Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yay saved all my pennies for the shopping trip in the city. I finally found a coat after a long search. I also found two dresses aswell.. one is a a beautiful black and grey number the other is black with coloured pattern. Plus tea cards even some earrings to match my ring that I have. Its uncanny they look like a set. I bought sencha peach from t2 also.. i normally don't buy t2 teas but it smelled nice and ive had it a long time ago.For morning tea we had brunetties lunch a french baguette place and afternoon tea max brenna yummy yummy then dinner at a pub at docklands. I was so totally shopped out by the end of the day i took a break from going out to them today and stayed home other than heading to maccas for lunch. I sat outside for two hours on the fold out banana lounge... writing letters and reading a book. A charmed life this morning! YAY!

Ive been writing letters before I sleep. Been going to bed at about 11 and staying up til about 1 just writing things from my head especially copying out blueberry girl out to a few it is a brilliant little story and beautifully illustrated book. Louise is cooking dinner tonight some sort of lime chilli chicken. I am making key lime pie tomorrow morning. Yummy yummy.

Anyhow its quite cold now so Im gonna put the heater on and mayb have a glass of wine or something.

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