Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home Again.

So woke up this morning from mum shouting oliver is home oliver is home....no scratch on him or anything. I wonder what adventures he had, where he went. When we thought the worst... the best happened and he came back. So I went and bought his favorite prawns and he is sleeping in mums wardrobe.. all curled up.

Im making a chocolate jaffacake for mums friend... i so hop it turns out.. its a recipe ive never tried before... it was a quick throw together one.. cointreau and dark chocolate... i did a few cupcakes just to test it... if it does not work out i'll turn it into cake balls using condensed milk a bit more cointreau and coconut...easy peasy. It says to cool the cake in the tin... hmm i guess so.. won't argue there!

I downloaded Florence and The Machines new album but had to make room and wipe a few cds off my ipod. Its a brilliant album and I love it so. Especially Shake it Out and What the water gave me. She has an amazing voice. I also going to buy coldplays newie as well. There are a few other albums Id love to get too but will have to wait.

Ive been drawing a little bit, writing in my journal late at night when all these thoughts are bouncing around. Ive stopped writing so many letters... ive got to start again. Though admittedly im a bit down atm. and only coping a little bit.

I best be off for lunch now.

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