Tuesday, November 15, 2011

another new dress

Lately I have been buying dresses.. I no have about 2 winter ones and 3 summer ones. I love my blue dress the best though.. its currently at the dry cleaners... it looks the nicest on me. Though I did find this ace black one which looks ok too so I bought it. Got lots of pockets and is just lovely. I think I need an injection of colour into my wardrobe its quite erm black.

Things are ok here at home, just made a double batch of peanut butter and white chocolate cookies... they are seriously evil cookies.. a whole massive jar of peanut butter, choc chips, eggs and sugar and that's it. They are so nice... ive had a few now ergh.. they are for dads friend, aunty anna, mums friends and thats the end of them then they get given away.. the more left here the more weight i will put on. Not that I have any trouble doing that.

So I have started to paint again. Drawing a bit. Anyhow i'll write more later.


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