Sunday, April 17, 2011


Started painting early this morning didn't get very far today though. Mum woke up and we went down the street for a small amount of groceries.. I needed some potting mix to go along the back fence for my lilish garden. What did i do when i got to the store?

Hmm well. Got the potting mix... no worries... spotted a blueberry and goji berry tree for sale.. so I bought them.. both. Potted them up for now until they start growing nicely... moved the lavender out of their homes and popped them in the ground. Hopefully they will like it near the herb garden. I have put iris bulbs in too so come late winter/early spring it will look good.

Stopped for lunch mum cooked up rice and some premarinated garlic prawns... oh man they were ok.. but wwaaayyyyyyyy tooo much garrrrrlliic. That even though ive had chewing gum, fruit and all that jazz..and I can still smell and taste it. Not so great. We are having mums stew for dinner.

Thats about it for today so far... Im a lil tired.

see ya later aligator.

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