Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Ive been slacking off lately. With this, new blog and ive been keeping my mitts out of trouble. I went to see the movie The Blind Side, quite an inspirational true story. I have made a few things, bought my self a good blender. Now I have made lemon basil pesto.. with a tad much lemon... you cant have it by itself, must have it with some meat or pasta.. the finish is too zesty with a hit of parmesan cheese. I made a delicious pumpkin risotto.

We had no internet for about 4days. So i got broke out the cookbooks and pawed over them. Read a fair bit, went through a book or two. I am now counting calories.. max of 1200 a day. I did not count them for the first week.. i was sure i had gained an extra kilo or so. However it was not the case. I almost lost a kilo, which isn't so bad. They say in the first 3 weeks you only lose fluid so it doesnt really count.

It got me thinking, i should just start what i always used to do.. walk and walk and walk. I used to walk everywhere.. from the city back to preston, northcote. Agh those were the beloved days. I miss them so. I got (of course) the donna hay magazine for the first time in long time. I think its cause she has 50 fast meals.
I also got my trash fix by the new idea.

So now. I am going to go and have a nana nap. Im quite tired.


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