Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yesterday I was so scatterbrained , I realised how much I repeated myself. Im not going to fix it either I will just leave that entry the way it is. I have made the chocolate mud cakes a little too muddy, im going to ice them tonight. However the consistancy is ok but they tastes a bit too chocolaty.. I have more ingredients so if these ones are a total write off I can make more. I am going to ice them and give them away if Mum says they are no good... dad said they are ok, but a bit too mud like! OOppps. Yet I have made this before time and time again. Im not sure what ive done wrong and all too often I panic.

I also to kill some time made basil pesto. I must add its lacking something. I am making another batch of tomato chilli jam this weekend. I found a Donna Hay recipe, chillie and lemongrass prawns.. perfect dish to cook Louise and Allen, as they are down visiting.

I bought the calorie counter book yesterday. Im not even going to stick to it today, Ive eaten a cupcake, had a small bit of lemon basil pesto with a lil chicken on a sorj bread wrap. Had one lil easter egg.. so Im probably easily up to 1000 calories! Um oopps. I will have to start cleaning the house up a bit shortly and begin painting again.



  1. Hi Ally... I've got a challenge for you. I want to see a blog entry with no reference to food! ;o) Paul xoxo

  2. lol agh that is certainly a challenge!