Sunday, May 23, 2010


Went out today, after my appointment, i went to the shops, kind of went on a lil spending spree for mums birthday present. I got her some pjamas and this beautiful peach jumper... I let mum pick them out. After which she ended up buying this beautifully coloured dress and a black and white scarf. I ended up buying myself a top and the book i ordered. Funny that I only went to buy the book! Errrrmmm ooooopps!

So I have been reading the book, watching the closer and mum made scones for afternoon tea. They are deliciously light and yum. Im not sure about eating dinner though, so full from that. So now, I have a lil bit of drawing to do. Yes Im still obsessed by drawing owls. They are cute.

I am able to bake for toks again. There is a quiz night on wednesday to raise money for local families in need. I will see if i can go. I am not too sure. So i best get going now...

later alligator...

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