Thursday, May 27, 2010

short note

So I have been drawing a lot. I have not started yet. Its only 10:30 though.. I had a coffee with mum already, got some groceries almost fainted at the total though! Sheesh i know its the wrong season for tomatoes but I bought them anyhow for tomorrow nights dinner, roast tomato soup. I have not made it in a while.

So Im thinking of selling my work on ebay.. Its got to be easy, I think. I need ebay guide for dummies or something! Or maybe set up an account on made it, which is an australian version of etsy. I think its a lil dearer but atleast everything is in aussie dollars.

I got a cheap drawing pad. Its all they had at the news agents, im not happy jan about it though. It will do still better than A4 computer paper. So Im looking through the internet at other artists, i came across Poket in which is a group of artists that produce limited edition products. Its a nifty site.

Well its back to the drawing board for the moment....

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