Monday, March 29, 2010

so over

So over being so bloody tired. This bug i have got is making me sleep and sleep, cough and the dr told me my throat is a lil inflamed. Just what i needed to hear at this point in time. So no painting got done, i just sat reading, playing some scrabble and wasting time on fb.

I fancy a nice cup of chai, which i shall have tomorrow morning from my fav cafe. If i get up early enough and go down with mum. I like it there they have $2.50 coffee before 10am. Brings the customers in. The only thing i dislike about it is if you just miss getting in before a big order is made. Then one has to show patients and I tend to read the paper or something. They are a fairly busy cafe.. really here its the only cafe i really like. Some of the others are not so great, one of them has great coffee but crap food. I can tell you there are too many cafes in this town. For the population there are also too many fast food outlets here as well.'

here i am little lamb.

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