Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Today is like any old day I guess. I've been caught up with things in my head I have not done very much this past month before that I was goin like the clappers.. drawing and painting a lot. So I've hit a lull somewhat. So I've been down a lil bit as of late. I find myself here again... I got yet another ipod as my other one was totally full.. so Ive put some old school music on it... but left over 3/4 for new music. At the moment I am listening to JJJs hottest one hundred. Good music. Im another year older.. celebrated my birthday last week... just a small group of family and friends at yum cha as the pub i wanted to go to was closed as it's anzac day. We went window shopping in the city and had macaroons at lidnt cafe. Yum cha was at a plac`e called Golden Leaf... it was okish food... nearly everything was prawn! Man prawn overload, I expected some sort of beef or chicken dish but no... prawn and pork, yes! Poor dad could only eat the fried rice and my poor cousin who doesn't like seafood was also a lilttle miffed. The endless pots of tea kept coming to the table... I drank a whopping big pot i'd say. It worked out to about $20 each which is reasonable for what we all ate. I will have to source out other places to eat. I am home here looking after the pets... or the pets looking after me... whilst mum and dad have gone to visit grandma lou and allen. I am a proud aunty again.. to Vilde she was born 6 and half weeks early though but she is a fighter. For me that means baby clothes shopping... so I can get a few nice things from the local baby store.. as they stock a lot of prem clothing that have a lovely look and quality about them.As mum leaves in 3 weeks for 3 weeks. I will be home with dad. I am going to bake a lemon ricotta and almond cake tomorrow. I have all the ingredients... I like to bake first thing in the morning itll be a suprise for mum and dad when they get home. Anyhow... I am possibly going to the city suday. take care out there, albell

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