Saturday, May 19, 2012

here, there

Went to the city on tuesday , mainly to shop. Had a lovely morning tea out then in praran then headed back into the city and had went to manchester press for lunch, a lovely cafe down the back laneway. Delicious food there and apparently beautiful coffee too but we only had bagels.. which are the main bulk of their menu. I had an avacado, chilli and green rocket with pine nut one. Mum had a choritzio and cheese one, good food.. youngish crowd mum kinda felt out of place.

 I will write more later aligator

Sunday, May 13, 2012


She travels on the train and a man pretends to fishing on the train with two rods.. inter changing them all the time... no hooks just wood at the end of them.He is old and bearded, his eyes look as if they have seen many a story and shed love to know what tales he could tell.His jacket, blue and trouses well worn. As the train pulled into the station she saw a 60 year old lady wearing all white and angel wings on her back, kept her mind ticking. Wondering, lost in thoughts.. blink and she may have missed the vision. Blurred lines between reality and tricks.. she kind of pinched herself to make sure she was awake. With an "ouch" mumbled to herself she knew she was wide eyed and bushy tailed... possibly regretting that coffee shed had that morning. Its interesing she thought, how some block off the world and tune out completely, some sleep, others lost in deep conversation..others lost in someones imaginary landscapes of books. So many variations of what we do when we travel. She reaches her destination, city. The looming city presents a whole other labrinth and infinite possibilities. ************

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hello again me, checking in. Had morning tea with mum and carol boweler at her work. Then I went on a shopping spree for my new lil niece Vilde ( meaning strong elf) bought some beautiful clothes and the lady in the shop gave me two beautiuflly tiny knitted hats and some tiny booties for nothing.. so lovely of her.. I think mumj shall only be packing the basics and the rest of the case if going to be baby clothes (from Vildes two crazy aunts) plus a few other items for nicola trond and of course my lil nephew Roman.I spent my birthday money on the little one. Its a good feeling. I do give a lot though. Possibly over generous. The clothes are just so beautiful. I do so hope they will like them. So I'm going to drop some gift cards in to the lady as a thank you. Im sure she can use them in her shop and give them away for nothing. I was at the bus stop just standing waiting. Over the road the bins were out and a handful of crows had gathered.(im not sure if thats enough to call it a murder of crows) So they started to peck and pluck the food from the bins, each taking turn... one of them got a whopping piece of roll and promtly flew off. he others sat around... they sat on the top of the barbed wire polls and i thought that would make a lovely drawing... so im going to try and sketch if out in charcoal later this afternoon. I write to all my pen pals yesterday as it was cold and very cold, I also made lemon sllice and a ricotta lemon and almond tea cake.. which I am going to take up to my aunt's house this afternoon. I have plans bake a few more things this week.. a few suprises for a few people. I guess cooking is another way of being creative but in the kitchen. I wish I could cook better than I bake! Im learning always learning..I would love to be mum who can see things and then adapts it to her own way.. Im a recipe book woman. I tend to stick to cook books or random ones off the internet. My favorite cafe was either broken into and robbed. As the police were there when I went round to get the coffee. Any how.. Im going to go have some lunch now.. hmm im thinking rhubarb, date and apple chutney (That mum and i made) with ham and cheese toasted maybe. Take care out there Ally

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Today is like any old day I guess. I've been caught up with things in my head I have not done very much this past month before that I was goin like the clappers.. drawing and painting a lot. So I've hit a lull somewhat. So I've been down a lil bit as of late. I find myself here again... I got yet another ipod as my other one was totally full.. so Ive put some old school music on it... but left over 3/4 for new music. At the moment I am listening to JJJs hottest one hundred. Good music. Im another year older.. celebrated my birthday last week... just a small group of family and friends at yum cha as the pub i wanted to go to was closed as it's anzac day. We went window shopping in the city and had macaroons at lidnt cafe. Yum cha was at a plac`e called Golden Leaf... it was okish food... nearly everything was prawn! Man prawn overload, I expected some sort of beef or chicken dish but no... prawn and pork, yes! Poor dad could only eat the fried rice and my poor cousin who doesn't like seafood was also a lilttle miffed. The endless pots of tea kept coming to the table... I drank a whopping big pot i'd say. It worked out to about $20 each which is reasonable for what we all ate. I will have to source out other places to eat. I am home here looking after the pets... or the pets looking after me... whilst mum and dad have gone to visit grandma lou and allen. I am a proud aunty again.. to Vilde she was born 6 and half weeks early though but she is a fighter. For me that means baby clothes shopping... so I can get a few nice things from the local baby store.. as they stock a lot of prem clothing that have a lovely look and quality about them.As mum leaves in 3 weeks for 3 weeks. I will be home with dad. I am going to bake a lemon ricotta and almond cake tomorrow. I have all the ingredients... I like to bake first thing in the morning itll be a suprise for mum and dad when they get home. Anyhow... I am possibly going to the city suday. take care out there, albell

Friday, February 24, 2012


lately i have been drawing alot of buildings. A lot of my sketch is diverse I have not go stuck on just one thing. I shall be chugging along a lot more with it over the weekend. So I am yet to make the chilli paste as half the morning was taken up with house work. I watched unforgetable, another episode of revenge and one of ringer.

Mum made pasta for dinner using a bit too much chilli.. ho hum. Will right more later alligator.


I have not bought a dirt3 album since low` and dirty three collaberated a fair few years back now!However I may just buy their new one...I have to buy another ipod as the one I have is full.

I had a good day today, went to art group and am volunteering next
thursday. I made carrot cake... as im trying to use up all the produce from
the garden and not waste any of it. Wish you could have some roast tomato
soup which i froze...tomato relish, carrot cake im going to make charged up
chilli paste tomorrow using a fair few chillies from the garden. Tomorrow I
have my psychologist early morning.. good thing as its going to be 35!

Oh today I got the form to apply for some shelf space, they only take 20%
which is not so bad... I have to submit the form. So ill have some work
displayed their for a few months must make some more gift cards too. I have
barely any left. So I guess I am finally doing alot more art work. I have
filled so many journals its time to paint and take photos etc.. You would
love the seed we have put out for birds, we get rosellas... little
sparrows... and some unsual birds. We are going to buy a bird bath one of
these days. I have been drinking alot of lemon verbena and ginger which is
lovely. Strong mint tea.

We got some foam eskies so we are going to grow our own poatatoes.. broad
> beans... and we're not sure what else yet. I

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

here and there

here and there again... i worked hard today managed to finish off this mpainting i started two years ago. I have sold it... all i need to do now is put the wire on it and then wrap it up. ... i know it was almost a give away but im not too worried.

I have been drawing a hell of a lot.. i have a few ideas floating around for paintings now... i just have to bring them to life.. with colour and the magic of imagination.
Since joining this group I am so very happy.. im taking some baked goods there..f or everyone to share.

So lets see... I got some catering to do for a do on saturday.. cupcakes ahoy! Fruit platter and little finger food things im happy I get to bake once again.well im tired its late