Monday, March 8, 2010


I went to warragul today, I went to go to this cafe/bookstore... only now its just astraight cafe, i was slightly disappointed. However the coffee was strong. I stumbled on an art/ framing shop bought some tiny brushes so i can do the detail on the umbrellas a little better, I have a few canvasses in mind. Just have to draw them out.

So I kept myself busy enough, i used the rest of this seasons crop to create another lot of spicy chutney/ jam. In between I read the local paper, looked at some of the oscar gowns that the women wore, sheesh some of them are questionable. Mostly I noticed they were mainly all long and elegant.

Its another grey day, Its so windy outside i don't think Ill be doing any painting as i have to do that under the eves. I know,I know poor excuse. Im so glad I didn't go to the wine and food show. I would have eaten heaps, and put on more weight. I saw the amount that lou and allen bought and mum apparently tried everything, came home a lil tipsy( me thinks).

I figured out what to do with the books i don't want anymore either put them in the swap box at the library or donate them to toks so they can sell them at a stall to help raise funds for charity. Especially all the archer ones ive nearly read through half his novels. Just have the prison diaries to go. Funny enough I love his short stories the best.

write more later alligator

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