Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Even stevenS

So today I started to paint, just some mock ups of some ideas i have floating around my head. Im going to paint the pattern that are on my pjamas, really delicate leaves overlapping eachother. So i will hang them on the washing line under the eves where is can look as i go.

There is too much rich food in this house at the moment! I tell yer.. when allen and lou are here the fridge is well stocked with only gourmet food. It fails to help my cause when i am so weak willed and chose the wrong items to eat! I made both besty and i smoked salmon , chives , a lil mayo on sorj bread. There is a mountain of smoked salmon to eat and Im the only one who likes it in this house!

Upon there being so much rich food. I made a delicious chive and parsley damper. It tastes great with a lil butter (naughty me) We had a lil for afternoon tea then saved the rest for dinner. I made 3 bake beans from scratch (donna hay) so so yummy. I will be living off them for the next few days, as poor as i am! So tomorrows damper is going to olive and rosemary i think.

So after besty and I went to TOKS meeting. Walking there. The views from that bridge near her house is amazing you can see over everything... best shots of the sky from there for sure. I jumped on the scales there , I KNOW i have indulged in A LOT of shitty fatty foods. I said to the lady, ive probably put on a kg. To my sheer delight it was even stevens, not a gain not a loss.. excellent. I know i havent been sticking to the 1200 calorie diet. I have the book I just havent used it um very um well.

So i guess i have to think seriously about everything I put in my mouth. From a pea to an apple from apple to bread from bread to meat. EVERYTHING the lady there says once you read your limit you have to STOP. Well i haven't aS yet. Ive been winging it for two weeks!

well its late

time for bed sleepy head

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