Thursday, April 14, 2011


Gotup nice and early took the cat out on his leash, he didnt like the rain. Who would have guessed! Up so early, 6am. I needed to create some nice wrapping paper, so got the brown paper out that i like to use and painted the pattern onto the paper... it looked good and went with the card but i wasnt happy so i painted some little daisy type flowers on there.. shimmer paint powder on it, looked ok. So i wrapped the gift in that, looked good with as plain purple ribbon around it.

So it was the perfect day to make the raspberry and white chocolate cupcake, so I did, ive eaten three ergh im over them now...they are for mums friends birthday, they turned out a bit muffin like to be honest *Sighs* the rest will go to good homes tomorrow. Aside from that I have mainly just been playing scrabble or a word game on fb tomorrow, its house work time.

Its getting late here now.. im a bit tired..

nighty night

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