Sunday, March 7, 2010

along nicely

These are the canvasses on day two of painting them! I love the blue more than the pink one. Some of the lines on the pink are too thick. It looks like a lil kid has come to paint. Which is not such a bad thing i suppose. I will be sketching out ideas now for another piece that i have in mind. I worked all morning right til now.

Oh Yesterday I baked a cake,, oohhh what a bloody mess i made. I put it into the cheesecake tin thinking that was going to be deep enough.. tapped the bottom of it..and the bloody thing the cake mix went everywhere. You should have seen the bench. I managed to salvage half of it , put it in another tin and well... yes, i burnt it a little. You should have seen the dog, she was in heaven, after she looked so cute half her ear had chocolate on it and somehow so did her back. It was so funny, there were a few swearwords out of my mouth that's for bloody sure. It was bradleys birthday cake too. Grrr. So I should have just bought one instead of making one. Man oh man sure wasn't my day for cooking.

be back soonish
gone to follow the moonish

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