Saturday, March 20, 2010

shopped out

Yesterday I woke up from solid sleep. No dreams or anything, it was 9amish which is unusual for me. Im usually an early bird. So went to mid valley with mum and besty, first stop, shoes. Got some winter weight one. Suede the are like heaters though so i wont be wearing them o/s as they keep the toes nice and toasty..and im positive spring weather over there wont be kind to me if i wear them there. They are black of course. My favorite shade. Pretty.I bought the best deep colour red pot to go with my succulent that has a red tip on the edge of the leaf. Dad pointed out that one of my succulent pots has gone missing. Well I have so many pots of succulents that I hadn't noticed. Besty stayed for the whole day and evening. Which is good as I enjoy her company muchly. We just sat round chatting about all sorts of things.

I bought a book too (no suprises their either) cept that it is a novel of short stories about love. I guess it fills a gap in my life. I have already decided a few things within myself. So I just finished a novel called The Gourmet, a fiction book he is France's greatest food critic and has eaten some of the worlds finest food. He is wanting to relive his experiences of some of the food he has eaten and wants to taste dishes one more time before he dies. I am also reading a book entitled Cleo The Cat Who Mended A Family I have only read the first few pages so far. Now the search is on to find a book to take with me on my travels. Perhaps either a few easy reads or a serious novel. Not quite sure yet, I have 3 weeks to find something.

Its been such a lazy sunday. I have done nothing too exciting other than stay home and draw, look up recipes, read, chat, write a few letters. I re-potted the and yes, it does look radiant in that pot. I am quite happy with that. I was supposed to be in the city this weekend, plans fell through however which is a good thing in a way.. ie money factor. Id have to hock a few paintings or something. I am currently waiting for mum to get home with some of the nigella nutella cup cakes that besty made. YUM.I am waiting am waiting and waiting. I know how good this cake is, as I have made it before. I am making it for easter.

I have been told that the only things I am allowed to cook now is from the weight watchers cook book. Hmmph. Yeah Yeah. Well i have lost 1.4 kgs in three weeks.
So I have planned two meals from that. I have all the ingredients. I am mainly cooking from the herbs and pantry items this week. But NO polenta. I have come to the conclusion I HATE the taste of it. Ive had it baked with chilli, yuck, I even roasted it nicely in the oven with rosemary and i still didn't like the taste. I just do not like the flavor of it. So I have saved one block of it, its in the freezer.

Welpers must go join the show

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