Friday, February 24, 2012


lately i have been drawing alot of buildings. A lot of my sketch is diverse I have not go stuck on just one thing. I shall be chugging along a lot more with it over the weekend. So I am yet to make the chilli paste as half the morning was taken up with house work. I watched unforgetable, another episode of revenge and one of ringer.

Mum made pasta for dinner using a bit too much chilli.. ho hum. Will right more later alligator.


I have not bought a dirt3 album since low` and dirty three collaberated a fair few years back now!However I may just buy their new one...I have to buy another ipod as the one I have is full.

I had a good day today, went to art group and am volunteering next
thursday. I made carrot cake... as im trying to use up all the produce from
the garden and not waste any of it. Wish you could have some roast tomato
soup which i froze...tomato relish, carrot cake im going to make charged up
chilli paste tomorrow using a fair few chillies from the garden. Tomorrow I
have my psychologist early morning.. good thing as its going to be 35!

Oh today I got the form to apply for some shelf space, they only take 20%
which is not so bad... I have to submit the form. So ill have some work
displayed their for a few months must make some more gift cards too. I have
barely any left. So I guess I am finally doing alot more art work. I have
filled so many journals its time to paint and take photos etc.. You would
love the seed we have put out for birds, we get rosellas... little
sparrows... and some unsual birds. We are going to buy a bird bath one of
these days. I have been drinking alot of lemon verbena and ginger which is
lovely. Strong mint tea.

We got some foam eskies so we are going to grow our own poatatoes.. broad
> beans... and we're not sure what else yet. I