Friday, April 8, 2011


Friday came went into town grabbed some ingredients for quiche..i cheated and used store bought short crust pastry. Oh well. The quiche turned out really well... beautiful and light just bacon and onion really, should have added some chives or something. Also got a card off my penpal for easter. Watched lifestyle program on fridays.. that i love. Sometimes i wonder how they can get it so wrong... especially last weeks.. the designer layered red upon red upon red.. in shades... to me it was waaayyyy tooo mucccchh i thought the owner would flip but they like it very much so. Each to their own I guess.

Oh i bought Jamie Olivers cook book of 30 minute meals, the idea is you can make about 3 dihes in 30minutes.. im going to give it a go this week coming.. see if i can make the 3/4 dishes in that time. Though I know Im quite a slow cook and do not do well under pressure...

So we went out for our usual saturday breakfast this morning, groovies menu has changed and they have added pancakes.. so I had three stack with berries and ice cream .. i ate just over half and gave the rest to dad. For $8 you cant go wrong. They were light and fluffy... I had it with a latte but really i should have had it with a pot of black english breakfast tea so then it would not have been sweet upon sweet like it was.

Mum pulled the leaks out of the garden.. and we have lots and lots of potatoes... so Im going to make soup tonight for tea. Still hav a whole bag of lemons to make curd with.. must get cracking with that and cracking on with my painting today too.. argh.

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