Thursday, March 11, 2010

back drop

This is the background to a picture i have in my head. Well the inspiration comes from my pjamas. I have the sticks and leaves all over them and i thought that it would be good to do a few like that. So i will.. its going to be a 3 colour/shades of blue for one of them and then perhaps shades of green.

I have started my food diary now. So just like this I will keep writin. I got a free 10smacker spotlight card today. Goody, i need a paint brush or to that will pay for half a good one.

I found this excellent magazine put out by a chemist. Really good read. Has lots of hints and tips in it. Its different for those candy rotting womens trashy magazines. (that i like to buy)(i poor at the moment) (must find some sort of money tree) (know of any?)

Welpers its getting late so im going to get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I truly wish I could paint, draw, write, write music...anything artistic...but I do have the love of art so keep creating for all us wishers!