Friday, November 5, 2010


It is a lovely day, the sun is out, scooter is running around the back yard, dad is going to mow the lawns and mum is out grocery shopping. I did not go today as I am feeling like crap and it wouldn't be fair to give a cold to my friend either. So there is a whole lime tart to eat! If I had my way. Mum is going to cut it up and share it with family, I can't wait to have a piece. One of mums work friends had some of the vanilla and rhubarb jam, she ended up getting a teaspoon out and eating it straight from the jar. So its good to know.

Which will be after we have had lunch, heading to this lovely cafe in yarragon for the caramelized onion pizza, its delicious. Even though I have had some off the wagon days I have managed to lose a bit more weight which is great. I know its only been about 1kg a week but that's not so bad.

I am still tired and no doubt will have an afternoon nap. Well i'm off to sit in the sun to read one little short story. Went outside sat in the sun and chatted to dad instead, there is a slightly cold breeze.

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