Tuesday, November 29, 2011

rainy days

It has rained the past few days... a lot.. somethings up with my lime tree, think its too much water but i'm going to take a few leaves off it. I have been here and there to the city a few times, shopping a lot and working on some drawings. Met up with a few friends there too.

Today ... geepers there was a space cadet and a half on the bus he was as high as a bloody kite... and a father with his daughter on there as well.. cept he had a can of alcohol in his little girls bag that was visible to me and it was only 11 in the flipping morning. Oh well.

So I guess i'll get a move on here I have a few things to do...


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

another new dress

Lately I have been buying dresses.. I no have about 2 winter ones and 3 summer ones. I love my blue dress the best though.. its currently at the dry cleaners... it looks the nicest on me. Though I did find this ace black one which looks ok too so I bought it. Got lots of pockets and is just lovely. I think I need an injection of colour into my wardrobe its quite erm black.

Things are ok here at home, just made a double batch of peanut butter and white chocolate cookies... they are seriously evil cookies.. a whole massive jar of peanut butter, choc chips, eggs and sugar and that's it. They are so nice... ive had a few now ergh.. they are for dads friend, aunty anna, mums friends and thats the end of them then they get given away.. the more left here the more weight i will put on. Not that I have any trouble doing that.

So I have started to paint again. Drawing a bit. Anyhow i'll write more later.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

here and there

Im here and there today. I feel down so I stayed home... so far i've watched a movie... listening to music and will probably draw a little bit. The dog is snuggled up next to me... she's good company.. i talk to her a lot. Not that she answers though I started to cry and she jumped on my lap...

Where to from here? What lies ahead?

Im not so sure right now... iv'e got to turn my 30s around.

write more later alligator

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home Again.

So woke up this morning from mum shouting oliver is home oliver is home....no scratch on him or anything. I wonder what adventures he had, where he went. When we thought the worst... the best happened and he came back. So I went and bought his favorite prawns and he is sleeping in mums wardrobe.. all curled up.

Im making a chocolate jaffacake for mums friend... i so hop it turns out.. its a recipe ive never tried before... it was a quick throw together one.. cointreau and dark chocolate... i did a few cupcakes just to test it... if it does not work out i'll turn it into cake balls using condensed milk a bit more cointreau and coconut...easy peasy. It says to cool the cake in the tin... hmm i guess so.. won't argue there!

I downloaded Florence and The Machines new album but had to make room and wipe a few cds off my ipod. Its a brilliant album and I love it so. Especially Shake it Out and What the water gave me. She has an amazing voice. I also going to buy coldplays newie as well. There are a few other albums Id love to get too but will have to wait.

Ive been drawing a little bit, writing in my journal late at night when all these thoughts are bouncing around. Ive stopped writing so many letters... ive got to start again. Though admittedly im a bit down atm. and only coping a little bit.

I best be off for lunch now.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

come home

Saturday night... window left open...cat puts his weight on the fly wire and away Oliver ran. SO sad its been two days now.. I do not think he is coming home. I phoned up the pound and put a description of him just maybe he will turn up. The house seems a bit empty without him here. Scooter is a bit lost too... she keeps waiting at the back door or on the end o the arm chair like she does when she's waiting for mum to come home from work. Mum said that she hopes someone either is looking after him (though he could last a week with how big he is) or he has died.. hopefully a quick death and not a prolonged one. I hope he is ok and is just gone to play somewhere for a while and will come home perhaps it'll be a week... perhaps a month... but I semi doubt it after a month. Hope he doesn't use up all is 9 lives.. I mean where else (other than a fishing trawler) going to get fed prawns nearly every day.

Anyhow I have not done much this week gone by at all. Ive got a lot of drawing and painting ahead of me. Well I guess better go put dinner on.