Sunday, November 28, 2010


Had family around for dinner it was really lovely, mum cooked a roast. Mum is feeling low today.. she is still sleeping which is unusual. So i'm up but tired again. We have chosen the purple white and silver for our chirstmas colours this year, last year lil Roman chose. Also wrapping up gifts in those colours as well...

I did not get out into the garden as it is toooo winnndddyyy and I don't like it. Today passed.. watched a lil cricket, looked up things on here, did a lil shopping and got the final things for a parcel which I MUST send tomorrow, i dare not think of the heart stopping amount its going to cost to send. Argh. Oh well. I guess it's only about twice a year. I sent a few bits and pieces off to my pen friends too. I hope they will like the small gift.

I need another good book to read, its sad to see another book shop close here...its unfortunate that they never last. They are having 35% off.

Well that's it for now


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