Sunday, November 6, 2011

come home

Saturday night... window left puts his weight on the fly wire and away Oliver ran. SO sad its been two days now.. I do not think he is coming home. I phoned up the pound and put a description of him just maybe he will turn up. The house seems a bit empty without him here. Scooter is a bit lost too... she keeps waiting at the back door or on the end o the arm chair like she does when she's waiting for mum to come home from work. Mum said that she hopes someone either is looking after him (though he could last a week with how big he is) or he has died.. hopefully a quick death and not a prolonged one. I hope he is ok and is just gone to play somewhere for a while and will come home perhaps it'll be a week... perhaps a month... but I semi doubt it after a month. Hope he doesn't use up all is 9 lives.. I mean where else (other than a fishing trawler) going to get fed prawns nearly every day.

Anyhow I have not done much this week gone by at all. Ive got a lot of drawing and painting ahead of me. Well I guess better go put dinner on.

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