Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ive been a bit down as of late, guess it must be the cold/sore throat thing I have. I have been super tired. However today Ive been feeling a lil better. I have been bumming around feeling a lil sorry for myself. Dwelling on the past and not moving on. Im at the coulda shoulda woulda but didnt kind of moments. Its all been playing in my head like some vivid movie. Its just those times I cant get back and can only move forward from.

I dfinished reading the latest installment of no1 ladies detective agency.. i enjoyed it ive got two books to go and then one to hunt down to read for away time.

So I did a lil gardening yesterday in my herb garden... clearing the path giving them all a good trimming back. I havent managed to get it under control yet. I moved the tarragon from under the MASSIVE lemon grass plant... i have grown lemon grass before but none as giant as this. I was reading that you have to protect it from winter frosts.. there is no way I can put it n a pot. I am constantly amazed at how a lot of the herbs have reseeded them selves. Dill is hiccaldy piccaldy as is the chamomile. The mint, apple mint, lemon balm, spearmint are kings of the garden.. the rule over the patch. However with equal beauty and elegance the lemon verbena is stunning and towers over everything, radiant and smiling. The mustard seeds that have flowered add a beautiful yellow colour. The lime tree, lovely in its white pot.. is growing nicely. I must add that all the aloe veras look happy in their new homes. Spiney but excellent for the skin, clears up rashes and burns..great healing properties.. is like a medicine chest for us here. The guards are the two pots of jade on the front door, for fortune and wealth.

I bought a packet of 40 bulbs of irises to plant too. So i simply must get a move on with that. Anyhow.. I have a pile or ironing sky high the back room looks like a laundry mat so i must be off...

out the door she goes... where to? Nobody knows...

Monday, March 29, 2010

so over

So over being so bloody tired. This bug i have got is making me sleep and sleep, cough and the dr told me my throat is a lil inflamed. Just what i needed to hear at this point in time. So no painting got done, i just sat reading, playing some scrabble and wasting time on fb.

I fancy a nice cup of chai, which i shall have tomorrow morning from my fav cafe. If i get up early enough and go down with mum. I like it there they have $2.50 coffee before 10am. Brings the customers in. The only thing i dislike about it is if you just miss getting in before a big order is made. Then one has to show patients and I tend to read the paper or something. They are a fairly busy cafe.. really here its the only cafe i really like. Some of the others are not so great, one of them has great coffee but crap food. I can tell you there are too many cafes in this town. For the population there are also too many fast food outlets here as well.'

here i am little lamb.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

so tired

So im going to write this in point form for the moment as im so damned tired still.

*went to bed at 9:30pm slept til 8:30am
*worked on painting a lil bit
*had lunch
*watched a movie

thats about it
ciao for now

Friday, March 26, 2010


I am a fan of a great writer Paulo Coelho on facebook. He puts out his thoughts everyday today its

It is easier to love than to be loved. Accept love: it will not wait at your doorstep forever.

Scotts and Jesses painting finished I photographed them both blues and pinks together.

I had a lifeless looking flat inked tree and in well not typical colours. So I have started shaping out the tree with a palette knife and these chunky paints that i found sitting in the bottom draw and am slowly going to add deeper browns and reds to it so it will morph into a stunning tree (i hope)

This is a background. Not sure what I am going to paint on there just yet. Will do some drawings tonight.

There is an unsmiling feeling around this house today. Nothin has gone right so far. Mum woke up to the sound of running water. To discover a burst pipe on the front lawn. not on the council side.. but on our side. Turned all the water off and at 8 promptly called the plumber. Who rocked up in a flash. Now he patched it up and said that all pipes will have to be redone another time. So he patched up and replaced what was necessary then left to go to another job.

Goody, running water again! Good O. Lucky i did all the washing yesterday. When dad was under the house he discovered another pipe leaking. Hmmph.. oh dear. So now.. let me see... the water was gushing out and the meeter was tick tick ticking over. The plumber cant make it here til monday yeps, great. Waterless. ergh.

The corriander i was going to make the soup with kind o wilted and died was all slimey so i cant makle the soup anymore..and im not up to cooking anything anyhow. I know how off kilter my food tastes when im not in the swing of things.

later gater

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Im feeling out of it still. This cold has got to go and go fast. I am so tired. Been staying awake all day really is quite taxing. I hope to sleep like a babe tonight, will load myself up with vix i think and that should work. I had a coughing fit at 4am and didnt get back to sleep til 5ish. Oh the joys of a cold.

I was going to go out tonight too. To an over 28s night, however its not a good look spluttering all over the place. Not attractive at all. So in a way its ok. I get to watch my favorite tv program which is 60 minute makeover and how not to decorate. Both shows are bloody hilarious. Some of the things they choose oh golly and holy molly. Worth tuning in to!

So its late now and I have finished watching my shows now the closer is on one of mums fav show Im so tired and sleepy had besty over and we just chatted and watched a bit of tv. Nothing riveting , atleast its better than a night out on the town where i would make my throat more sore. So its been a cosy night in.

Well the alternate space of dream is waiting.,. nighty night

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

out of it

Today i am totally whacked out of it. Im so sleepy. Still having headaches and tiredness that has seeped through to the bones. I did go out this morning, got mum and I our coffee, just dropped it off to mum at her work. Then I was looking around at shops for cards, as at this point i just choose not to make them. I found some stunning ones for pittance. So I got home.. wrote a few out.

I went into the newsagents also and was looking in their magazine bargain bin, and found this gardening one for a reduced price of $2, i got home and have been reading though it. Its great got lots of info on companion planting, herbs, how to grow fruit and veggies, its very informative not too many ads either. Found a book I would like to buy something called Spice Notes & Recipes.

I tried to have a nap, couldn't sleep so think i'll just keep going to the point where ya eyelids become glued shut. Well think I need a nice dose of mint tea.

ciao for now

point form

* stayed home nearly all day
*painted for an hour or so
*besty came over
*sat round chatting
*prepared tea
*sore throat not happy jan about it!
*went to toks meeting
*lost point 1 of a kg
*came home, had lemon honey black tea

just in brief for tonight will write it out better tomorrow, got a massive headache am off to bed

nighty night

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

out and about

Managed to get out and about today. Went to warragul, sat in a cafe and wrote a letter that is something I have not done in absolute years. I had a coffee, I needed a coffee as all mum and I have in the morning is a fruit smoothie and that is by no means my hit of caffeine, need an extra boost at times. I looked in the shopsbut did not buy anything..which is rare.

Upon waiting for a taxi home, this lady came up with her trolley said she had been waiting for a taxi for about an hour at the supermarket, but it never turned up. So she took her trolley here with her melting groceries and told us the story, she was very cross went on a rant how she dislikes this town and how glad she will be when she moves back etc. Just listened to her and let her have the next taxi home. So that was my good deed for the day.

I knew something was up with me this morning my throat feels like sandpaper and Im so bloody thirsty all the time. Tried to get rid of the soar throat but it doesn't seem to want to budge. I have gone a while without having a cold or anything. Its good that i have one now, better than having it at easter or o/s . My voice sounds raspy.' Got home and had a wholemeal wrap with vegemite on it. When im a lil sick i always turn to vegemite. Its probably a myth but it makes me feel a lil better. So ive been drinking lots of water will have to get some lozengers and have a lil honey and lemon black tea. I was so tired this afternoon i had a nan nap.

What are the things that make you feel better when a lil under the weather? I have been curling up with a book. What books? Light reading really. I'm so enjoying the current installment of no1 ladies detective agency, great read. I love the characters, they are wholesome and I cant wait to get the dvd when i go to the states. As bloody pay tv got the rights to it here. At cast tv i can only watch one episode. So i don't want to spoil it for myself.

Oh my number came up in powerball! YAY number 32! I will be 32 this year too. So i get to live as my fav number, perhaps it will be a lucky year. I don't know about these things though. I am super tired again and its on 7pmish ergh. How shall I stay awake? I know not.

write more later alligator

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today got up around 8ish. The cat, oliver knew their was something up. We picked him up and he scratched and bit mum, so we put took scooter instead. Had to take the pets to have their shots and deworming tablets. Scooter was remarkably good she sat their and didnt bounce around the car like i thought she would. She sat there all the way to traf even on the way home. Now as i type this she is sitting next to me sleeping it all off. As i sat there in the waiting room, a lady walked in with her pomerainian she sat next to me and started to talking. I had recognized her straight away. My old english and religion teacher from high school. She knew who i was too.. started talking to her. She asked if i was writing a lot, i said more painting than anything else, as she said that i loved to write. Of course I do. Im not that great, my imagination is all tied up at the moment! Well it feels that way anyhow.

Later today I did a lil bit of path clearing in my herb garden, so now the basil will grow with a lot more sun beaming down upon it. I have the curry plant and thai basil to plant too. I have a lovely pot filled with thyme, oregano, mint and rosemary. I have got a few pots of herbs on the go at the moment. So i did a lil gardening. Fed my lime tree some seasol solution, some citrus feed and some mulch so hopefully it will cheer up. (fingers crossed)(sorry lou)

So i didn't go swimming , as i did all the running about this morning. I had lunch out and started my food diary, i had a wrap for dinner with salad and little lamb. So im writing everything down now. Its amazing how extensive the list is! errmmm ooopsies. So now the hunt is on to create something out of the massive amount of chillies from the garden. I think an oil or even pickling them might be in order.

thats it for now somehow.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

shopped out

Yesterday I woke up from solid sleep. No dreams or anything, it was 9amish which is unusual for me. Im usually an early bird. So went to mid valley with mum and besty, first stop, shoes. Got some winter weight one. Suede the are like heaters though so i wont be wearing them o/s as they keep the toes nice and toasty..and im positive spring weather over there wont be kind to me if i wear them there. They are black of course. My favorite shade. Pretty.I bought the best deep colour red pot to go with my succulent that has a red tip on the edge of the leaf. Dad pointed out that one of my succulent pots has gone missing. Well I have so many pots of succulents that I hadn't noticed. Besty stayed for the whole day and evening. Which is good as I enjoy her company muchly. We just sat round chatting about all sorts of things.

I bought a book too (no suprises their either) cept that it is a novel of short stories about love. I guess it fills a gap in my life. I have already decided a few things within myself. So I just finished a novel called The Gourmet, a fiction book he is France's greatest food critic and has eaten some of the worlds finest food. He is wanting to relive his experiences of some of the food he has eaten and wants to taste dishes one more time before he dies. I am also reading a book entitled Cleo The Cat Who Mended A Family I have only read the first few pages so far. Now the search is on to find a book to take with me on my travels. Perhaps either a few easy reads or a serious novel. Not quite sure yet, I have 3 weeks to find something.

Its been such a lazy sunday. I have done nothing too exciting other than stay home and draw, look up recipes, read, chat, write a few letters. I re-potted the and yes, it does look radiant in that pot. I am quite happy with that. I was supposed to be in the city this weekend, plans fell through however which is a good thing in a way.. ie money factor. Id have to hock a few paintings or something. I am currently waiting for mum to get home with some of the nigella nutella cup cakes that besty made. YUM.I am waiting am waiting and waiting. I know how good this cake is, as I have made it before. I am making it for easter.

I have been told that the only things I am allowed to cook now is from the weight watchers cook book. Hmmph. Yeah Yeah. Well i have lost 1.4 kgs in three weeks.
So I have planned two meals from that. I have all the ingredients. I am mainly cooking from the herbs and pantry items this week. But NO polenta. I have come to the conclusion I HATE the taste of it. Ive had it baked with chilli, yuck, I even roasted it nicely in the oven with rosemary and i still didn't like the taste. I just do not like the flavor of it. So I have saved one block of it, its in the freezer.

Welpers must go join the show

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I was outside doing a spot of gardening today, in my herb patch i noticed a vine like plant had crept around my lemon verbena tree. Hmmph. I only remember planting them at the back so they would creep up along the fence line. So how on earth it landed in the middle of the apple mint i shall never know. Possibly a bird or um dad! I have potted up some more herbs. So this afternoon I pulled out some succulents to re-pot them, i divided up my aloes. Sheesh i have fair few of them. I gave the big one a new home. It drastically needed it too, poor thing in that cramped lil pot.

The aroma wafting out of the kitchen is lovely. I made this odd recipe for olive and oregano bread it uses a lil egg white, milk and butter (melted) so its almost like a cake.. but a dough/batter. I cant wait to try it. Though it only made one loaf. Its more like a giant scone, a crumbly and a very very very salty. The texture is correct bit its oh SO salty I had to throw the whole thing out. I'm thinking now i know why they only put a smidge of olives in the bread. Its in edible. One more disaster to add to my list!

For dinner im making a pear and rocket salad with some fish. Its a really simple salad which is taken from the free coles magazine can you believe. They have some great recipes in there at times. Its just pot luck really. Same with recipes plus. I must buy some other cook books. Especially some jam ones/pesto. I did peruse the shelves at the opshop.. no luck. I found a 70s Margeret Fullton cookbook but left it there.

I had a fab sleep last night.. went to bed at midnight woke up at what i thought was 4am.. as it was still dark.. but it was actually 6:30am, just getting used to it being that way.

here i am...

So i went along to toks (take of kilos sensibly) group last night.. It was good to see that no 32 (my fav number of all time) was free in powerball.. so I chose it to be my number... beating besty at choosing that number as its her fav as well. I dont know why i like that number, just has a good feel to it. Oh i entered the raffle and I won a packet of white chocolate tim tams.. (oh the irony) which are in the fridge and am giving them to dad.

Had besty over for morning tea, lemon curd + meringue =s yum. Plus when I have sweet things I prefer a lovely cup of strong black english breakfast tea. I like the savory/sweet as it creates equilibrium. Sat around chatting for a while,had some um pizza for lunch.

Had to go down the street too, so we walked. I didnt feel like it but made myself go. to the opshops, I looked but i did not buy anything.(though i spotted some nice glass candle holders)( may have to go back there an buy them tomorrow) Finally bought the food and exercise diary so i can start recording everything.

Im not going to join the gym but I am going to go swimming at least once a week. Well sounds like a plan. Just have to make it eventuate. I wonder if I will greet the pool like an old friend,, like it was about 10 years ago. We (well the four of us ) in my family grew up going to swimming carnivals and the like. All of us were lil fishies. I always wished i could be as fast as others, was always told that you swim for yourself and try to beat your own times. I wasn't the fastest by no means. My older sister is though. So i wonder if I will have Murakami kind of moments, (from what i think about when i am running) (something like that) or even some sort of path clearing moments.

Though I got no painting done, what so ever. I will tomorrow.

i have this quote in my head and im not sure who its by but its just repeating in my head over and over. (if you know who its by let me know)I'll finish up with it tonight.

"here i am little lamb"


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

colour clash

I thought that the darker colour would be better on the pinks but oh bother its totally wrong. Judge for yourselves. I think that anyhow. I'll have to start another one, perhaps on a smaller canvas.

I only made meringues to go with the lemon sauce of course! I should have made a spare one to try but i thought i'd better not. I mixed a lil of the sauce in a french vanilla yohgurt .. heavenly. I had a phone call from one of mums friends, they love the pesto, relish and lemon saucy butter I made. Saying I should go into business , or when I'm opening a cafe they will book seats there. I could never handle pressure well. I crumble and ring friends and family when i feel something doesn't work. Besty is a bible for cooking at times.

I ve not been reading so much these past few days. I'll have to look for a good book to take with me on my travels. Im still a lil nervous about going. Im not sure how i'm going to go though. Shall see I guess. Its getting closer and closer each day is one step.

ciao for now


Well lemon curd turned out more into a real lemon (a dud) Its more of a sauce. I think I put too much liquid into it. It was a slightly sweet but tart taste. I am making a dessert with it tomorrow as it is pizza night. Yeah great start to a diet al!

Doesn't matter, I was painting out under the eves and it was like a sweat lodge phew. I managed to go over the white and add one layer of colour. It slowly taking shape and adding depth. I must paint in the morning since its going to be days like these.

I will write more tomorrow. I am quite tired. I survived off of one coffee.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Mum got some help and shaped a tree outside the front. The next thing i know the chainsaw started up... much to my sheer horror. I hate them. I had a chainsaw accident when I was a kid, it went trough my fingers unto which the drs said it was a miricle that none of my fingers were chopped off. Given that. I shudder when I hear that sound. So i stayed clear and inside.

Today I made the fig and olive relish, which I like. I made the purple basil pesto.. which mum likes best. I did a little painting... not as much of a productive day as I would have hoped.

I had a few teary moments today though. Made me want to curl up in bed and wish the world away. That's about it for now.

cat word play



So had to fill in a visas for us for o/s instead of Quantas airways I made a slight error on dads and managed to put dad on Qatars Airlines instead. It wasn't til after that i realised, if i had not of corrected my mistake, dad would be on his way to some arabic country, either that or he would do a molly melrdum and be sent back to oz on the next flight. Which would cheer him up no end.

I spent the day at home, started painting in the afternoon, got all the background done for my paintings. The blue one I have done all the white leaves, though Im going to go over them again. Tomorrow I shall start on the pink one.

I have not made the olive fig relish yet, as just stayed home today. Not that I had a very productive one. I wrote some letters to my pen pals.

Write more later. gater.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shoe - In

So went to go shoe shopping today. My old shoes are looking a bit tatty. So I have to get some new ones to wear, instead I ended up buying some more canvas, paint and a lovely deep purple cardie. So my top is a real shoein for the shoes i never did find.

I started to paint this afternoon only got to do about half an hour or so and had to come inside due to voices buzzing around my head. Possibly the music from next door, possibly the birds. I retreated and have been looking up recipes for chilli, lemons (as i was given a great big bag). Found a few gems, me thinks.

I havent been watching what I have been eating. I start the diary i forget the diary. I should stick to the diary! So now what? Well its quite getting late here.
Im a lil trired.

nighty night

Thursday, March 11, 2010

lil bit

Ok so this is the mock up that will hopefully eventuate into a main painting. I like the layering of the three shades. I want to make the line the stalk thinner. Im not sure.

I was randomly reading blogs for a lil bit today and stumbled across this woman who has the most beautifully styled food blog/recipes. Not ordinary food. I love the way she writes, think it will be part of my daily reading.



back drop

This is the background to a picture i have in my head. Well the inspiration comes from my pjamas. I have the sticks and leaves all over them and i thought that it would be good to do a few like that. So i will.. its going to be a 3 colour/shades of blue for one of them and then perhaps shades of green.

I have started my food diary now. So just like this I will keep writin. I got a free 10smacker spotlight card today. Goody, i need a paint brush or to that will pay for half a good one.

I found this excellent magazine put out by a chemist. Really good read. Has lots of hints and tips in it. Its different for those candy rotting womens trashy magazines. (that i like to buy)(i poor at the moment) (must find some sort of money tree) (know of any?)

Welpers its getting late so im going to get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

carrot soup

Here is a recipe for carrot soup.

6 carrots, chopped
1 leak, washed and chopped
4cm of ginger, grated
a lil curry powder
2 cloves garlic
2 cups stock
2 cups water
a lil pepper

1. Add carrots, ginger, garlic, leek to pot. Add a lil curry powder too. Cook for around eight minutes or until carrots have softened a lil
2. Add stock and water bring to boil, turn down, cover and simmer for 20 minutes, stirring sometimes.
3. blend carrot soup, serve with sour cream (we have left over mascapone cheese)

I got this off taste website but just added a few other bits and pieces to it. I think ive put a lil much curry powder in it. Mum and I shall eat it though, dad erm not so much.

Even stevenS

So today I started to paint, just some mock ups of some ideas i have floating around my head. Im going to paint the pattern that are on my pjamas, really delicate leaves overlapping eachother. So i will hang them on the washing line under the eves where is can look as i go.

There is too much rich food in this house at the moment! I tell yer.. when allen and lou are here the fridge is well stocked with only gourmet food. It fails to help my cause when i am so weak willed and chose the wrong items to eat! I made both besty and i smoked salmon , chives , a lil mayo on sorj bread. There is a mountain of smoked salmon to eat and Im the only one who likes it in this house!

Upon there being so much rich food. I made a delicious chive and parsley damper. It tastes great with a lil butter (naughty me) We had a lil for afternoon tea then saved the rest for dinner. I made 3 bake beans from scratch (donna hay) so so yummy. I will be living off them for the next few days, as poor as i am! So tomorrows damper is going to olive and rosemary i think.

So after besty and I went to TOKS meeting. Walking there. The views from that bridge near her house is amazing you can see over everything... best shots of the sky from there for sure. I jumped on the scales there , I KNOW i have indulged in A LOT of shitty fatty foods. I said to the lady, ive probably put on a kg. To my sheer delight it was even stevens, not a gain not a loss.. excellent. I know i havent been sticking to the 1200 calorie diet. I have the book I just havent used it um very um well.

So i guess i have to think seriously about everything I put in my mouth. From a pea to an apple from apple to bread from bread to meat. EVERYTHING the lady there says once you read your limit you have to STOP. Well i haven't aS yet. Ive been winging it for two weeks!

well its late

time for bed sleepy head

Monday, March 8, 2010


I went to warragul today, I went to go to this cafe/bookstore... only now its just astraight cafe, i was slightly disappointed. However the coffee was strong. I stumbled on an art/ framing shop bought some tiny brushes so i can do the detail on the umbrellas a little better, I have a few canvasses in mind. Just have to draw them out.

So I kept myself busy enough, i used the rest of this seasons crop to create another lot of spicy chutney/ jam. In between I read the local paper, looked at some of the oscar gowns that the women wore, sheesh some of them are questionable. Mostly I noticed they were mainly all long and elegant.

Its another grey day, Its so windy outside i don't think Ill be doing any painting as i have to do that under the eves. I know,I know poor excuse. Im so glad I didn't go to the wine and food show. I would have eaten heaps, and put on more weight. I saw the amount that lou and allen bought and mum apparently tried everything, came home a lil tipsy( me thinks).

I figured out what to do with the books i don't want anymore either put them in the swap box at the library or donate them to toks so they can sell them at a stall to help raise funds for charity. Especially all the archer ones ive nearly read through half his novels. Just have the prison diaries to go. Funny enough I love his short stories the best.

write more later alligator

Sunday, March 7, 2010

along nicely

These are the canvasses on day two of painting them! I love the blue more than the pink one. Some of the lines on the pink are too thick. It looks like a lil kid has come to paint. Which is not such a bad thing i suppose. I will be sketching out ideas now for another piece that i have in mind. I worked all morning right til now.

Oh Yesterday I baked a cake,, oohhh what a bloody mess i made. I put it into the cheesecake tin thinking that was going to be deep enough.. tapped the bottom of it..and the bloody thing the cake mix went everywhere. You should have seen the bench. I managed to salvage half of it , put it in another tin and well... yes, i burnt it a little. You should have seen the dog, she was in heaven, after she looked so cute half her ear had chocolate on it and somehow so did her back. It was so funny, there were a few swearwords out of my mouth that's for bloody sure. It was bradleys birthday cake too. Grrr. So I should have just bought one instead of making one. Man oh man sure wasn't my day for cooking.

be back soonish
gone to follow the moonish

Saturday, March 6, 2010

works in progress

these are what I am working on at the moment. They are ideal for lil kids rooms or something.

the night wind howls come thunder, cometh rain

The evening has commeth with a beautiful free light show across the night sky.. if you look to the mountain rangers its quite spetacular. The grasses will certainly be turning green after the amount of rain we have been having, lets hope that the catchment areas get the most water.

It is morning now and still somewhat dark outside, there were thunderstorms and lightening still, when i woke up at 4:30am. (dont ask why i got up) (I attempted to watch a movie... i lasted about 30 minutes and that was it, back to bed) Perhaps it will ease off at time ticks on.

So I have written a few letters to my pen pals, am reading Alexander Mccallsmiths new installment in his series of No1 Ladies Detective Agency. Its a great read, I love these books and the way he uses his imagination to recreate parts of africa and some addictive characters. I cant wait to get the short mini series they made out of these books. Unfort. though pay tv bought the rights here grrrrr so when I am in the states I shall hunt for it there. I logged on to his website only to my sheer horror he had given two talks here in feburary! ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That is so not fair. So I am on the mailing list now, I wont miss out next time. I also put myself on Haruki Murakami list too.

Cometh rain. Now cometh sun slowly slipping itself between the dark clouds. Its now 10amish sunday. I managed to do the back ground of the two canvasses one light pink the other a lovely shade of light blue.. i made some rain out of the pure shimmer pigments I have got. I will be able to finish painting the outline to them shortly.\
I will take some photographs later today. I havde been mixing a lil black calligraphy ink with some black paint.. works out a beautiful smooth lines. These are acrylic, I have the background in oils ready to go after I finish.

It have not written a poem in quite some years, yet as of late I have been penning quite a few. I won't subject you to them as they are not that grand. I cannot believe its only under 5 weeks til I go o/s its creeping up slowly. I shall stop here now for the moment.

in a while crocadile

Friday, March 5, 2010

my morning

It's early, i'm up. Not sure why on a saturday I couldn't sleep beyond 6:30am. Its now almost 9. I glanced at my books on the shelf, I know I am a heavy reader. Most of the books are new, library? Yes a walk in one stop shop. Though mainly fiction, a few art books, some true stories and my all time fav graphic novel by neil gaiman called The Dream Hunters. Its pretty amazing.

So I feel a lil more earthy and grounded right now. The way I should be most of the time, I would say I am patient, its a good thing to have. I am going to start painting very shortly, these umbreallas I had start on Scotts and Jessicas painting.

I have been listening to Florence + the machine on high rotation . I simply love her voice and the lyrics are great too. Some are very cheeky.

write more late alligator

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yesterday I was so scatterbrained , I realised how much I repeated myself. Im not going to fix it either I will just leave that entry the way it is. I have made the chocolate mud cakes a little too muddy, im going to ice them tonight. However the consistancy is ok but they tastes a bit too chocolaty.. I have more ingredients so if these ones are a total write off I can make more. I am going to ice them and give them away if Mum says they are no good... dad said they are ok, but a bit too mud like! OOppps. Yet I have made this before time and time again. Im not sure what ive done wrong and all too often I panic.

I also to kill some time made basil pesto. I must add its lacking something. I am making another batch of tomato chilli jam this weekend. I found a Donna Hay recipe, chillie and lemongrass prawns.. perfect dish to cook Louise and Allen, as they are down visiting.

I bought the calorie counter book yesterday. Im not even going to stick to it today, Ive eaten a cupcake, had a small bit of lemon basil pesto with a lil chicken on a sorj bread wrap. Had one lil easter egg.. so Im probably easily up to 1000 calories! Um oopps. I will have to start cleaning the house up a bit shortly and begin painting again.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Ive been slacking off lately. With this, new blog and ive been keeping my mitts out of trouble. I went to see the movie The Blind Side, quite an inspirational true story. I have made a few things, bought my self a good blender. Now I have made lemon basil pesto.. with a tad much lemon... you cant have it by itself, must have it with some meat or pasta.. the finish is too zesty with a hit of parmesan cheese. I made a delicious pumpkin risotto.

We had no internet for about 4days. So i got broke out the cookbooks and pawed over them. Read a fair bit, went through a book or two. I am now counting calories.. max of 1200 a day. I did not count them for the first week.. i was sure i had gained an extra kilo or so. However it was not the case. I almost lost a kilo, which isn't so bad. They say in the first 3 weeks you only lose fluid so it doesnt really count.

It got me thinking, i should just start what i always used to do.. walk and walk and walk. I used to walk everywhere.. from the city back to preston, northcote. Agh those were the beloved days. I miss them so. I got (of course) the donna hay magazine for the first time in long time. I think its cause she has 50 fast meals.
I also got my trash fix by the new idea.

So now. I am going to go and have a nana nap. Im quite tired.