Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sat round this morning waiting for a person to show... however once again they never did and I got annoyed so I left. I left a message for them on their answering service to say that Id only wait til 11.. that rocked around and still no show... so I left. I walked down the road bought some paper so i can make my lil sisters birthday card, checked the mail box, walked to kmart got a few pairs of stockings a bit of lipstick and a few other things. I decided to walk home. I was absolutely starving by the time I got home all I was on was porridge coffee and water had a vegemite on bread for lunch. Thats what I felt like.

Well Im a bit of a happy camper today, must be partly the weather too so sunny and nice. Ive got a few things I have to do today some of which ive done. I feel like getting out the sun lounge and plonking myself down in the sun and reading a book or something. Ive got about 4 books on the go, not such a great thing to do but oh well. Anyhow Im re reading a book that i forgot the plot to, set in india about one guy who takes off and climbs up a tree and everyone thinks he is a crackpot until he starts addressing peoples problems etc and then they start believing in him. Its funny and clever and Im enjoying reading it.

Anyhow I guess I better get a move on.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Out and About

Once again had an odd dream. I went out today, to warragul, i love that town. I went looking for shoes alas i found some but they were a greyish black just not what I am after.. so I did not buy them. I also need some long leggings too alas I shall look around tomorrow. I then got back home and spent a fortune on new makeup.. I needed to.

well write more a bit later

Monday, June 27, 2011


Nothing beats home grown garlic.. one came to the surface the other day.. there is still one there which i shall leave for another month or so. I made potato and leek soup for dinner. I made cookies for everyone so I'm sharing those around with every one. Today is such a glorious day, the sun is out and ive done two loads of washing, and a few other bits and pieces. I may go for a walk later this afternoon.

I sat out in the sun with scootie drinking my cup of tea. I love it out there. I feel like painting now so i might just grab a canvas and go nuts. Anyhow better go put the other wash out.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Its an absolutely stunning day out side. I could not resist heading out the door for a walk. I went and looked at some shops got some flowers from the flower dude for cheap $6 for a 10 irises and I also bought these white daisy type ones aswell but their pettles fall off so they are delicate, i put them together in a vase.. needless to say they done look that great together, however it will do as a suprise for mum.

I got some tags for the garden too. I must repot two of my plants the aloe and the other succulent (That i have forgotten the name of)well it is lunch time now.. so im going to fix me a sandwhich cheerio'


Thursday, June 23, 2011


Im out a bit atm. Something in my dreams has been deeply disturbing me all day, the only way of escaping is to wake up stay awake for as long as possible.. and that is what im going to do today. Stay up and up. Im thinking of coffee at midight type thing. Oh well, i know they are dreams but well think sometimes these are visions and glimpses of a darker world.

So i have been going for walks here and there am just looking up things on here on urbanspoon a lot. Reading up on various places. Atm i am trying everywhere to find over the knee stockings and do you think i've had much luck? Hell no (as scott would say) Im also thinking about getting a facial and perhaps a make up session. Im also investing in miricle perfume again, i miss it so! I have no perfume at the moment alas I like miricle it smells delightful.

These are thoughts. I made baked beans for dinner tonight.. tomorrow im experimenting going to make mushroom pate tomorrow and might go see a movie. Anyhow I will write more later. Lalala

Saturday, June 18, 2011

a week

So its been just over a week since i last wrote here. I guess I have not been in the mood for drawing as of late, though with whats going on it should inspire me more.. alas i don't know. I have been a bit down myself.

However I found that baking dads birthday cakes today cheered me up a little.. u must try the recipe it makes very rich chocolate mud cakes.. to die for.. served with cream, yum yum. We all bought dad clothes.. scott got dad the best gift photos of little Noah in a book and fridge magnets for us all to enjoy. He is a cute baby.

I had a bit of a nightmare last night, just certain things in my dream that are rather disturbing, im sure it will pass. Or at least I tell myself it shall. I have written to most of my friends this week, snail mail of course.

Mum is making dads fav. for dinner tonight, shepards pie.. an englishman through and through. Well I guess I better get a wriggle on. Take care out there.


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yay saved all my pennies for the shopping trip in the city. I finally found a coat after a long search. I also found two dresses aswell.. one is a a beautiful black and grey number the other is black with coloured pattern. Plus tea cards even some earrings to match my ring that I have. Its uncanny they look like a set. I bought sencha peach from t2 also.. i normally don't buy t2 teas but it smelled nice and ive had it a long time ago.For morning tea we had brunetties lunch a french baguette place and afternoon tea max brenna yummy yummy then dinner at a pub at docklands. I was so totally shopped out by the end of the day i took a break from going out to them today and stayed home other than heading to maccas for lunch. I sat outside for two hours on the fold out banana lounge... writing letters and reading a book. A charmed life this morning! YAY!

Ive been writing letters before I sleep. Been going to bed at about 11 and staying up til about 1 just writing things from my head especially copying out blueberry girl out to a few it is a brilliant little story and beautifully illustrated book. Louise is cooking dinner tonight some sort of lime chilli chicken. I am making key lime pie tomorrow morning. Yummy yummy.

Anyhow its quite cold now so Im gonna put the heater on and mayb have a glass of wine or something.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Things that i ordered off the internet have started arriving. Half of mums present.. am waiting for the other half to arrive i want to tell her bu she doesn't want to know. Well it's off amazon so i guess one can take a stab in the dark. not hard to work that one out. So the earrings arrived for her.. one pair is beautiful but the other pair that i bought her must of been photographed close to them as they were half the size i thought they'd be which is a little on the down side of things. Oh well.

I had suprise in the mail, my friend sent me a lovely print which i shall get framed asap. Im trying not to spend too much money this week so i can buy some nice clothes and coat when I head to the city.I have to fix mums ipod up by then too.. alas its not working for some reason all the cds i tried to put on there wont work. So its a matter of clearing it off the computer and putting it back on.

Any how.. went out for mums bday dinner i chose wrong.. fish and chips.. he fish was rather bland.. not much flavour to it at all. Oh well. I made mum vanilla cupcakes with some pink sugar and some lovely edible pink dragonflies on top with buttercream icing. The were yummy I had 2 of them ergh.

I have watched a good movie called the kids are all right... about one lesbian family.and the kids hunting down their sperm donor biological father. It is a really good film very interesting. I have a lot of movies/tv series to watch so that should keep me amused over the coming months.

Well I have not done much today. No writing, no drawing no painting. Miss my dear friend in nz wish i could go there for a lil holiday and see her. That would be lovely. Anyhow. As it is. am so bloody tired right now , think I need a nap.. i know its 4pm and if i nap now I wont be going to sleep much before midnight.

Well Im off having jacket potatoes for dinner need to grab the stuff out of the fridge for it. Anyhow take care out there