Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ive been a bit down as of late, guess it must be the cold/sore throat thing I have. I have been super tired. However today Ive been feeling a lil better. I have been bumming around feeling a lil sorry for myself. Dwelling on the past and not moving on. Im at the coulda shoulda woulda but didnt kind of moments. Its all been playing in my head like some vivid movie. Its just those times I cant get back and can only move forward from.

I dfinished reading the latest installment of no1 ladies detective agency.. i enjoyed it ive got two books to go and then one to hunt down to read for away time.

So I did a lil gardening yesterday in my herb garden... clearing the path giving them all a good trimming back. I havent managed to get it under control yet. I moved the tarragon from under the MASSIVE lemon grass plant... i have grown lemon grass before but none as giant as this. I was reading that you have to protect it from winter frosts.. there is no way I can put it n a pot. I am constantly amazed at how a lot of the herbs have reseeded them selves. Dill is hiccaldy piccaldy as is the chamomile. The mint, apple mint, lemon balm, spearmint are kings of the garden.. the rule over the patch. However with equal beauty and elegance the lemon verbena is stunning and towers over everything, radiant and smiling. The mustard seeds that have flowered add a beautiful yellow colour. The lime tree, lovely in its white pot.. is growing nicely. I must add that all the aloe veras look happy in their new homes. Spiney but excellent for the skin, clears up rashes and burns..great healing properties.. is like a medicine chest for us here. The guards are the two pots of jade on the front door, for fortune and wealth.

I bought a packet of 40 bulbs of irises to plant too. So i simply must get a move on with that. Anyhow.. I have a pile or ironing sky high the back room looks like a laundry mat so i must be off...

out the door she goes... where to? Nobody knows...

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