to give away as I do not need it on the lips then onto the hips. So I found some old stuff i wrote back in 96 its all dribble really. Only a few nice lines are worth saving from it, think i'll write them out and pop the rest of the book into the recycling bin.

I must get some christmas shopping done for my penpals it will be small gifts and cards.. for on of my pen pals she is into scrap booking so i got there beautiful velvet butterflies that will look cute on the pages. I received a lovely lil present from my Italian pen pal she made me a hand beaded frog its just delightful. I will figure out what to make/buy for everyone.

So I have to work out what to send for my business cards to be made, ive got to designs and a few ideas floatin around so today i'll come up with some mock ups.
I am listening to cyndi lauper at the moment trying to cheer myself up a bit. Anyhow that will do for now...

on with the show...

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