Wednesday, March 24, 2010

out of it

Today i am totally whacked out of it. Im so sleepy. Still having headaches and tiredness that has seeped through to the bones. I did go out this morning, got mum and I our coffee, just dropped it off to mum at her work. Then I was looking around at shops for cards, as at this point i just choose not to make them. I found some stunning ones for pittance. So I got home.. wrote a few out.

I went into the newsagents also and was looking in their magazine bargain bin, and found this gardening one for a reduced price of $2, i got home and have been reading though it. Its great got lots of info on companion planting, herbs, how to grow fruit and veggies, its very informative not too many ads either. Found a book I would like to buy something called Spice Notes & Recipes.

I tried to have a nap, couldn't sleep so think i'll just keep going to the point where ya eyelids become glued shut. Well think I need a nice dose of mint tea.

ciao for now

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