Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sad day

I found a few things today that have had me in tears. I have been not just crying but weeping. I guess its for things that I cannot change or have any control over.

This morning I went and had breakfast at groovies, just sourdough toast with jam and a skinny latte. I noticed that skinny milk does not froth as good as full cream milk. *Sighs* oh well.. I have to cut back somewhere don't I. I went and got bubble wrap and a few other bits and pieces from the shops. Got home on the 9 o'clock bus home. I am going for a walk later, clear my head and stop if from filling up with all that mental clutter. Its a full house in there I tell you.

Last night went over to my cousins house to see him, took pizza with us, sat and chatted about things that are happening and going on. I was able to have some of these beautiful fabargae eggs that my auntie used to make with great love and care. I think they are stunning myself, they were a lot of work and I am happy to continue to enjoy looking and admiring them. I actually got to pat precious too (his beautiful lil timid cat) she let me pat her which is unusual as she generally hides from everyone. I got a big tin of buttons.. so Im going to create some pictures out them.

unreal banana peel

All right vegemite

for the moment


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