Thursday, April 14, 2011


Went out early this morning.. walked straight outside and the bus was coming down the road.. perfect timing...bought myself chai... so not good chai either, tracksuit pants and masterchef winner adam liaw s cook book. Most of his recipes require a lot of ingredients and time. Though I have not attempted any yet.. first off will be jamie olivers thirty minute meals, however tonight... we are having indian... cant wait for the vegetable samosas.. and curry of sorts. Its a local place... and its very good food too and it will kill the craving I have for it.'

Well I got home and and discovered the cards i bough that i thought were big they are small.. argh oh well not much I can do I will still use them still paint and draw on them. I thought nice sunny weather... hung washing on the line... um no ..rain came about an hour later.. The blue back groun up the top is what I am working on.. it s just the first cote. looks a bit shabby atm i will work on it.

Ive been a bit reflective as Ive been painting.. things jumping into my head here and there. I rang a good friend of mine last night had a bit of a chat about things going on. Pretty quiet on my front.. though I miss company.. I guess I have scoot and oliver to talk to.. agh thank goodness for pets.. the house would be so empty without them. In the past we have had a bird called Oscar, two gold fish called pebbles and first a dog named hero after he was put down we got a dog called jedda..she lived for a very very long time. Then scooter.. a complete diva of a dog at times.

I never had a cat before, for my birthday off the family i went to choose a kitten from rspca I got sebastion... he was the cutest cat ever. So beautiful. I loved him dearly..he died somewhere under the house. I miss him a lot. Then mum searched high and low for another ginger tom.. thus we got oliver... from drouin pet store... I guess I dont love him as much as I did sebastion. Oliver is more mums cat than mine.. he lives a good life and gives garfield a run for his money.. prawns atleast once a chicken and he even loves butter!!

Anyhow I best be off do some house work...


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