Monday, May 3, 2010

food poisoning

I think i learned a valuable lesson: don't reheat chinese food the next day. I gave myself a severe case of food poisoning. It all kicked off at 3am i couldnt eve hold fluids down. It was shocking. I ended up drinking some hydrolights in the evening that seemed to do the trick. I am still drinking them and eating a little bit of food, veggies and a few crackers.

I have not been doing a great deal these past few days. Today I sat and watched a few episodes of ladies no1 detective agency. YAY! Good to see that they have kept it true to the books, the humor, the characters and the landscapes are all there. I like this a lot.

Im not up to cooking at the moment either. Ive been drawing a little bit and sleeping a lot. Mum bought the dog this cushion, i think she is in heaven.She absolutely loves it. I found her on it this morning. Right now shes on one of the couch cushions next to me. As cute as scoot can be.

A bit of tlc needs to be done to my herb garden this week. Dad is outside gardening. Nothing seems to hold him back although he should be taking it a bit easier than what he is. He wont be told though.

I have not gotten back to painting quite yet. Im sure I shall sometime soon though. Well anyway thats it for today,.


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