Thursday, March 18, 2010


I was outside doing a spot of gardening today, in my herb patch i noticed a vine like plant had crept around my lemon verbena tree. Hmmph. I only remember planting them at the back so they would creep up along the fence line. So how on earth it landed in the middle of the apple mint i shall never know. Possibly a bird or um dad! I have potted up some more herbs. So this afternoon I pulled out some succulents to re-pot them, i divided up my aloes. Sheesh i have fair few of them. I gave the big one a new home. It drastically needed it too, poor thing in that cramped lil pot.

The aroma wafting out of the kitchen is lovely. I made this odd recipe for olive and oregano bread it uses a lil egg white, milk and butter (melted) so its almost like a cake.. but a dough/batter. I cant wait to try it. Though it only made one loaf. Its more like a giant scone, a crumbly and a very very very salty. The texture is correct bit its oh SO salty I had to throw the whole thing out. I'm thinking now i know why they only put a smidge of olives in the bread. Its in edible. One more disaster to add to my list!

For dinner im making a pear and rocket salad with some fish. Its a really simple salad which is taken from the free coles magazine can you believe. They have some great recipes in there at times. Its just pot luck really. Same with recipes plus. I must buy some other cook books. Especially some jam ones/pesto. I did peruse the shelves at the opshop.. no luck. I found a 70s Margeret Fullton cookbook but left it there.

I had a fab sleep last night.. went to bed at midnight woke up at what i thought was 4am.. as it was still dark.. but it was actually 6:30am, just getting used to it being that way.

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