Saturday, May 15, 2010


I can only say that the pumpkin crumble tasted like a herb pumpkin mess.. well thats the way it looks, it tastes ok though. Kinda planned meals for the week. Dhal, Leek and Potato Soup, Spinach and Feta Rice and Im not sure whatever else I am inspired to cook. I bought the master chef magazine today. Its quite good, informative and loads great recipes to try or for me to mess up!

So its great a got a spice cook book, a mortar and pestle plus I was going to buy a blank book to write recipes in but I received a parcel off nic trond and roman... it had two blank books in it and these beautiful earrings. Thank you so much everyone. Its funny I didnt have to buy these things that I wanted! They were given to me. So one book for cooking the other I think I will write some crappy poems in. Or use it as another inspirations book.

Ive had a fairly quiet day, watching a bit of the closer, reading, watching tv seeing that young girl achieve her dream of sailing solo around the globe. I have not played that much scrabble my percentage is down to 38% now. An all time low. Usually im around 43%. Oh well. I have all my work out on the table. I need a studio ergh. thats another thing. Im not sure what to save for next either o/s again or another exhibition. Im confuzzled and will have to set some more achievable goals me feel. Starting with my weight. I got depressed when i tried on all these dresses in the states and none fitted. OH well my fault for over indulging in all the wrong food and drink and lack of exercise.

Right now. Have scooter and well oliver for company. My choice. Im gonna go draw for a bit now.


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