Saturday, April 30, 2011


Its fairly easy to say that now I am able to use my bankcard.. for buying online and that is a very dangerous im a little behind the times...a tad old fashioned. I ordered some hard to get books, earrings and more earrings. Its good to know... its easy peasy... however...not such a good thing in a way.. as long as I control my spending.. as I am going out for lunch twice next weekend.. the pantry is stocked so is the fridge... i think im going to have smoked salmon with scrambled egg and mushrooms for lunch today. Nothing like a little luxury.

Its only just gone 9am ive been up since 6 think its going to be a relatively cool day. Last night we watched ghost writer by roman polanski... a thriller.. not much of a thriller.. rather long drawn out and not on the edge of your seat type movie. I thought it was going to be snappy and keep you on your toes for a while. When i told her the director mum said "no wonder it was as boring" I guess shes not a fan of his work. Oh well. Oh dear. I have this other movie to watch it was only thirteen smackers called Away We Go which has good reviews on the cover and on the back... but then most movies boasts on the cover with a blurb and its hardly going to dizz the film they are trying to sell.. right?

Im gonna have a whinge here... i nicked myself ever so slightly with as i was chopping up the chives.. and it hurts like hell.. its right where i have the bend and if under water it stings.. so i let it dry out.. but i'm going to garden today and so will have to cover it up with a couple of non trusty bandaids... ergh.. okies so it'll heal and not soon enough.

Im quite tired for some odd reason and I had a very very awful dream it was a little creepy and irksome. Not gonna say but eewwww is all I will say. Anyhow Im a thinking i should move.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Last night we watched the royal wedding...a lovely affair...the hats some looked like they were sattelites calling aliens. Others as my cousin said "looks like a pretzel" some got it right others totally wrong. Mostly stylish outfits were worn, some not so great. However kate looked amazing in her wedding dress, stunning. So it was a good night in front of the telly.

It is a glorious day today... sunny 22..beautiful. Went out for breakfast had a ham cheese and tomato toasty and some of mums baby pancake stack. Yummy. I have not done any painting at all...the day has slipped by.

So im planning to meet a few friends in the big smoke next weekend...alas the places id like to go for lunch on sat. is closed during the day alas sending me to urbanspoon to do some research and look at tapas bars or something like that. Argh oh well. Im sure I will find a place. I would love to take them to cumulus but am not sure how cashed up everyone is! Though their breakfasts are reasonable.

I bought mum the ghost writer for mothers day present and am taking her out to a place called the dog house at wild dog winery next sunday. I booked for 4. Right now.. mum is having a nan nap its 4pmish now. We are trying out the new coles inidan range of curry for dinner tonight, should be interesting to say the least.

ciao for now

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well yesterday was a bit drab, i made a soup that was also bland.. i think thats th theme of yesterday.. i couldnt life the soup with bacon or chives.. argh oh well. Today was a lil better,.. went down the road got mum a coffee from goovies... had a change of hands and a fresher look... they painted the walls a brown and silver., artwork...quite a warm feeling. Coffee is still the same.. will check out the menu tomorrow when we have breakfast there.

I got home this morning and there is dad painting away in his undies scarf union jack shirt..and thats it. Quite the showman even with only an audience of two or so. I guess its a big day for the royal wedding today.William and Kate.. dad being british is a ver proud well pom! Even if he does get a lot of flack and humor from next door he gives as good as he gets.

I missed the delivery of parcel, the only one i was expecting was from ang. So i caught the bus back down the road and went and picked up the parcel. I got two books one on learning crochet the other of fiction plus a small bar of chocolate.. which is so chunky and rich so ive left half for mum.

I cut myself chopping some herbs up its nasty little nick and no bandaid wants to stick so i got out the silver healing ones and popped that on.... i only rarely use them. I know they work you have to leave them on for a while as it healed my burn beautifully.

I spoke to besty as she sent me these cute lil kitten ornaments which i have put with the other ones on the mantle piece. We are meeting up next saturday in the big smokes.. going to see if I can round up a few more friends and go for lunch in china town.

Welpers I better feed the pets.. oliver hobbits is bugging me... just ten minutes off regular feeding time and he is mewing at me. Scoot is just asleep curled up next to me on the couch. I bought a new blanket for the lounge.. it was irking me that there was none and it looked a bit shabby with just my emily strange one there.

bye bye for now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

still today

got home from warragul... bought a new pair of shoes with my birthday money.. they are really nice.. well I think.. the lady looked down at my old ones and asked if i was gonna wear the new ones out of the shop! Damn sight cheeky of her! I admit my suede shoes are not all that black any more from all the wear and tear but they have gotten me through a few seasons. I would love some boots and will invest in some later.

I had time to get mums coffee grounded and wondered into the gluten free store and I bought a frittata it was still warm from being fresh out of the oven.. so I bought one as I was quite hungry.. it was so delicious.. I ate it whilst sitting at the train station think I will be going back there again. Its a shop i generally walk past without going into but with what looks like good food, i shall.

I was super tired this afternoon... fell asleep at about 2ish til 3ish. Im a lil sleepy now.. but took my stuff again now.. the weightloss drink. It was honestly pointless over the easter break.. as i ate copious amount of chocolate, cheesecake, cupcakes, junk in general.

I got zippo painting done today, looked around the opshop but did not buy anything. So im just resting here.. it was a glorious day and I enjoyed being out. Anyhow.. I will be painting again tomorrow.. no plans.. maybe just grabbing the ingredients to make falaffle as that is what I fancy right now.

Anyhow... ill be of..she'll be right mate.


Yesterday said godbye to my lil sis and borther in law they left around noon back to the big smoke. I miss them.its never long enough! *sighs* well i spen some time reading a book in the sun on the banana lounge... the dog on my lap of course. Came in did not go anywhere.. all the cakes are gone out of the house..shared around between family. Back to square one (once all the easter eggs are eaten) I have been a bit lazy with my letter writing lately.. i have not written anything in almost a fortnight.

I need to get stamps and sit down today sometimes armed with a pen and note pad. Im heading to warragul very shortly. Im not uying my kitchenaid anymore think im going to invest in either an apple lap top or ipad2 i dont need to get bigger and having one of those macines would just make me want to bake more! I dont need that.

So I am quite tired this morning not sure why. I went to bed at 10:30 but had one nightmare where i was dying from two pin pricks in my fingers and blood was streaming out and bradley was there watching me die. The next dream was about cookies.. yesterday i had dream and punkyt bruster was in it.. agh well im best off not knowing what they mean either.

I will have a coffee out today me thinks.I feel super tired right now. Its gonna be a stunning day. bye for now
\take care out there

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Woke up this morning.. its my birthday! YAY! Gave mum and dad a hug. Mum gave me a lovely card and i opened my present it is the most stunning ring and fits perfectly on my middle finger.. its anceint israilie glass that was found in digs over there and they made it into jewellery. Its silver with a rounded beautiful piece of glass in it. It had been ages since I clapped eyes on the jewelery in a shop in yarragon absolute ages ago and fell in love with their designs. its all so unique. Now I have a piece to treasure.

I had breakfast, just toast with homemade black berry jam and a coffee... scooter has to have some of course. A shared brecky.I got a phonecall from scott and jess. Such a beautiful day i could not resist sitting in the sun with scoot on my lap reading a book for about an hour, agh the morning sun was stunning.

Came in and then got changed to go to the pub for lunch...i ordered fish... the fish was beautiful i removed the store bought yucky tomato/spicy pesto and just put lemon on there. The bowl of salad was yum too. Came back and now had birthday cake and tea all round. Got a beautiful pair off earring and two journals off louise. Journaling is something I have not done in a very long time. I used to write in one every day since i can remember up until about 8 years ago when I just stopped. I think I will use one as a dream journal and save the other one for cook book as im ruinning out of room in my other one I have.

So im 33 now. Getting there in age. *sighs* Im not sure this is where i should be in myl life at this age or if i should have more behind me. Plenty of stories of course but almost middle aged. Ready for my mid life crisis? Well mum is in the kitchen making sausage rolls for dinner, they will be ready in about half an hour or so.. just parsley, mince, carrot, onion. Anyhow I had a lot of friends wish me happy birthday on fb. All in all I had a great day! Thank you everyone!

cheers big ears

easter day

Yesterday went to look at a kit home that lou and allen both really like its light airy and beautiful.. now they just need some land!Loads of windows heaps of room etc.. then went to midvalley i got patti pans for cupcakes of course.. had a coffee there and came home. Im still reading no1 ladies detective book am about 3/4 of the way through.

Got home. Had dinner. Went to bed at about 10:30pmish. So woke up at about 6am to the alarm going off for mum to get up and go place easter eggs around my cousins house for their children.. the even made bunny prints! out of talc powder.

I went back to sleep woke up at 8amish a more decent time. I had toast with some homemade blackberry jam.. and a coffee. I didnt have to make anything today.. mum did all the cooking today... though she did wake up at 11:30am after a bit of a snooze when she returned from easter bunny duties we had hot cross buns, lamb roast with potatoes peas and carrots. I have eaten enough chocolate to sink a battle ship.. and I feel a lil ill what pushed me over the edge a bit was the huge latte just before dinner.. ergh.

We all almost fell asleep after in the house in the lounge. Quite amusing really. Then a few hours after my tummy had recovered i had hot cup of hurro purro (raspberry leaf green tea) (absolutely divine) i cu a lil piece of the lime new york cheesecake and had that with it... so right now im full again.. a fair effort.

Anyhow I conned lou into making my birthday cake! Either that or I was going to make red velvet cupcakes. As I have all the ingredients.. but it hink Ill make them another day... plus i got all the goods to make these chocolate brownies with fantails. I shall make them another day. As long as I don't open the packet!

Welpers my guess is that I shall sleep well tonight. I hope! Tomorrow Im going out for lunch to the pub just 11 of us. Im wearing an old ring today that i found in a shop that I sooooooloved called old hat.. i think it shut down years ago now or moved.. but i used to buy a lot from them. Ive been inspired to do some crazy things on canvas too... I will start that tuesday.

Take care out there

Thursday, April 21, 2011


It was a productive day got a lot done.. got groceries early morning home on the first bus... I over spent of course. I finished doing just about everything other than repotting some plants and painting.

What is unusual about today is that i decided to try out jamie olivers 30 minute meals. I managed to make two complete dishes not the four in half an hour. It tasted ok.. i must of gone wrong somewhere i lost the flavor of the oragano..*Sighs*

So its good friday now, i woke up at 6 and could not go back to sleep... im wide eyed and bushy tailed atm.. I have not painted got into my house clothes and am ready to do more housework agrh oh well.

Welpers Ill write more later gator

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

rainy days

Rainy day alas I feel a lil under the weather. Im not sure what to do.. I baked some vanilla cupcakes however put too mixture into the tin and the went everywhere. Oh dear. So they taste delicious but had throw half of them out... i made butter cream icing. I am trying top decide what to do. Perhaps just go back to bed and read/sleep.
I bought some music off itunes a few new bands bought their albums and am listening to them.. they are quite good. Think I have to get more credits!

So im quite tired for some reason or another. I wish I had of realized a few things earlier in my life. Write more when Im more awake..............................


Monday, April 18, 2011


I finally finished the first layer on the blue pattern. YAY! Im happy but there is one bit that stands out like sore thumb so Im going to have to have topiant over it and see if i can fix its leaping off the canvas.

My aunt and uncle visited, made them a cuppa and oh damn had to open a bag of easter eggs so it looked like we had some sweet treat to offer. I was gonna bake cupcakes this morning but though I ought not to. Dad got given some blackberry jam .. mum is going to make scones at the weekend.

I will most likely make the cupcakes tomorrow so dad has some to take to his friends I got given some seeds to plant in pots.. so I will sow them tomorrow. Nothing much else going on really. The pets are at the back door waiting for mum, I just popped the potatoes on. best get going.]


Sunday, April 17, 2011


Started painting early this morning didn't get very far today though. Mum woke up and we went down the street for a small amount of groceries.. I needed some potting mix to go along the back fence for my lilish garden. What did i do when i got to the store?

Hmm well. Got the potting mix... no worries... spotted a blueberry and goji berry tree for sale.. so I bought them.. both. Potted them up for now until they start growing nicely... moved the lavender out of their homes and popped them in the ground. Hopefully they will like it near the herb garden. I have put iris bulbs in too so come late winter/early spring it will look good.

Stopped for lunch mum cooked up rice and some premarinated garlic prawns... oh man they were ok.. but wwaaayyyyyyyy tooo much garrrrrlliic. That even though ive had chewing gum, fruit and all that jazz..and I can still smell and taste it. Not so great. We are having mums stew for dinner.

Thats about it for today so far... Im a lil tired.

see ya later aligator.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I started the river on this now... looks ok bare bones at the moment first coat of paint. IM not sure if i should fill in some of the spots with a light shide of off white or not ill decide that in the coming days. I shall finish the blue one off tomorrow.. well the first layer anyhow.

Now I have 3 paintings on the go.. tomorrow im going to start 2 more... one of them structured the other one just gonna run with it..see what i can come up with. So Ive got to get a few books from the library perhaps..though I can probably read up on it here.

All I smell is turpentine.. though I have odorless solvent too. Well nothing much else happening today.

ciao for now

Friday, April 15, 2011

some sort of day

Some sort of day it is lovely sunny but cold at the same time. Went out for a bit grocery shopping etc.. I thought about a few things today especially some old days how I used to be able to go out around the city just to wonder the streets and laneways not buy , just walk. I used to walk absolute hours and love and enjoy it... i guess I should put on my shoes and start shifting those kgs again.. we all have our demons to face.. my biggest hurdle is food... I love it and am passionate about it, i possibly consume too much of it and bake the wrong things. Choices and excuses hold me back.

So this veil I had behind must be removed and I must face my fears. I miss swimming... im not afraid of the water.. i can swim i know that.. maybe not as good as I used to but still its something. So i feel as if im in prison at times... u know I never knew how much of a plan that the other side had for me and I never turned and listened to them.. all those things I could have learned... all the beautiful dreams i used to have.. all faded... I re read my dream book a bit back.. I hade some great ones.. I didnt listen to that higher voice that shone through them.. I went my own way..and didnt follow them.. I missed out I guess. I should have written from them and extended their plots and turned them into short stories or something. Well Ive misplaced that book atm must find it again.

I will write more later gonna do some painting now alligator.


Thursday, April 14, 2011


Went out early this morning.. walked straight outside and the bus was coming down the road.. perfect timing...bought myself chai... so not good chai either, tracksuit pants and masterchef winner adam liaw s cook book. Most of his recipes require a lot of ingredients and time. Though I have not attempted any yet.. first off will be jamie olivers thirty minute meals, however tonight... we are having indian... cant wait for the vegetable samosas.. and curry of sorts. Its a local place... and its very good food too and it will kill the craving I have for it.'

Well I got home and and discovered the cards i bough that i thought were big they are small.. argh oh well not much I can do I will still use them still paint and draw on them. I thought nice sunny weather... hung washing on the line... um no ..rain came about an hour later.. The blue back groun up the top is what I am working on.. it s just the first cote. looks a bit shabby atm i will work on it.

Ive been a bit reflective as Ive been painting.. things jumping into my head here and there. I rang a good friend of mine last night had a bit of a chat about things going on. Pretty quiet on my front.. though I miss company.. I guess I have scoot and oliver to talk to.. agh thank goodness for pets.. the house would be so empty without them. In the past we have had a bird called Oscar, two gold fish called pebbles and first a dog named hero after he was put down we got a dog called jedda..she lived for a very very long time. Then scooter.. a complete diva of a dog at times.

I never had a cat before, for my birthday off the family i went to choose a kitten from rspca I got sebastion... he was the cutest cat ever. So beautiful. I loved him dearly..he died somewhere under the house. I miss him a lot. Then mum searched high and low for another ginger tom.. thus we got oliver... from drouin pet store... I guess I dont love him as much as I did sebastion. Oliver is more mums cat than mine.. he lives a good life and gives garfield a run for his money.. prawns atleast once a chicken and he even loves butter!!

Anyhow I best be off do some house work...



Gotup nice and early took the cat out on his leash, he didnt like the rain. Who would have guessed! Up so early, 6am. I needed to create some nice wrapping paper, so got the brown paper out that i like to use and painted the pattern onto the paper... it looked good and went with the card but i wasnt happy so i painted some little daisy type flowers on there.. shimmer paint powder on it, looked ok. So i wrapped the gift in that, looked good with as plain purple ribbon around it.

So it was the perfect day to make the raspberry and white chocolate cupcake, so I did, ive eaten three ergh im over them now...they are for mums friends birthday, they turned out a bit muffin like to be honest *Sighs* the rest will go to good homes tomorrow. Aside from that I have mainly just been playing scrabble or a word game on fb tomorrow, its house work time.

Its getting late here now.. im a bit tired..

nighty night

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So Im about today. Went to warragul, had coffee and a bit of brunch.. sourdough bread with ham and cheese, big thick slices.. glad mum and I shared. Had a cup of coffee out too, then lunch was just bakery food really. Argh. Not healthy, mum made a smoothie for breakfast.. berry one.

Looked in some of the shops and bought the dvd cake boss, which we watched a few episodes of that too.. going to watch the rest later. I got the heater on in the back room... im all rugged up again. Thinking of drawing a little more later though.

Im a little tired guess its just the weather and me being a bit cozy.

Monday, April 11, 2011


It is an absolutely cold day.. I am all rugged up, got blankets on me a mewing cat that wants to go outside.. scooter all snuggled up on the couch next to me. I have been drawing, gonna do a bit more later. I have played a few games of scrabble, not cooking today though. I did want to bake this coconut milk and raspberry cake but Im resisting. Perhaps Ill make it later today.

I woke up at 5 to see dad going out the door.. he's visiting a friend for the week. It is sometimes eerie in this house without his presence here. I got more canvas today and was ready to paint.. since its so cold and Ive even got my fingerless gloves, a spencer, tshirt jumper trouses etc on trying not to put the heater on a much as possible.

Its a nice day to curl up in bed and just read/sleep/read/sleep. I had this sandwhich stuff which was not so great a tad salty just like the soup was yestesterday.. i put half stock and half water..and it was salty as hell. So mum and I are going to make some stock this weekend. Maybe go to brandy creek winery and have tapas for lunch on saturday.

Im a little tired now. Its nearly two pm. Welpers Im gonna get going now...

cheers big ears

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yesterday came and went... stayed home.. made dinner but over salted the chicken oooppppsss. I got the outline on the canvas done.. im buying a few cheap canvasses today so I can practice the colour on there, the different tones and shades of blues.

Im also buying more potting mix today.. little lemon verbvena trees have started sprouting up so I have 3 of them to pot up. Im gonna put some more bulbs in the little garden i've created along the back fence.

So its quite cold now.. i guess its middle of autumn now, so I need some jumpers or something but Im thinking of getting my hair done just before easter.. perhaps blue/ browns...not sure. Will be making leek and potato soup for dinner.

Anyway... i pulled out some old jewelery and im wearing that now.. i have not worn it in ages.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Friday came went into town grabbed some ingredients for quiche..i cheated and used store bought short crust pastry. Oh well. The quiche turned out really well... beautiful and light just bacon and onion really, should have added some chives or something. Also got a card off my penpal for easter. Watched lifestyle program on fridays.. that i love. Sometimes i wonder how they can get it so wrong... especially last weeks.. the designer layered red upon red upon red.. in shades... to me it was waaayyyy tooo mucccchh i thought the owner would flip but they like it very much so. Each to their own I guess.

Oh i bought Jamie Olivers cook book of 30 minute meals, the idea is you can make about 3 dihes in 30minutes.. im going to give it a go this week coming.. see if i can make the 3/4 dishes in that time. Though I know Im quite a slow cook and do not do well under pressure...

So we went out for our usual saturday breakfast this morning, groovies menu has changed and they have added pancakes.. so I had three stack with berries and ice cream .. i ate just over half and gave the rest to dad. For $8 you cant go wrong. They were light and fluffy... I had it with a latte but really i should have had it with a pot of black english breakfast tea so then it would not have been sweet upon sweet like it was.

Mum pulled the leaks out of the garden.. and we have lots and lots of potatoes... so Im going to make soup tonight for tea. Still hav a whole bag of lemons to make curd with.. must get cracking with that and cracking on with my painting today too.. argh.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Planning out what youu see here in the top bit. Its a challenge, ive done one bit.. must get some more done, letting it dry a lil bit. Im using oil paints this time round, see if I can go over the lines Ive painted. Fun been out there again.

Ive done the drawing for the birthday card I just need a nice blank card to put it on to now. I read the masterchef magazine.. im going to attempt a cake from there when its easter. Ive written a few letters, got the ironing to do.. leaning tower of pisa sitting in the basket *Argh*

Im really loving noah and the whale album great to listen to. I have been trying to listen to the songs I hardly listen to on my ipod.. im getting there. Its a glorious day, 26 sunny got washing drying on the line, nothing like the smell of clean sheets.

ciao for now


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

in a week

So lou and allen came and went breezed in and out over the weekend. I chose to stay home mostly, went to a local mind body spirit festival, not much there really. I would have loved a reading though, I have not had one in years *sigh* I cant recall only a few bits and pieces from readings in the past, perhaps I should try again. I remember a warning I got from some dude that read my palm, that I was going to die young. So far I have not, im middle aged, well almost. That was when I was 18. *Sighs* I remember those days looking and reflecting gets me no where they are long gone.

I feel all my parents wanted for me most in life was that i was happy and healthy for half my life I guess this is as happy as I get now. To bring about change I start with myself.. image well thats shot to pieces. Though Ive lost another kg, so my weight is down a lil more. Considering ive only been pottering around the home mostly and drawing a hell of a lot.

I faced a feat today: going out on the bus again. I cant walk atm due to me once again being scared. I want to and yet the word prevails once again: I CANT. I bought some paper so i can make a few birthday cards.. got some coming up. I have a few letters to write too.Plus food for tonight: making that chicken dish by ganell bloom... I added a touch more lemon than i should have hopefully it wil.l still work
Mum called me as Id started walking to the bus stop, so i had lunch with her.. it was masive lucky we were sharing. though I was not loyal to groovies today opting out for Zest cafe instead.

Anyhow, got home... bought a i tunes voucher for myself, went hunting and listening to new music. I bought an album by the jezabells and an album by Noah and The WHale... im listening to jezabells at the moment, quite good. Noah is excellent too. Id like to get a few more beatles albums too.

Well I have to go make salad now to go with the meat..