Thursday, March 25, 2010


Im feeling out of it still. This cold has got to go and go fast. I am so tired. Been staying awake all day really is quite taxing. I hope to sleep like a babe tonight, will load myself up with vix i think and that should work. I had a coughing fit at 4am and didnt get back to sleep til 5ish. Oh the joys of a cold.

I was going to go out tonight too. To an over 28s night, however its not a good look spluttering all over the place. Not attractive at all. So in a way its ok. I get to watch my favorite tv program which is 60 minute makeover and how not to decorate. Both shows are bloody hilarious. Some of the things they choose oh golly and holy molly. Worth tuning in to!

So its late now and I have finished watching my shows now the closer is on one of mums fav show Im so tired and sleepy had besty over and we just chatted and watched a bit of tv. Nothing riveting , atleast its better than a night out on the town where i would make my throat more sore. So its been a cosy night in.

Well the alternate space of dream is waiting.,. nighty night

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