Friday, March 5, 2010

my morning

It's early, i'm up. Not sure why on a saturday I couldn't sleep beyond 6:30am. Its now almost 9. I glanced at my books on the shelf, I know I am a heavy reader. Most of the books are new, library? Yes a walk in one stop shop. Though mainly fiction, a few art books, some true stories and my all time fav graphic novel by neil gaiman called The Dream Hunters. Its pretty amazing.

So I feel a lil more earthy and grounded right now. The way I should be most of the time, I would say I am patient, its a good thing to have. I am going to start painting very shortly, these umbreallas I had start on Scotts and Jessicas painting.

I have been listening to Florence + the machine on high rotation . I simply love her voice and the lyrics are great too. Some are very cheeky.

write more late alligator

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