Sunday, March 14, 2010


So had to fill in a visas for us for o/s instead of Quantas airways I made a slight error on dads and managed to put dad on Qatars Airlines instead. It wasn't til after that i realised, if i had not of corrected my mistake, dad would be on his way to some arabic country, either that or he would do a molly melrdum and be sent back to oz on the next flight. Which would cheer him up no end.

I spent the day at home, started painting in the afternoon, got all the background done for my paintings. The blue one I have done all the white leaves, though Im going to go over them again. Tomorrow I shall start on the pink one.

I have not made the olive fig relish yet, as just stayed home today. Not that I had a very productive one. I wrote some letters to my pen pals.

Write more later. gater.

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