Saturday, May 29, 2010

cake disaster

So who thought you should put four cups of cocoa in a cake? Umm me. So it was. My goodness there is no way you can eat it. So tomorrow/tonight i am going to make the red velvet cake correctly.. with four tablespoons of cocoa not cups. Bloody awful its almost like eating cardboard. I got to make it as its mums birthday tomorrow.

I sat and drew for some of the morning. Woke up to scooter barking. At the moment mum is on her way home from the city, I made corn fritters for tea.. plain ones for dad of course.

Well mum got home, laughing at me of course. Then after watching a bit of masterchef..came up with a brilliant idea.... break the cake up, add sweetened condesnsed milk, cointreau and mix well... roll them into balls and coat them in coconut.. potent jaffa balls..! YAY!

I managed to do one drawing only.. the rest of the time i spent on here, reading a lil. So im currently sipping on vanilla tea..

nighty nighty!


Friday, May 28, 2010

I was going through my things, found this oil painting on board i painted when I was about 16.. i really like it.

I did the other drawing this morning, a city, well peoples apartmetns really, its cute. I went to do one in purple and I erm well ran out of lilac (The base colour) so Ive painted a few black in back grounds, so i can put some dandelions on it for a birthday card. Mums birthday monday so Im baking a red velvet cake and maybe making some cointreau almond cookies.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

short note

So I have been drawing a lot. I have not started yet. Its only 10:30 though.. I had a coffee with mum already, got some groceries almost fainted at the total though! Sheesh i know its the wrong season for tomatoes but I bought them anyhow for tomorrow nights dinner, roast tomato soup. I have not made it in a while.

So Im thinking of selling my work on ebay.. Its got to be easy, I think. I need ebay guide for dummies or something! Or maybe set up an account on made it, which is an australian version of etsy. I think its a lil dearer but atleast everything is in aussie dollars.

I got a cheap drawing pad. Its all they had at the news agents, im not happy jan about it though. It will do still better than A4 computer paper. So Im looking through the internet at other artists, i came across Poket in which is a group of artists that produce limited edition products. Its a nifty site.

Well its back to the drawing board for the moment....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


got a drawing bug... running out of markers!

Monday, May 24, 2010

tuesdays blues

So today I tried to chase my blues away.. nearly spent the whole day drawing... pheew.. my hand is sore. I did about 4 with errors on them MAJOR stuff ups sending them to friends as letters! I tried hard to fix them but i cant salvage them. So theyre getting chopped up and sent. Ive ben quite focused this past week. I really love these acrylic paint markers I got in the states something tells me im going to run out of them quite fast.

Welpers... I best be off...for the moment.. might add more later alligator!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Went out today, after my appointment, i went to the shops, kind of went on a lil spending spree for mums birthday present. I got her some pjamas and this beautiful peach jumper... I let mum pick them out. After which she ended up buying this beautifully coloured dress and a black and white scarf. I ended up buying myself a top and the book i ordered. Funny that I only went to buy the book! Errrrmmm ooooopps!

So I have been reading the book, watching the closer and mum made scones for afternoon tea. They are deliciously light and yum. Im not sure about eating dinner though, so full from that. So now, I have a lil bit of drawing to do. Yes Im still obsessed by drawing owls. They are cute.

I am able to bake for toks again. There is a quiz night on wednesday to raise money for local families in need. I will see if i can go. I am not too sure. So i best get going now...

later alligator...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

some more of my drawings

some more of my drawings


Had a much more productive day today, went to the art store bought some more colourful markers, drawing paper and some canvas. So im ready to paint my owls now, though Ive been drawing all these pretty trees. They are so cute. I want to get some of it made into wrapping paper and some prints done up. I have a kind of growing folio now.

Went to the yarrogn market, bought my favorite olive bread, mum got some earrings. We had a coffee out. Looked around.So the morning was great afternoon i spent with my new markers and watching The Closer, which is a great show.

Oh had good news, finally can send off framed pictures to my friend. YAY! Anyhow. Im so wired for sound right now.. I had a lattee at 6pm and its now gone 11 goodness how am i to sleep?

welpers I will write more later alligator

Friday, May 21, 2010


I was given lemons last week, so not making lemonade, I made some dleicious and addictive lemon shortbread. Im telling you they are so delcious...ive had well um half a dozen. No not good I know but hell they are yummy.

So I have done little today, once again. I managed to squander my time.. flitting between scrabble, baking and waking up at 10am. Sleeping in seems to be my theme of the week. At times I have been scared to go back to sleep, scared of what lie in the darkened dream world. The truth lies there. I am going to make bottled and gourmet things for most peoples birthdays next month,. Next month is crazy time for birthdays.

So its friday night and Im just at home.. so perhaps tomorrow I shall see if i can do something. Im not sure. I do know I need to head to the art store to purchase a "few" things. The book I odrered they said it wouldnt be in for a few weeks... yep its there already. Cant wait.

Anyhow... I think i might crawl into bed with a book very soon.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

dark space

Im here sitting in the near dim room. I just watched a lil bit of the cat piano. Its a haunting animation. With of course nick cave narrating it. So im a lil obsessed still. There is something in the music that I just love and cling to. Maybe its the intense dark and then some light all in offer of his songs.

Well I did diddly squat today. I had a real downer of a day. Though beautiful outside, not so on the in. I have not read anything yet.

write more later.


Monday, May 17, 2010


I spent the day at home. I made potato and leek soup for dinner. Been drawing.. I drew a fairy for the first time in years. A blue one in pencil. Ive done a few other squiggles really. I need more drawing paper, more watercolour paper and a few other coloured markers. So im due for a trip to my fav art store. I should get some framed pieces framed perhaps, Im not sure.

Ive been having some vivid dreams, but when i wake they disappear. So I am having trouble remembering them. Oh well, not so bad I guess. I have been telling my dad to start writing his memories one page a day, bur he just doesnt seem interested. So i figure why cant i write a page a day.. im not sure what about yet. A page of "poetry"? a page of drawings? A story? character development? Im not sure.

I love the image at night just before mum gets home.. scooter sits in the same spot by the back door... she knows the time, specially when i go o9ut and open the gate. Sometimes oliver joins her. No gardening today. No crying today. Nada. Welpers... ciao for now

lazy days

The weekend was productive i think... well as far as watching the closer it sure was! We watched almost half of season 3. I have been drawing like mad. Drawing all these owls they are very very cute. I am drawing them so i can cut them to go on cards with some nice paper in the background. I have these beautiful felt tip pens, all colours. They come in a wicked case. So ive been creating them, almost a full pad full of them. So tomorrow I am off to warragul.

We went a lil bananas buyin a few things to send to roman for the world cup. Well I guess thats about it for the moment. Write more soon.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I can only say that the pumpkin crumble tasted like a herb pumpkin mess.. well thats the way it looks, it tastes ok though. Kinda planned meals for the week. Dhal, Leek and Potato Soup, Spinach and Feta Rice and Im not sure whatever else I am inspired to cook. I bought the master chef magazine today. Its quite good, informative and loads great recipes to try or for me to mess up!

So its great a got a spice cook book, a mortar and pestle plus I was going to buy a blank book to write recipes in but I received a parcel off nic trond and roman... it had two blank books in it and these beautiful earrings. Thank you so much everyone. Its funny I didnt have to buy these things that I wanted! They were given to me. So one book for cooking the other I think I will write some crappy poems in. Or use it as another inspirations book.

Ive had a fairly quiet day, watching a bit of the closer, reading, watching tv seeing that young girl achieve her dream of sailing solo around the globe. I have not played that much scrabble my percentage is down to 38% now. An all time low. Usually im around 43%. Oh well. I have all my work out on the table. I need a studio ergh. thats another thing. Im not sure what to save for next either o/s again or another exhibition. Im confuzzled and will have to set some more achievable goals me feel. Starting with my weight. I got depressed when i tried on all these dresses in the states and none fitted. OH well my fault for over indulging in all the wrong food and drink and lack of exercise.

Right now. Have scooter and well oliver for company. My choice. Im gonna go draw for a bit now.


Thursday, May 13, 2010


So i found a recipe for Pumpkin crumble... im trying it out.. has a lot of herbs and flavour.. i hope it will turn out ok. At the moment the pumpkin is simmering away in the pot with tomato, sage, parsley bay leaf. I am not sure if this will work , A savory version of apple crumble I guess.

I have done little, other than heading out to the shops having a coffee and coming home.. to a mess.. poor oliver was sick all over the floor, so naturally I was sick nearly all over the floor too. If its one thing i cant stand is that.

So I have not painted. I played a few games of scrabble wrote a letter and had bottomless cups of tea. Thinking about things as I go. I cant help but wonder the what if's in my the life. Those moments I am once again mulling over and over and over and they are on a movie news reel through my head perhaps im living in a bit of a time warp and I know its time to move on.

So how does one go about change. I mean big change. Fairly easily... I have to start somewhere. In my muddled self. Any suggestions? I must make it through this dark time and space. Well I got to assemble the pumpkin crumble now and pop it in the oven.


an inky day

An inky day today... resumed painting. Tomorrow who knows.

anyhow i am happy with this creature of kind i created.

well off to bed now

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am a fan of Paul Coehlo on fb and he wrote something which I find to be quite true

"Behind a cold face there is always an insecure heart"

So these past few days have been spent drawing/painting, writing a few letters that I have neglected to do for a long time. I have not gone out in the past few days. However I am heading to toks tonight ( i think). Right now Im in a mellow mood, listening to angus and julia stone. Its fairly cold autumn weather now.

Later aligator.

Monday, May 10, 2010


I was going through the book case.. working out what to send to the opshop today. I came across a rollins poety/diary novel. I remembered odoing a performance piece to I Know you... so ive just looked up the lyrics and the very last verse still sums me up today

"For you life is a long trip
Terrifying and wonderful
Birds sing to you at night
The rain and the sun the changing seasons are true friends
Solitude is a hard won ally, faithful and patient"



So this is one drawing I did whilst away. I dont mind it the rest i have put up here

I dont put them up facebook as it takes sooo long to load any photos on there. So lets see now I am eager to start the new book. I shall do tonight before me goes to sleep. Welpers.. I will write more tomorrow...

am tired.

nighty night.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Yay yay... i went out shopping today and bought yet another alexander mccall smith book. Its all about an eccentric lot of people living in a block of flats and their lives and goings on. I have a few on the go but will drop them all to read this. I am feeling a lil frightened still. Im still to go out tomorrow. Mum goes back to work.

So I did bake a cake from the spice book i got for my birthday. It wasnt sweet but rather nice with the orange cardamon and mixed spices. I put my new mortar and pestle to good use too. I have so many chillies but no one to give them too! I wish I so lived in the city. No point I am here for a while I feel. Im taking everything one day at a time.

I also bought the movie the soloist cant wait to watch it. Well for now i might go work on some more paintings. Im anxious to finish this beautiful dragonfly piece.

write more later alligator

Friday, May 7, 2010


I have not felt like writing here for the past few days. Ive been a lil bit down, feels like i'm just waiting all the time. For a miricle? Yes perhaps that is so. I watched all of the No1 ladies detective agency too. Its an excellent, excellent series that stays true to the books. The doco at the end is amazing too. Gives you all a detailed account of the actors, how they made the series and authors notes too, they also made a bit about the music they used as well. Its well thought out.

I am still a lil angry with myself. Hung up on things that I cannot change. Its so easy for everyone to say stop your crying, let it go. Its easier said than done. I can only shape my future, even then thats a lil sketchy and on the dodge side of things. So i guess I am not sure.

will write more later its early and I couldnt sleep in any longer.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I have had a whopping headache for the pasrt 3 days i think its coffee withdrawal somehow. I am not feeling 100% at all. If not crying quite a bit. Sleeping a lil and now im a lil dizzy but ok.

I have had a really bad time dealing with pyschosis and I am thinking that perhaps the other medication will offer me a better quality of life. This i have my doubts about though. So Im in a bit of a bind here. I dont want to check in but I may have to. Its a dark place at times but everyone in there wants to get well and needs care. I on the other hand have made my home my prison in a way. Not a good thing but its not a bad thing either.

I have been wearing a lot of colour these past few months perhaps i should go back to black? Yeah cause that will cheer me up ll nice and dandy. All that dark shades... suit me though,i can say that.

which side of the mushroom should i eat?


Monday, May 3, 2010

food poisoning

I think i learned a valuable lesson: don't reheat chinese food the next day. I gave myself a severe case of food poisoning. It all kicked off at 3am i couldnt eve hold fluids down. It was shocking. I ended up drinking some hydrolights in the evening that seemed to do the trick. I am still drinking them and eating a little bit of food, veggies and a few crackers.

I have not been doing a great deal these past few days. Today I sat and watched a few episodes of ladies no1 detective agency. YAY! Good to see that they have kept it true to the books, the humor, the characters and the landscapes are all there. I like this a lot.

Im not up to cooking at the moment either. Ive been drawing a little bit and sleeping a lot. Mum bought the dog this cushion, i think she is in heaven.She absolutely loves it. I found her on it this morning. Right now shes on one of the couch cushions next to me. As cute as scoot can be.

A bit of tlc needs to be done to my herb garden this week. Dad is outside gardening. Nothing seems to hold him back although he should be taking it a bit easier than what he is. He wont be told though.

I have not gotten back to painting quite yet. Im sure I shall sometime soon though. Well anyway thats it for today,.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

not so great

Home three days ago and not feelin so great. The trip home was like a nightmare for me. I slept for maybe 8 hours of the 20 odd hours. So we got home safe and sound. I slept a lil in the afternoon til 8pm then stayed up til midnight and woke up at 3am cause dad was having an attack of sorts. So we got the ambulance in and they took him to hospital, we followed in the car. U cant even begin to imagine how much i hate hospitals.. but well i make an exception when its family. It turned out to be a hernia blocking the bowel, they deemed it not serious enough to operate there and then so sent him home with a course of pain killers and now has to go through the process of seeing the surgeon in his consulting suites to set a date for his operation. If he has another attack i will call the ambulance again!!! Its unfortunate but that is how the system works.

So I have had an interesting time these past few days, still a bit jet lagged but should be adjusted in the next few days I feel. I have a mountain of dvds to watch. Which is great, we have enough to get us through the whole of winter! I am not joking either! Let us hope that things pick up a lil bit. Today I just stayed home and looked after dad. Anyhow. We are having chinese for dinner tonight. Its nice to have louise and alen home for a weekend.

well must get going now. Will write more later alligator